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Inter-Clan-Relations & Team Game Training Help

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BearWoods #1 Posted 21 December 2015 - 07:45 PM


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Dear Comrades, 


*We do need more officers and specifically for team based game play leadership; if that's you, please contact me, even if you are staying in your clan, but want to help us.


We need more Officers with experience of leading a fighting unit in to succeed in the Team Battles & Strongholds battlefields. We also welcome good medium and heavy tank commanders to our ranks. Please feel free to join us on our TS server, even if your not a member of our clan. We welcome the opportunity to work with other clans and learn from them. 


I am looking for a few good men (so to speak). Battle hardened; these types eat barbed wire and wee napalm. If you can lead a team in your sleep, even a group or two that may resemble the Dirty Dozen or The Devil's Brigade, or perhaps Oddball and his motley crew from Kelly's Heroes, then please do send some support to the front lines. We need some positive waves from some clever combat commanders, so we can dig how beautiful destroying the enemy is. 


I am trying to develop our clan's team play and also make it easier for players that are not on every night to get a taste of Team Battles & Strongholds (winning not losing) when they are on. I am also trying to make sure we have enough people available that do have this command skill-set and have it honed, so players know we can come on and expect to do team battles type stuff, most nights. I would also like to make it generally easier for players to work under the command of different combat commanders on different nights, maybe standardising commands for example, so we have some continuity.  


I am also interested to get experience against other teams in training room environments, with other clans, so I am hoping a few people at least like the sound of that. We could try to replicate strongholds or team battles in a training room (good experience for each clan's teams and also a bit of fun to look forwards to on a regular night maybe). We could just take 15 IS3's out each, for a bit of fun. Happy days! 


I am interested in developing tactics, systems and player ability, as I say. But, I am also very much interested in fun, clan growth and I think relationships with other clans is definitely a good idea. Any commanders / officers out there interested, please contact me. 


Our WoT Clan Page: http://eu.wargaming....lans/500050458/

Our Clan Forum Home Page: http://www.1st-armoured.co.uk

Our Clan Team-Speak Details: (No Password Needed)



Bearwoods (2IC/XO 1st UK armoured)

BearWoods #2 Posted 24 December 2015 - 05:40 PM


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Dear Tank Commanders,


Medium & Heavy Tank Lovers Very Welcome (Experienced or Not):

We are still open to new players. I welcome heavy and medium tank lovers especially. Light drivers also. Anyone interested in providing their tank-commander skills to help the clan is welcome on the team battlefield. Also, if you love mediums and or heavies, but would like some help fineness your skill-set then we are happy to help there too. *You do need to have Tier VI vehicles in your garage and have done a total of over 2000 battles before we normally allow entry. If your not there yet, but your close, still pop in to see us. 


Combat Commanders: 

We do have several junior officers regularly taking charge of team battles and strongholds and we love this so much as a clan that we would like to welcome anyone who is also able to lead a team in to battle and wants to demonstrate their battle-commanding skill-set. You don't have to join the clan and your welcome to participate even without joining. We are also open to new players who would like to learn combat-command in the arena of strongholds and team battles. 



We are also inclined to develop this topic and wish to regularly train with or against other clan's combat teams. A training room provides a beautiful opwertunity for some team-battle and stronghold specific training, as well as seeing the chance to face off a full team of heavy tanks against another full team of heavy tanks.


Our contact details have changed:

Please find the new forum and TS details bellow:


Our WoT Clan Page:



Our Clan Forum Home Page:



Our Clan Team-Speak Details: (Password: Solide)


L3gionaire #3 Posted 21 January 2016 - 12:14 PM


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