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Premium vehicles - a suggestion to WG

player suggestion premium tanks LTP

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shane73tank #1 Posted 22 December 2015 - 10:51 AM


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Hello there tankers and WG Staff,


First up, merry christmas to all.


I was'nt sure where to post this in the new forum structure but basically I'd like to suggest that WG balance out their premium offering a bit more with regards to regular premiums.  I've taken to picking up premium vehicles in order to train crews and make a few credits - I love this game dearly so I find it hard to sell my M4 sherman or my VK30.01D, VK30.01M etc (there are some other tanks that I wish I could blow up myself ). 


This means I then need to train a crew for the next level in the tree and I've come to appreciate that the best way to do this is get a crew, chuck them into a premium, play like hell until commander has 6th sense and THEN get your new tonk - also using the Free XP built up to make the grind easier.  This way you can enjoy the new machine more and contribute to the game play for your team. 


Here's the catch, T8 is NOT the place to be training a new crew.  I think WG should make sure there is a premium of each class at both T5/T6 as well as T7/T8 ( the higher teir is more for credit earning ). An example of where this works/did work - German meds - T25 great trainer as is the Panther M10/they now have the 8.8.  Now Soviet heavies - churchill III and IS-2 berlin. Rudy and T54 1st proto. The US meds have M4 improved and Super P - but M4 improves is not regularly available in store.


So c'mon WG, put a decent crew trainer per type & country in regular shop/game at both T5/T6 and T7/T8 -  It will help the players and provide you with a decent revenue stream.


Lets be careful out there




p.s.  Any chance of the T, frickin 14 on the advent calendar? I've been watching every bloody day, I want to go US heavies but have not for this very reason - please, purty please :)








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