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Looking for new clan!

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PardubicakCz #1 Posted 22 December 2015 - 04:32 PM


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Hi, I am looking for new clan! 


What I can offer: 1855 WN8 http://en.wot-life.c.../PardubicakCze/  (2 461 WN8 recent but last week I dont play on 100 %), 17x T10 tanks (IS-7, E-100, IS,4, T110E5, VK72.01(K),T57 Heavy, Obj.140, T-62A, M 60, E-50 M, BC 25t, STB-1, Centurion AX, GWE-100, JPE-100, Obj. 268, Obj. 263) ofc good crew on all tanks, activity every day from 16:00 CET to 22:30 CET, I also have FC xp.


What I expect from clan: T10 CWs everynight, I want clan which don't have a problems to make minimum 2 or more T10 teams at the same time (30+ players), Clan which don't have problems to land on the map and hold more than 2 provinces, also fair gold distibution.


Known clans have priority :) PardubicakCze

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