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M2 medium Tier 3 tank

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Shadow_Blue #1 Posted 27 December 2015 - 12:55 PM


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I was wondering is there any way to pen tier 5 tanks with this tank? I understand that this tank is awful yet one of the better tanks vs other tier 3 also any advice on a how to use the next tank In line the m3 Lee.

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MeetriX #2 Posted 27 December 2015 - 01:55 PM

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Use HE shells on 75 mm Howitzer M3 and derp everything in the face all day long. :)

Gremlin182 #3 Posted 27 December 2015 - 02:17 PM

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yep use HE on the 75.


The Lee is a tricky beast loved and hated equally, essentially you play it more like a tank destroyer than a tank.

The only gun is in a side sponson you have to consider that when moving out of cover to fire because the gun is on the right hand side.

If you make a left turn out of cover the entire tanks has to come into the open before you can fire.thats bad and if they track you your in deep trouble.

Wheras making a right turn you can bring your gun to bear quicker and showing less of your tank, thats important in cities.

Also because the gun is low down hills are a problem your showing that useless top turret and much of your tank before you can fire.


Your gun is great but armour isnt that good.and your a big target.

Don't worry though play the support role and be sneaky.


The M4 that follows it is great and the M$A3E8 and MA3E2 are also good

The Lee is just something you too will love or hate on the path to 2 fairly decent medium tank lines.

____prophet____ #4 Posted 27 December 2015 - 03:24 PM


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Very strong tank, one of seal-clubber favourites. Indeed arm the howizer and shoot HE + also stock a healthy amount of HEAT premium ammo which will allow you to do much more damage to targets with medium armor thickness.

The trick to play the M2 Medium is stealth and cover. The tank is a big target with weakish armor, so you don't want to get hit. Use concealment and hard cover, and trade shots effectively. When top tier, you can almost always do

a lot more damage per shot to your opponent than he can do to you. So if you can dodge most shots, you will come up on top very often seeing as any shots you do take will be paid back with a multiplier.


Yes, the tier 4; Lee. It's a clumsy and bad tank, but it has great DPM - if you can keep yourself from getting shot the grind will be over soon.


M4 - still a pretty nice little tank, but unless you plan to shoot lots of premium ammo, don't waste time with the howizer on this one. HE DPM will not compare to the 76 mm which has great penetration for the tier also.


Don't rush the tiers, take your time; but here's what the future looks like on that line anyway:


The M4E8 is one of the best tier 6 mediums; it fixes the gun inaccuracy and agility issues the M4 has and is a very good all rounder medium.


The T20 can be strong but lack of agility, armor and DPM make it challenging to play. Does get nice alpha and penetration though.


Tier 8 Pershing very strong; great turret armor, gun handling, very high APCR penetration and decent mobility.


The high tiers will take (and should take) time to get to so hopefully this is enough for a while :)

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Baldrickk #5 Posted 28 December 2015 - 02:23 AM

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75 mm with HE is the way to go. You won't always p EM but you will do damage. When you do pen, you will do a lot of damage.
You get very good gun depression, so try and poke over hills with it, allowing you to hide most of the tank despite being quite tall.

With the M3 Lee, you instead stay away from the top of hills like the plague. You are, of anything, taller, but the gun is mounted a lot lower, and to the side. Going over a hill just gives the enemy shots at your tank long before you can shoot back, while poking just your gun around a corner gives you the ability to shoot while exposing very little of your tank.

Schmeksiman #6 Posted 28 December 2015 - 09:50 AM

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The thing is you need to learn how to fight on your own terms even when bottom tier. 

If you are going head to head with another tank that is two tiers higher you will lose, you can be the most skilled player in the game but there's far too much stacked against you.


Instead try to figure out where those tanks won't be going (for example if you see an enemy KV-1 it's not likely he'll be going hill on Himmelsdorf) and fight there against tanks that are more closely matched to your own. That's how WoT works, many players don't get it and end up crying how they are always bottom tier, how matchmaking is bad because they can't win all the time and so on.

So learn now that you're at tier 3, not when you'll be playing tiers 7 and 8.

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