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New clan for 100% pure fun looking for players

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msh1999 #1 Posted 29 December 2015 - 08:09 PM


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Hi all, so i got tired from looking for good clans and im trying to make new clan...

so if you are looking for a new clan that is all about fun and making friends... your place is with us :)


few rules:

1. You must know talk and wright in english. but as you can read, im not 100% in english myself so dont worry :)

2. When we call for TB you need to come or tell us why you are not coming, players that will ignore will be kicked.

3. Player that want to join the clan needs t8 (for the TB).. the battles WN8 and all other stuff doesnt metter.

4. You must have TS, because the TB will be with TS only.


Im gonna decide if to invite you to the clan after we are gonna platoon together, not skill test, just see who you are and also that you will be able to meet me and decide if you wanna join the clan.


Im gonna make the clan tommorow, so im not posting the name because i dont want someone to take it:angry:

Right now its me and 2 good friends...


please comment here if you want to join or send PM .

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