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Premium Ammo - Some old story (but still valid) and why I'm welcoming Armored Warfare

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10thBrutus #1 Posted 30 December 2015 - 08:47 AM


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Hello Tankers,


So, I'm a casual WoT player. I have slightly over 53% winrate and WN8 1650. So no, I'm no unicum. I know that. I have several Tier 10 and I play some better than others. 


My problem is still the same old story - Premium ammo

This is a very stats driven game, and have been that for a long time. Most of us has XVM installed and we are looking at Winrate, WN8 and other stats each game. The most unfortunate effect is that Unicums (and actually really bad players) are just spamming gold at Tier 10 to keep up their stats. Well, at other Tiers as well.


A suggestion to solve the problem (instead of just crying that Wargaming is a greedy company, etc...)

1. Change the MatchMaking to +1/-1 Tier.

One of the legit reasons to shoot gold is when you are facing +2 Tier Heavies in a medium. Like facing a Tier 7 T29 with a Tier 5 T-34. So I feel the problem is the 2 Tiers spann in each match just keep up the reasons to shoot gold

2. Change the OP ammo layout

Easiest to look at the T-54s notorious ammo. 

AP - 201/219

HEAT - 330


Seriously. I can not find any good reason why an ammo should increase over 50% in penetration. Suggested solution would

Buff the AP pen slightly and nerf the HEAT ammo. Look at the E50 as good example. AP220/APCR270. The T-54 could use the same kind of pen. 


Or you could be bold as actually change it like it should be; if HEAT penetrates is does MORE dmg than AP but it is actually harder to penetrate. 

AP - High pen/Low dmg

HEAT - Medium pen/Medium dmg

HE - Low pen/High dmg


3. Embrace the competition

Armored Warfare has taken a slightly other approach and it is not without flaws. But actually I'm enjoying it more and more. So wargaming, look at the competition and don't be so damn greedy. 


So me you are spamming out new premiums, not taking gold spamming seriously, are not banning aimbots. Just to be frank. I'm spending a lot of money on converting free xp and premium account but the gold spamming is soon pay to win. 


Take care,



signal11th #2 Posted 30 December 2015 - 09:35 AM

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Although I would love to see prem ammo limited to a percentage of your ammo loadout it makes WG $$$ so it's just not going to happen. Whether or not it's bad for WG in the long run is anyone's guess.

tnk_x5000 #3 Posted 03 January 2016 - 12:52 PM

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Yes, I have a problem with stat-wh... I mean, stat-padders myself. I can go make a whole profanity filled rant for thous game failing bastards.

The other way is to keep working on the status calculations. Like you said - good stats, gold ammo. Once a player told me how many of the players with good stats are mostly camping, and I have seen such players myself - TD players. Many good-stat players complaining how others are stealing frags, defending their game failing play styles with their statuses. There are just too many factors that are used to calculate a players personal rating. People forget to give a deeper look at a player's personal file to see how thous good statuses are achieved. While there are many good players with bad to average statuses, because of being bad in the past. I can say that for myself - after 17 000 battles, my statuses recently got green, because if me being a bad player in the past, playing light tanks, ruining a LOT of battles. Many players go as far as to make new profiles, just to get better overall statuses.

Still, the game is not as status driven as you might think - it is half of the community. It is both dumb and understandable - like I said, there are just too many factors determining one's personal rating, making the construction of formulas hard to give good results. I know there are legitimately REALLY good players out there, but I know that there are bad players exploiting the way the formulas work.

I don't like XVM, I have never used it and am never going to. Ruins the morale of the player and team, because it only shows a number, that can be manipulated in different ways. I prefer to see how the player actually plays and then see his profile, than to see a single number, that means next to nothing.

I would prefer to see gold ammo have additional flaws to be balanced with standard ammo along with a few new premium items to compensate for the lower gold ammo usage. As for the noob meters - removing them would help improve the community, but it would also require the community itself to start observing a player's play style, rather than statuses.

"You failed the game, you made that mistake, you stat-padder!"

"See you in wotinfo, noob!"

Good statuses does not make you a good player.

You don't defend yourself with statuses if someone calls you a stat-padder.

It is not the game being status driven, it is half of the community.


Also, Armored Warfare to offer Type 59 as a premium - we really didn't need someone to try to make money off Wargaming.

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Homer_J #4 Posted 03 January 2016 - 01:25 PM

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View Post10thBrutus, on 30 December 2015 - 07:47 AM, said:


Or you could be bold as actually change it like it should be; if HEAT penetrates is does MORE dmg than AP but it is actually harder to penetrate. 




Where did you get this fact from?

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