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Excelsior - 3x M.O.E >>>***HALL of FAME***<<<

hall of fame 95% share yours

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Burty61 #21 Posted 29 November 2016 - 10:16 PM

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View Post73north, on 29 November 2016 - 05:01 PM, said:

I admit I ditched the Excelsior last week after re-buying it recently , as if you face a Tier 6 Heavy frontally , it was just depressing -

despite firing gold ( and I know the weak spots ) - I admit that the option of going to a different flank isn't always an option

the Excelsior seemed to be better fun as well a year ago before the introduction of the Japanese Tanks - back then if you were top tier you could dominate the battlefield

the only British Premiums I have kept that are fun and do the job , are the Matilda Black Prince ( never need gold and prints credits ) and FV4202P ( even if it is sluggish )

I have sold the FV201 ( A45 ) as it wasn't very accurate as it should be with a 17 pounder gun , and the AT15A as I have a 4 skill TD crew now ....


I'm sorry to hear that as it had been good for you previously. I still like it, but must admit I'm not playing it as much as I use to - my subconscience at work maybe or maybe just my wallet as I do fire all the gold as my Ace tanker (shameless self promotion) from the week end shows http://wotreplays.com/site/3119348#stats


But yeah Japanese heavies do not add anything to the mid tiers, I do think they were put there to decrease the profitability of the mid tier game. WG seem to reviewing/buffing a lot of the tier 8 premiums, would be nice if that filtered down to some of the older lower tier ones.


You know I will agree with you on the Matilda BP :), I had two goes at the Centurion and crashed and burned each time so I've stayed clear of the FV4202 P, plus having seen it in real life the model isn't right and that annoys me. Would you recommend it? I've still got the FV201 but only gets played during X3 or X5. Accuracy is just silly for a tier 7 using that gun and they still haven't fixed the gun depression and given it the 10 degrees it should have. I wouldn't be surprised if they have just given up on it and it doesn't even make it into the Advent calender (Don't worry Mr Fiat I'm sure it will :)) If you ignore the play style TOG could still be the best Brit Heavy trainer in terms of credits and XP together - maybe?


And no more AT-15A? Has the Charioteer given you a need for speed :teethhappy: I suppose it's job for you is done now. With the special match making and additional credit earning the 17 pdr isn't so bad on this thank I think? 


Looking forward to more vids on the channel - keep up the good work.

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Malakaz #22 Posted 29 November 2016 - 11:43 PM


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View PostBurty61, on 29 November 2016 - 10:16 PM, said:

 FV4202 P,.... Would you recommend it?

 I wrote it even in FV tread - I rly like it even as it is now, never tried all prems out there tho its for me its rather reliable with some steady performance (no superawesome games where you carry it all and than balanced in next one with 0/0). 


For Jap HTs - I rly dont mind exp. that much - usually its just big box that sure can bite but is still a bit clumsy that I feel I can outperform it in excelsior. OI at t6 is whole diferent story tho - invincible unless you get his side flat otherwise there isnt weakspot even while using golds - sux to fight with it for tactical position - so all I can do is find another weaklings and bully them. Yet what Im afraid the most are probably still cromwells and hellkitties - too good pen and dpm and too mobile to just leave for other spot.

Burty61 #23 Posted 30 November 2016 - 08:38 AM

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Thank you for feed back Malakaz, it is appreciated :)

73north #24 Posted 02 December 2016 - 11:54 AM

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Hi Burty61


I don't know if the problem is with me or my skills in the Excelsior ( I was using a 5 skill crew in it ) - it just seems less able than it used to be ,

and you are far less able to dominate a match if its tier 6 - I'm also convinced the speed of the tank as nerfed as it was a lot faster

It was my first ever premium and taught me a lot , and made a huge difference to my crew skills ( and realising that premiums help hugely getting there quicker )

I'm just annoyed that the gun won't penetrate better , its a credits drain -

and I was probably dumb to sell the FV201 but the extra crew member is a pain when your 2 most played tanks , FV215b and Conqueror - have 4 crews only


I recommend the Fv4202 P once it gets buffed for the speed ( + 10% extra credits ) - and when it is in a sale after the re-release

don't buy it just now , unless they have it reduced in price - as it is just now , its a solid but slow tank , the main gun chews through the lower glacis of the T26E5

 It will be worth the gold , once the buffing is done


I probably made a mistake selling the AT15A , but I rarely play the Tortoise ( I do badly in it - no argument ) so the TD crew aren't a priority

the 4 man crew in the Charioteer have 4 skills - so getting them higher is not a worry ( they are on accelerated training )


I am grinding the LTTB to get to the T-54 Lightweight for clan wars , and trying to get my second choice Russian Heavy Crew to the 4th skill

eventually I will buy the IS-7 when I can afford it - the videos are always fun to make , and occasionally , I get a great game !

bluedog_8_1 #25 Posted 17 December 2016 - 04:33 PM


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Personally I would not recommend the FV4202 P. It's a hill warrior only, the gun is mediocre at best, buffed speed makes no difference. It's still too slow. 

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