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Steel ocean

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Darth_Harold #1 Posted 15 January 2016 - 08:47 AM


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I have played over 280 hours in steel ocean
I started here about what is or copies.
The moment began in Asia consider planing steel ocean and World of Warships haven't ever been. Development was launched by about 1/2 to 3/4 of the year before the development of the game World of Warships. The moment you went to the game World of Warships to Alpha Test and Steel ocean has had a close beta .. Open beta in Asia was about a year and a half. Prior to such time, not World of Warships even closeby ... This is probably to do what is whose copy. Since the steel ocean sophisticated gameplay I'd rather argued that the Wolrd of Warships is a copy of Steel ocean with better graphics. As for the gameplay, poor copy.
It is true that World of Warships has better graphics. Not better models. WG solves all fullHD textures which models are delivered credibility even if the model itself is poorly modeled. (As a modeler, I can confirm that some models are wrong).
Compared Steel ocean vs. World of Warships
+ More ships (extensive tech tree)
+ Playable via Steam (Easy installation anywhere, automatic updates ensures steam)
+ Possibility of spreading the aircraft on aircraft carriers and limited ammunition (You are not limited as we wows, some predefined overwrite the setup of aircraft on carrier, the only restriction on the maximum number of aircraft of the type.)
+ Submarines (submarine system is taken out of the game Navyfield its wery similar)
+ Everything on the ship from deep charges, torpedoes, AA, primary and secondary works a man controls alone (except for MG game will not do anything ... ie. The more you have the better you will be better)
+ Great Czechoslovakian community (Fleet CSfleet)
+ More playable nations (Total 4 nations with the Tech Tree. England, Germany, America, Japan)
+ Large really big plus, not to cheat and mode
     - This would probably developed. Since you know the game WG can be edited using mode. These modes are but against lawless terrain, but the WG decided to do nothing with it. Therefore, the extended modes as aim to assist wows, texture penetration in tanks, Aimbot in tanks etc ... Although WG argue that these modes has been banned and do not install, but it is a lie not operate all the time and still used.
+ Another advantage of the fleets, in wows they are still miss..
+ Fleet battle that can play in European Time
+ Much better sophistication crew
+ Game steel Ocean does not allow editing of the client, ie no adjustment HUD, sights, etc ... just all play the same game client settings.
- Slightly worse graphics than in World of Warships.
- Fewer people (but it can be corrected)

The result, a great game for players who love ships.
Result comparison?
+ World of Warships is for people who do not want to think at the game. I do not need to know the game mechanics and the whole matter to them that the game merely squeezing the left mouse button.
+ Steel ocean is a game for who like a challenge. Must do everything ourselves, and nothing for them to see the game is done ... finally use secondary weapons, torpedoes without aim assist on target etc ... Just the game itself needs more susceptible players. Someone who will teach spotting mechanics, Aim, etc ...
For me, WG lost that game is too closed and not allow basically nothing. Intelligence is built for 8-12 years.

For those who played the old game Navyfield (MMORPG) excellent substitute.

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