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D4DDY-War Daddies : Probably first clan for Personal Missions.JOIN US.

Personal Missions Obj.260 T-22 casual platoon

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Psalm_23 #1 Posted 18 January 2016 - 11:10 AM


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Currently looking for players who is more interested in Personal Missions to get Obj.260 or T-22 medium.So if you are one of those guys which dont like all these Clan War things or strongholds,but just looking for a platoon mates to get done your missions(this part ussualy getting almost impossible without good platoon if u already have T55A in hangar).Do not look further,this will be right place.

Hopefully with time we will be more and will be able to help each other with missions.We all know how hard these missions are.How impossible is to get good matchmaking,right map,right tiers or tanks against you.And if you have a platoon mate for who you can ask for help its making all this much much more easier.So join us if you have same problem as us:)


Entry Requirements

Well,as we are focused on missions there will not be requirements for good winrate or any other stats.But still there will be requirements about tanks in your hangar.

As this clan players is aiming for OBJ.260 or T-22 medium you will need to have in your hangar
Heavy Tank Tier X (tier VIII for first two stages)
Medium Tank Tier X (tier VIII for first two stages)
Tank Destroyer Tier X (tier VIII for first two stages)
Light tank at least tier V for first two stages,after second stage you need minimum tier VI
Arty at least tier IX(tier VII for first two stages)

As its planned to be an international clan you need to be able communicate in english(not need to be perfect)

Respect each other.Good manners.No rage or insults


If any questions contact:




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