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XVM MOD Problems

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MoontheGoon #1 Posted 19 January 2016 - 11:55 PM


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Hi there,


so a couple days ago i decied to get XVM back and i found a cool way of having the side panels etc. this is what id like it like> http://s1.directuplo...04/dtrd6ude.png


And heres the problem, when i go and make it the way i want it on the XVM website it ends up turing out like this> http://imgur.com/KuRmeOB        http://imgur.com/vqi8sXd        http://imgur.com/1klg2YH        http://imgur.com/etGsgCZ


Can someone find a way of doing it, all i want to do is have the XVM loadin and TAb button to show the Number of battles, WN8, player Win ratio. And on the side i want it like how i showed it in the very first picture. To add to this when i press the tab button, above the tanks in game it comes up with the decimal crapas well.




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Send__nUdes #2 Posted 20 January 2016 - 02:01 AM

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I think you have the old style of XVM that loads from  the XVM.xc file , which is a little outdated, but you can still make it work.  (that's why using the XVM Editor from  XVM website gives you errors)

I see WN8 appear normal, so all you need to change is WR% and Number of battles.


Edit the XVM.xc file with website  :


- replace kb:3 with kb%2d~k|--k         ( kb = kilo battles like 6k, 12k, 24k, etc )

Should be from  <font color='{{c:kb}}'>{{kb:3}}</font>    to   <font color='{{c:kb}}'>{{kb%2d~k|--k}}</font>


- and in those places you have to change all {{rating}} / {{rating%2d~%|--%}}   to  {{winrate%2d~%|--%}}    and  change {{c:rating}} to {{c:winrate}}



Attention, you have to do same change in "Loading" , " Tab"  and "Players Panel 2",  and don't forget to change all of them.

Like that Win Rate and Number of battles should appear  normal. 


Don't worry if the preview on website of the WR% and KB will look weird ... that's why the Editor is outdated.... :)

And don't forget to create a copy for your original XVM.xc file ... just in case you mess up something :)

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