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tajj7 #1 Posted 26 January 2016 - 12:59 PM

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Hello all.


Not sure this was the right area to post this but I'd reckon the more dedicated forumites are here. 


For a long time I've had an idea to do the ultimate tier 8 premium review/guide/comparison/ranking. I very often see on the forum threads asking about x premium and y premium, and whilst there is info out there in various forms (youtube, tanks.gg, wiki etc.) it is rather scattered and I've not seen very much that compares and contrasts the tier 8 premiums giving informed choices about how one plays compared to another etc. 


Only ones I'm aware of are Per_Saukkos ranking ( forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/500668-premium-tanks-fish-ranks-the-tier-8-premium-tanks/) and I think PointyHairedJedi did a video on them maybe a year ago.


I also think that a lot of reviews don't quite cover everything, I'd personally like to review or rank the tanks by things like fun factor, carryability, profitability, xp, paddability in addition to usual things like armour, mobility etc. whilst giving replays and gameplay of how the tank performs in different sort of match ups, so not just your usual ace tanker, but good games in bad MM etc. In addition I'd like to do something around the skill floor/ceiling of the vehicle so how appropriate it is for various skill ranges.


I have however come to the conclusion that I don't think I can do this on my own, for several reasons -


- Firstly there are so many premiums, this is largely to do with the great premium spam of 2015.


It means there are now around 22 tier 8 premiums that are either available to buy now or are likely to be available through missions, one of sales etc. (so this ignores tanks not released yet in the files like the T95/Chieftain, never to be sold like the Type 59 and M6A2E1, but does include removed ones like the JT88). This mass choice though, I think is the reason this would a be a useful tool, but such a number is just too high for one person to do. 


- I am what Iam. Firstly I can be quite, lets call it 'forthright' with my views (lucky there are no premium tier 8 arties :P) . Secondly however objective I try to be, my own experiences and bias will influence my reviews/ranking and thirdly I represent just one example of the skill range and style of play. What I can do is not necessarily what others can do and vice versa. 


- I don't own all the tanks, despite being a self confessed premium addict (I own a CDC, Panzer 58 Mutz, IS6, T34, Super P, STA-2, JT88, T-54 proto, T-34-3, Patton Kr, M4 Rev, WZ-111, Panther 88, and FCM 50T) I don't own tanks like the KV-5, 112, Lowe, 59-Patton nor was I was that much of a sucker, collector to get a Kanonenjagdpanzer.


So what am I proposing? 


My idea is to form a premium review committee, knowledge group, expert group, legion of doom? 





whatever you want to call it, to do the guides and rankings. Each person would do a certain number of premium doing the basic review and gameplay guides to cover all the tanks (presumably on ones they own) but everyone would contribute to a rating of each tank in various categories (which we can discuss) and maybe adds their own summary comment about the tank.


Thus you would have a more objective and comprehensive guide and ranking hopefully capturing various playstyles, abilities and opinions. 


I am happy to collate all the reviews, comments, make graphics, upload the vids etc. and fo course do some of the reviews myself but I am looking for willing volunteers to contribute.


Message me on here or PM if you are interested, if no is then fair enough it's a no go, but if we can get 5 or 6 people together we can then decide on how we want to do the reviews, what the categories and rankings are etc. 


To end, I think it's common to show a picture of a cute animal, so here is a picture of a poor little harmless little creature -




TL:DR - Tier 8 reviews, volunteers, sad panzer. 



TsundereWaffle #2 Posted 26 January 2016 - 01:08 PM

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I do have a couple of tier 8 premiums and quite some knowledge about the one's I don't have. And well, I'd love to help :)

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