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female crew member recruiting for unresearched tank

female crew member recruit recruiting

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Ollinator_II #1 Posted 02 February 2016 - 10:40 AM


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I want to recruit a female crew member into a tank that I haven't researched. But it's NOT possible to choose this unresearched tank. This itself is not bad, but this: I can't improve my not excellent enclosed tasks without recruit this female crew member - THAT IS VERY BAD!!!


Therefore my BIT AT THE DEVELOPERS: please enclosed unresearched tanks into the pull down menu for choosing the tank! That would be VERY appreciated!!!


In my example is it the 'Lorr. 40 t' -> see pics

What a f**k: I can't attach files, error message: 'Upload Skipped (No file was selected for upload)'. I tried both uploaders! How ever, I'll try to attach/edit this post later.

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