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CuddlyPanda #21 Posted 06 September 2011 - 07:48 PM


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Buy them all you wont regret it, I didnt  :Smile_great:

MetalForever #22 Posted 08 September 2011 - 04:27 PM

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The Sabaton sound has changed quiet a bit. Metalizer is very rough 'old school', while The Art of War and Coat or Arms are very sophisticated. You can download all albums via torrents to decide which album you like most. I can't recommend a single album, I like (and have) them all.

I'm going to see Sabaton for the fifth time this Sunday.  :Smile-izmena:

Wolfesblut #23 Posted 08 September 2011 - 05:03 PM

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Best? A lot of people will say either "Primo Victoria" or "The Art of War".

There are good reasons for this. "Primo Victoria" is what the band made great and well known, and it features diverse topics (alright, it's all about war) in the songs. Musically, it's raw compared to other power metal and no song on this album sounds alike; except one or two songs, everyone of them is a straight up killer! Some songs are already mentioned here, I will say that for me the best songs from Primo Victoria were
"Panzer Batallion"
"Counterstrike" (most epic drum intro ever)
"Into the Fire" (pretty fast, pretty cool)

"The Art of War" is a later album, and you will instantly recognize this fact when you hear the orchestral overlays, which are abundant, but still a bit tame - in my eyes, "Primo Victoria" is what you hear before the battle and "The Art of War" after the carnage. Also, female voices are now much more prominent. The Limited Edition came in a DVD case and with the book "The Art of War", which is nice to have. There are also lots of very good songs on this album, the best are imo:
"40:1" (the new polish national anthem)
"Firestorm" (Death from above!)

(many people may now wonder why not "Ghost Divison" - simple, a tank song should be powerful, metallic, hard, fiery and full of explosions, and not a song that sounds like new Nightwish or any new pseudo hard goth band  <_< I hate this song with a passion, simply because it could have been an absolute awesome track with this lyrics and now it awakens mental images of ballons and bonbons.).

"Attero Dominatus" is a good album as well, the successor of "Primo Victoria". Check out "Back in control", "Prepare for nuclear attack" or the title track.

"Metalizer" is the only album I didn't buy, I listened to a few songs on Youtube, but since it's not about war, I'm not that interested.

And the latest album, "Coat of Arms" was the worst value I have ever encountered. I shelled out 17€ for three, count them, THREE good songs. Thats more than 5€/song!
But it must be said that at least the title track, "Coat of Arms" is an really really awesome song! If the whole album was like that, it would be an instant classic. "Uprising" and "Midway" are the other two good songs.
Every other song is just the same remix from old material with added chores and orchestra and new lyrics, it just doesn't sound as energetic, inspired and aggressive like the earlier material, it sounds more and more like a 08/15 power metal band.

But lets hope that they find their way back to pure fucking War metal! :Smile-izmena:

Oh, their live concerts are always pretty cool!

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