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TFUK2 are recruiting (WN8 1000+)

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RealIronMan #1 Posted 06 February 2016 - 01:44 PM


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Howdy Folks,


The Firm UK2 [TFUK2] are currently seeking more members to aid us in our silly antics. Due to some promotions to TFUK and people playing other games  we are currently seeking active members to help establish a core squad for more Strongholds/Clan Wars and just having fun. We are an english speaking clan, but have members from all over Europe.


Current Roster Size: 75.


What we are looking for:


WN8: 1000+

Win Rate: 50%+

Battles: 5000+

Zero Toxicity: Zero Flame/Racism/Bullying Policy.

Zero Cheats: Not interested in your red dot/map ping destruction/auto aimbot.

Maturity: To accept decisions, by all means challenge tactics after the game in a mature manner just do not disrupt the game.

Open-Minded: Willing to try new things and have fun laughing at the terrible results.

English Speaking: Does not need to be fluent English as we have a lot of european members.


Our requirements are not set in stone, so if you fall short in areas still feel free to apply.

We have taken numerous people onboard due to being friends/having potential or just being a cool guy.

Also if there is a collection of people who wish to apply and a couple fall short, exceptions can be made to keep the friends together.


What We Offer:


Website with dedicated forums: http://www.thefirmuk.co.uk/

Team-speak 3: Shared with our TFUK1,Warships and Armored Warfare Clans.

A lot of platoon potential due to the number of people across the 2 WoT Clans.

Casual requirements: We are not a harcore strongholds/clanwars clan we do them semi-regular (Couple of times a week).

Stronghold Buffs: Tank XP, Credits, Crew XP and Free XP.

Fun: Ultimately this is a game, banter and stupid antics are always welcome.



Our Current Situation:


We currently do Tier 6/8 Strongholds and however require a few more people to make this more frequent with the potential of stepping up into Tier 8 and eventually 10.


Some recently asked Questions!


Describe your clan in a few words: Fun, Casual yet still Competitive.

Average age of clan: Hard to say: Probably between 26 - 30.

Mandatory Requirements: TS during SH/CW, Informed of long periods of low/inactivity and maturity not to blow up in games.

Platoon potential: The clans have around 150 members, so a lot.



If you're Interested:


Please feel free to contact me via here or in game.

Or if I am unavailable please feel free to contact in game:

WargodAnt / or / GrAmsy


Happy Tanking!



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RealIronMan #2 Posted 08 February 2016 - 08:22 PM


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Still looking for new recruits

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