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LTTB - A review from an average player.

LTTB review

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Poll: LTTB - A review from an average player. (58 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 250 battle in order to participate this poll.

What equipment do you use

  1. Light Spall Liner (2 votes [1.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.15%

  2. Camouflage Net (7 votes [4.02%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.02%

  3. Fill Tanks with CO2 (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  4. Coated Optics (50 votes [28.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 28.74%

  5. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (13 votes [7.47%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.47%

  6. Enhanced Torsion Bars 3 t Class (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  7. Cyclone Filter (2 votes [1.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.15%

  8. Improved Ventilation (47 votes [27.01%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.01%

  9. Medium Caliber Tank Gun Rammer (41 votes [23.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 23.56%

  10. Binocular Telescope (10 votes [5.75%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.75%

  11. Toolbox (1 vote [0.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.57%

  12. "Wet" Ammorack (1 vote [0.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.57%

What consumables do you use

  1. Automatic Fire Extinguisher (23 votes [13.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.22%

  2. Manual Fire Extinguisher (26 votes [14.94%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.94%

  3. Large First Aid Kit (4 votes [2.30%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.30%

  4. Small First Aid Kit (54 votes [31.03%])

    Percentage of vote: 31.03%

  5. Large Repair Kit (3 votes [1.72%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.72%

  6. Small Repair Kit (54 votes [31.03%])

    Percentage of vote: 31.03%

  7. Extra Combat Rations (6 votes [3.45%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.45%

  8. Removed Speed Governor (2 votes [1.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.15%

  9. Lend-Lease Oil (2 votes [1.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.15%

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tnk_x5000 #1 Posted 13 February 2016 - 10:11 AM

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Unfortunately, some time after writing this review, the tank suffered a view range nerf, got a gun depression buff, the Bulldog lost its autoloader, and the 13 75 may have had it's changes, making this review not so valid.

Short version would be that the LTTB is now an T-44 with a much weaker gun and armor, in exchange for much better mobility, which kills the "light" in the tank's class. The LTTB should have had it's gun handling and accuracy lowered and then it's gun depression improved, so it's aggressive nature to be underlined.

I sold the tank just because in the long run, I would be able to do more things with the A-44-100, than what I can do with the LTTB.



I have not played all tier 7 light tanks, so when comparing the LTTB to them, I will be comparing them to what I have read and seen in battles.


Hello and welcome to another review from an average player. After seeing WG’s review of the tank, I got inspired to make my own review, because WG’s clip kinda sucked. It had a few points I agree with, but overall, it was quite misleading and it compared the LTTB with the wrong tanks. If at the end of the review, I have not convinced you to get the tank, at lest you will know more about it (or more about what I think about it and how I play it). And a second disclaimer: I have written “reactivity” so many times, that I think the word may stay in your mind for some time. I must also note, that I may be getting plenty of bad enemy teams, because I have seen some pretty dumb things from the enemy players and I have 59-60% win rate on my LTTB. I don't use XVM, so I can't say for sure.




Tier VII light tank

The brawler among the scouts


Reactivity and aggression are the two main things defining the LTTB, making it an extremely dangerous pest during the battle. But many have a difficult time with the tank, because the terrain is the LTTB’s arch-nemesis (but can become an ally in some cases).



The good

  • One of the best power to weight ratios in the game
  • Does not bleed much speed when turning and keeps good speed on slopes
  • Good base accuracy, useful in many cases
  • Good accuracy on the move
  • If the tank was a tier 8 medium, only the Obj. 416 would have had better DPM
  • Good penetration
  • Good armor, both thick for a light tank and well formed
  • Good for ramming

The bad

  • Depressing gun depression and the gun elevation is on the lower side
  • Rather low reverse speed
  • Rather tall
  • Lacks a radioman.
  • Weak ammo rack

The neutral

  • Average alpha
  • Average view range (will explain)
  • Top speed is good (will explain)
  • Camouflage is decent (will explain)


The LTTB is one of the most reactive tanks in the game.

After the MT-25, the LTTB inherits the extreme power to weight ratio, the really high mobility and pretty low speed bleeding. For active scouting, this is pretty much more than what you need, because the tank will both maintain its speed almost perfectly when turning AND when moving on slopes. The gun keeps and improves its British gun features with average alpha and monstrous DPM of around 2100. Along with good gun handling and good penetration, this tank can turn many tanks to shreds with fast consistent fire. All of thous things combined make the LTTB the most reactive light tank in tier 7. And you can add the both, fairly thick and trollish armor, making the LTTB almost immune to penetrating HE shells, pretty good at ramming and ensuring a minimum of 0.1 armor usage efficiency.

People get depressed from the gun depression.

Still, the depressing gun depression of -3 degrees will cause problems when fighting on bumpy terrain, and if you value gun depression, I assure you, you will hate this tank. The worse the terrain, the less effective the LTTB becomes when fighting and the rather high profile makes things even worse. There will be cases, when you will have to move backwards, and this is where another con lies – 20 km/h reverse speed. It is enough to get back to cover, but when retreating, almost all tanks will be able to catch you. The tank’s size is also something you won’t write home about. The tank is on the tall and long sides of the spectrum for light tanks, which does not challenge enemies too much when they are shooting at you. And no – how thin the front silhouette of the tank is does not matter much, because you won’t be face to face with enemies too much. Also, the ammo rack is weak, along with the lack of a radioman. The loader handles the radio, so you will have to choose between Situational Awareness and Safe Stowage.

And a few more things you will need to know

As I mentioned, the average alpha hides 2100 DPM, which works amazingly combined with the mobility. Despite that, in the tier 8 meta-game, most tanks do a lot more than 180 alpha per shot, and if you prefer to leave bigger shell holes in enemies, you would prefer the SP I C and WZ-131 with the 100 mm gun. The LTTB being a light tank, it will be expected from it to scout. The 390 m view range is not bad, but against tier 10, it may seem a bit lacking. In a tier 10 battle I would prefer to drive a Bulldog or a T71 for better vision. By today’s standards, the maximum speed of the LTTB is only above average, making the tank only adequate for covering long distances and won’t protect it too much from enemy fire. The rather tall silhouette combined with the average view range will also make passive scouting problematic in many cases. Overall, the LTTB is probably the worst passive scout in tier 7.


After the physics change, driving the tank became quite tricky. I started to roll the tank on uneven terrain from time to time. Usually this happens while I have good speed, so I do end up making a 360 turn and then continue moving, but from time to time the tank stays on its side armor, needing someone to get it back on its tracks. However, the acceleration is still one of the best in the game, so hand-brake turns can be pretty useful, if you want to make fast 180 turns or drift to cover behind a building's wall or a rock. You will have to get used to the movement and learn how to move through complicated terrain while keeping the speed high.

[End of edit]



  1. Active scout
  2. Scout hunter
  3. Flanker (and pretty much anything aggressive)


Active scouting with this tank is pretty fun to do, thanks to the low speed bleeding and extreme mobility. You can quickly move from cover to cover, recover speed, make sudden turns to dodge shots and so on and so forth. This tank is one of the active scout players’ wet dreams. In many cases, the LTTB will find itself spotting by provoking enemy fire. But there is also something else – like I mentioned earlier, bad terrain is the LTTB’s arch-nemesis, but it can also be an ally at times. Here is a bitter sweet feature about the tank – it can effectively active scout, using its mobility AND terrain as armor, but it can hardly shoot back at anything. Peaking from hill tops is one of the tank’s second natures, knowing how well the tank maintains speed both when turning and on slopes. But the almost none gun depression won’t allow you to shoot anything but the sky.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478463 Just peak for a second and let the game and snipers do the rest.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478469 The same peeking idea, this time with a better view and some medium-tanking..


Of course, you are rarely the only light tank. There are other light tanks trying to do their work - some scouting for their team, others hunting your team’s artillery. Depending on the enemy light tank, there are a few options. If the light tank is alone and low on health or tier 7 and below, you can go for a duel, which you will probably win with the monstrous DPM and some ramming. Tier 7 autoloaders will have problems penetrating the front of the LTTB, but tier 8 light tanks won’t have much trouble. If more than one light tank is coming at you, if it is a healthy tier 8 light tank or you are running low on health, it is best to back off, which won’t be too difficult - you are driving a much more reactive tank. And try to avoid duels with Bulldogs.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478475 I had some support from the artillery, but I still feel guilty for not being able to help them more, despite being unable to.


And if there are no options for scouting, you are pretty much forced to play like a flanker, something the tank is pretty good at. Shoot distracted enemies from the sides, use bigger allies as additional armor. Still, as a flanker, you are still a light tank supporting the main tanks, so don’t get too confident trying to carry the fight in the flank – if the main brawlers are failing, the flank WILL fail. The gun depression can cause some difficulties when flanking on some maps. If terrain doesn’t cause you a problem and you like the Cromwell type of gameplay, you may feel quite at home while doing that, because the tank can make some pretty nice snap-shots, base accuracy is great for aiming at weak spots and the speed allows you to react really fast. If you get in a duel, try to keep your front pointing at the enemy’s gun, when he/she is about to shoot – the armor won’t reliably bounce, but there is a good chance for it to do so.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478478 Let the main tanks on the front, don’t try to carry too much, you are there to support. Also, the replay is not a really good example, but the next patch is coming out soon and I couldn't get a better battle for an example.


When fighting an LTTB, the worse the terrain, the better for you. If you are driving a light tank, try not to engage the LTTB alone, even if you leave victorious, you may be left with a lot less HP than what you had before, because that DPM can turn pretty much anything into a sponge. If you are alone in a heavy tank or tank destroyer, you are pretty much dead, unless you manage to outsmart the player, somehow. Medium tanks have the best chances against the LTTB. Also, don’t bother shooting standard HE at the LTTB. Running away from an LTTB may also not end well for you, but try to go through bumpy terrain to deny the enemy’s rate of fire.


That was a lot of talking, here are some more replays:

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478505 Shows how the armor works and why not to rely on it. And it shows some of the dumb things I tend to do.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478510 Try not to get too confident in the LTTB, you might start making personal mistakes and lose some battles.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2478518 Know when to retreat to lengthen your life, and light tanks are the best at retreating.

http://wotreplays.com/site/2495471 This replay shows how much XP you need for an Ace Tanker award, but the replay itself is nothing interesting.


Comparing with others

LTTB vs WZ-131: I must say that, the Chinese light tank needs a buff in its maximum speed and/or view range. Aside from that, the two tanks award two different types of medium-light hybrid gameplay. The LTTB goes in guns and engine blazing, while the WZ-131 is better observing the movement from a bush. Both tanks are potent damage dealers and support fighters, but the WZ-131 takes the cake for being easier to handle on uneven terrain. Also, the WZ-131 has a choice between two guns.

LTTB vs Bulldog: If the Bulldog did not have the option for the autoloader, the two tanks would be suited for different cases. Like I mentioned, for better vision and better passive scouting, you would prefer the Bulldog. While the LTTB is better suited for cases, when fast reactions are more valuable than better vision. But, comparing the LTTB with an autoloader Bulldog is pointless, because that makes the tanks too different to compare. I am sure more people would prefer the Bulldog as a MUCH more easy to handle tank, and I would recommend the American light tank, if you are newer player.

LTTB vs T71/AMX 13 75: You really can’t compare a single shot gun with an autoloader, because both have completely different playstyles, Here, I will just say, that the T71 and AMX 13 75 are the better passive scouts, because they both have smaller silhouettes. Side note – anyone else thinking, that the current mobility of the T71 to be overkill?

LTTB vs SP I C: I have not played the SP I C. For what I have seen, the German light tank is a LOT more comfortable to play with, if we look at the gun depression, making it a lot better at using terrain during fights. Add to this the superior alpha damage, penetration and smaller shape. Many would prefer the SP I C as a damage dealer. But others may prefer the LTTB for its immunity to HE shells and armor that works, and lets not forget the mobility.


Tank building

Unlike my previous review, here I will only review different concepts for builds, instead of showing a build.


If you feel like going full medium brawler, it is best to use skills, equipment and consumables for as much reactivity as possible. Brothers in Arms, Off-road Driving, Clutch Breaking, combined with Ventilation are more than enough for achieving super reactivity. Having such DPM, it is only right to add Gun Rammer to the BiA and Vents combo. For the third equipment slot, there really isn’t anything that is the best choice, because you can’t mount a Vertical Stabilizer. The tank’s gun handling is already good on its own. You can put a Spall Liner for better scout hunting, Enhanced Suspension for stronger tracks or Enhanced Gun Laying Drive for some extra gun handling. Speaking of gun handling, Smooth Ride and Snap Shot are a must for a brawler build. You can add Deadeye for more internal damage and Gunsmith for fewer problems if the gun breaks. I can also advise you to have Safe Stowage and add a Wet Ammo Rack, because 122 mm shells can one-shot the ammo rack. The commander should have 6-th Sense and anything else you feel like. As for the consumables, you may want to have a classic set of Fire Extinguisher, Repair Kit and Medical Kit to keep your modules and crew intact in case you get hit. I have tested Food and Fuel and I have written more info for that in the “A few more things” section. Camouflage is not too much of a concern for a brawler, because you can’t stay invisible while fighting.


Or you may prefer to leave people do the damage for you while you play pure active scout. Brothers in Arms, Camouflage, Recoon and Situational Awareness, Off-road Driving, Clutch Breaking, combined with Optics and Ventilation. This is all for both more reactivity and more view range on the move. I advise against a passive build, so don’t put binoculars, although they can prove handy in certain cases. The third equipment slot can be set with Enhanced Suspension for fewer problems with the tracks, or you can add some combat improvements. Choices for the consumables are identical as the choices for the brawler build. Overall, a pure scout build is actually less demanding that a brawler build (I wrote less text about it). And 6-th Sense is still a must.


The build I would advise is a hybrid build. Here you can chose between parts from both builds. My advice is to go for Camouflage, Recoon and Situation Awareness, Off-road Driving and Clutch Braking, Smooth Ride and Snap Shot for view range, reactivity and combat potential. Equipment is Ventilation, Optics and Gun Rammer. And the concept of the consumables choices is, yet again, the same. I did not include Brother in Arms. This is to have better enhancements in certain areas, instead of slight buffs of all aspects of the tank. However, I can advise you to have BiA, if you prefer an overall improvement. And don’t forget the Light Bulb.


A few more things:

Off-Road Driving VS Clutch Braking: I advise you to go with the first. Having less ground resistance increases both hull traverse and acceleration, while the second improves only the traverse speed. I would advise you to put Off-road Driving and something else before Clutch Braking.

Optics VS Binoculars: In the current selection of maps, I feel like there are a few more places where, passive scouting has more options than active scouting. Thus, I can understand if you choose binoculars over optics. However, I strongly advise this to be the only passive piece of equipment on your tank.

Food and Fuel: I did test a hybrid build with Food and Fuel, but I only felt improvement in rate of Fire and View range. Mobility didn't feel improved and the extra ROF felt irrelevant. On theory, the tank should have become more reactive, but overall, for me the tank played the same way, minus the survivability. I would advise you to go with food at most only for the extra view range. But I will leave you to be the judges here:



Neither replay show the best the tank can do (but show how I tend to do stupid things), but they are only to demonstrate how Fuel and Food change the LTTB.

Research Path:



The LTTB is an aggressive light tank, it is the brawler among the tier 7 lights. Playing this tank as a light-brawler is a good idea, although you may prefer a proper tier 8 medium for better medium brawling. Active scouting is also something, which the LTTB does great, however a Bulldog or T71 can keep larger areas lighten up. But, all the reactivity allows the LTTB to do both brawling and scouting in its own special way. If I had to call for a nerf, that would be either lower DPM or lower accuracy. But in its current state, the LTTB is just a few degrees of gun depression away from the downright overpowered state, so it needs no buffs whatsoever, not even gun depression buffs. Overall, the LTTB is the brawler among the tier 7 scouts.


Thank you for reading! Outro music:


Edited by tnk_x5000, 19 May 2019 - 05:26 PM.

Noo_Noo #2 Posted 17 February 2016 - 08:37 PM

    Lieutenant Сolonel

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I'll try and settle down and watch the vids on your review shortly, as I need some tips to get more from the LTTB. 

It has rubbish track durability so driving round at 60+kph is great until you hit the wrong bump. Then you're dead. 


As you say reverse speed is Meh......... Very difficult to peek and reverse back to cover. Ammo rack durability is driving me nuts too. 

Also I find it's rubbish against it's peers. Anything with an auto loader eats LTTB for breakfast and that pretty much rules out almost all of the light tanks you will encounter of a similar tier. Come across a higher tier light and you're also in trouble if it comes to a brawl. 

It is however very good at picking on lone turretless TD's where you can use your speed to get behind them. The DPM then can make quick work of them. Circling the odd heavy is also possible with care. 

Passive scouting is not really possible although I have had some small success with it. It always help not being seen, no matter what you're driving. 

I would really like to know and see how people are getting the obvious success with this tank. Mastery badge is a pig to get, way harder than the first Mark of Excellence. Oddly though I don't come across many on the battlefield at the moment. Plenty of Bulldogs, T54 lights, AMX13 90's and a fair sprinkling of RU251's etc. not many LTTB's though. 

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