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Looking for a competitive clan with Teamspeak ( Am 1562 WN8)

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roiter475 #1 Posted 13 February 2016 - 11:46 AM


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Hey guys, so I was basically referred here from my post : http://forum.worldof...ompetitive-wot/


I am 20 and speak English very well.

I consider myself a very decent player, whom shines when I get very serious.

I am looking for a European clan that has an active teamspeak, where players just log in when they are playing, and speak English (I also speak Russian but not my native language).

I really want to get into competitive WoT and have a chance at some prize money.

I am no unicum and not looking for a unicum clan, just a clan with players that share my goal, winning gold. I only spend money on premium account and I want to get gold for premium tanks and etc.

I am a very competitive player and very friendly, I will be mostly active afternoon almost everyday with an exception of weekends ( I have gf, friends and life heh), so not very active at weekends.


My wn8 is currently 1562 and 52% wr, no need to look at my "recent" because I recently jumped into unknown territory playing the Nashorn which I mostly suck with, and the China's t6 light (Haven't played lights for a very long time so I suck, and my recent stats are quite meh cause of that. (my comfort zone is meds and heavies with at least ok armor).


I currently don't own a tier 10 I just didn't feel the need to buy one. I am planning to buy the IS-7 at March when it'll be top of the tree. 

And soon after Obj-140 if I'll get the money.


So if any clan is interested in me and have decent active players, active teamspeak, and is doing tournaments clan wars and etc (which I am unfamiliar with), I'll gladly join.

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Taffman50 #2 Posted 13 February 2016 - 12:14 PM

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BOOMZOOM007 #3 Posted 13 February 2016 - 01:50 PM

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PM sent :great:

TTX50 #4 Posted 13 February 2016 - 02:28 PM

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Hi roiter


I am happy to invite you to your apply to WolfPack. If you would like to visit our website, and by extension our forums please visit http://wolfpack.net.au/ there you can find our rules, information on how to apply and more. If you'd rather hang out with us and get to know us or want to ask us a question, please visit our TS-3 address at and message any of our members. If you want to join us we have some rules.

The 3 main points are:
You must be over 18 years old.
You must have Team Speak 3 and be able to speak English.
You must participate with members and work as a clan.

Hope that hasn't scared you off. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope to see you hunting soon.


acogshot #5 Posted 13 February 2016 - 07:12 PM


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Maybe we could be the clan you are looking for.


What we offer:

  • Participation in every clan wars event and season, winning tanks every time
  • Stronghold battles, skirmishes and clan wars every night between 7PM-10PM GMT
  • Specialising in tier 8 combat
  • An English speaking international community of experienced and skilled players
  • Very skilled field commanders
  • An active teamspeak


What we want from you:

  • 1500 WN8 overall or 1700 WN8 recent
  • Participation 3 times per week
  • Be able to speak/understand English
  • Have a mature outlook on life but know how to have fun as well


I'll PM you in-game with some more details. I look forward to speaking with you.

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Mutania #6 Posted 15 February 2016 - 04:08 PM


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PM Sent :)

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