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MM Match making

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ZimbaBimba #1 Posted 15 February 2016 - 12:12 PM


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Hello, i wish to address this post to all people working in WoT projects. I am sick of plaing games that doesnt give even a little chance to the looser team by putting all good players(sometimes with better tanks) in one team.It doesnt care wich team you are part of becouse its not satisfied for me to kill 8-9 enemyis in the first 2 mins and a half of the battle. Please stop working on shity tanks that doesnt exist and take a look at the match making system. It is really anoyng that no one in war gaming give a crapabout the biggest wot players problem. Please start working for better game satisfaction not just for video boost and better graphics! Every player knows how shitty  match making system is and how angry can made you, and the only answer to this anger is to stop playing and find another more happy making game. Its too long now for stupid useless updates, imaginary tank trees and all other bull shits. I think its time for you to take a look and try to upgrade MM system , by making more equal games and more satisfacion for the players, not just count how many of us are online. In the end it is a COOPERATIVE game so i really think its your job to make it equal for all players.

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