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Looking for Platoon Thread

LFG Looking for a platoon want to platoon random battle platoons TS3 community thread

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StillNoName #1 Posted 15 February 2016 - 04:32 PM

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I noticed (unless I missed it) that there is no section anymore for looking for platoons with other people. So I've got hopes that I can reignite such a section in the Off-Topic forums to provide people with a space to find fellow tankers who they might wish to platoon with. 


Info about possible TS3 in spolier



There isn't really any set format, I suppose it will greatly help if you post your recent stats, what tier you want to play etc.. I'll start with a layout I've come up with and it might give you an idea what exactly to post up when looking for platoon mates.


Stats: http://www.noobmeter...rike/500965953/

Seeking: recent WN8 2k + 

Tiers: Prefer 10 Heavies or Mediums (No arty), 8 (mostly premium, I have both non pref MM and pref MM)

TS3 required?: not strictly but preferred if you would use it (I'll provide)

Prime time (When you'll find me online mostly): 5pm UK to around 11pm UK

How to contact me: Ingame private message or PM me on the forums




Please note: Many thanks and please may I request not to start a discussion in the thread about random things, we're trying to keep it as clean as possible so this thread will in the best case be a 'service thread' than a discussion. Please also can I ask of you not to slander or insult other people posting in the thread, we all have our reasons be it for fun or stats.. if you don't want to post your stats then don't, you can simply just state "Looking for platoon, fun orientated tier 4.. please contact me ingame" .


- Tidal

_SirCampalot_ #2 Posted 15 February 2016 - 04:42 PM


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-Anyone interested for a platoon can add me

-My stats have recently gone down the drain by playing solo ,and there are few good players in my clan ,so its getting hard to win

-I prefer medium tanks and scouts

-i'm no stranger to TS

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