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Feedback poll - closes on 18.02

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__Roger__ #781 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:18 PM


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Nickname/Clan/Clan Position : __Roger__/FA-1/soldier


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1.MATCHMAKER!!!!  Way to many battles is unbalanced, in such a way that one team has advantage and win because of this, It should be the players influence in battle that decides who wins, not the tank/player setup from Matchmaking system.

2.RNG! Random number generator. It seems to me that RNG and MM is Connected somehow. In matches where the other team have advantage from MM, my team miss and bounce much more. When my team have MM advantage, I penetrate much more and have more accuracy, This is easily senn in after battle report. This is close to rigging matches.

3.Report system. A report-system that can be abused, is not working right. And then to be banned because of this is total wrong.

4.I think the missions in personal campains is to hard and many of them you can only do if you have MM/RNG/a lot of luck on your side. It should be more a question of skill and effort than just luck.  


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1.The 4.th Campain rules was wrong. In 3.rd Campain it was much better. I 4.th campain it was almost impossible to follow your own progress and see if you was getting closer to the tank. I know there was tank-icons in a list, but it did not make any sence, because the explanation about this was very poor. In 3.rd campain I could follow my progress day by day clearly and it was logical and strait forward to see. Also the rules about who got tank in 4.th campain was not good. I saw players with only a few FAME-Points and a few matches get the tank because they was in a top clan at the time. And players that had played every evening all days in campain and really put in a good effort, but was in a clan that didnt take province, did not get tank. That is by no means logical or fair or right. I believe if rules is like this next time, we will see less players in the campain.   Go back to 3.rd campain rules next time!!!

2. I would like to have tournament times at 20.15- 21.15 etc, not only at 20.00-21.00 and so on. This way we would be able to play CW for example 20.00 o clock in one province and 20.15 in another province, then back to the first again at 20.30 and the second province at 20.45 and so on. Then the waiting time would not be so long and we could do more matches in the evening.

3.Encourage and make it easier to work together with other clans on the global map. Not work against it. .


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1.I play WOT because it is a fantastic game in itself and can be a lot of fun. It also has many goals to set for the players, like missions, personal campains for tanks, CW,STronghold, Team battles(ranked). All very good.

2.I like most to play with and against other players in a fair game where it is the players and tactic  that decides the winner, not MM-setup or RNG deciding the winner.

3.Engagement, exitement, fun  and the possibility to reach goals, f.ex to be better, or missions  and campains, grinding tanks in Tech tree. But also a lot of anger, frustration when MM and RNG way too mauch influence  the outcome of the matches. 



Maybe make a Global Map campain or competition with 2 3 or 4 fronts containing a collection of clan in each front. The fronts (Collection of clan) fight against each other, like teams consisting of clans. This will encourage the interaction between clans and players from different clans, making a new side of WOT.

DonPablo_Escobar #782 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:22 PM

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1.1- arty RNG which i see in every battle, arty 6 tier + unreal alpha dmg..., arty killong light tanks in 60 km/h?

1.2 - you can add maximum one arty for each team

1.3 - change maps or add new because all positions are known very good and its not save today to be in some bush cuz everybody(veterans) know in which bush you are

2.1 - players should take more blocks for battle in skrimishes

2.2 - waiting time to cw should be 10 minutes

2.3 - one arty for each team

3.1- its really funny game

3.2- very good idea( tanks, war)

3.3- nice graphics

blytank #783 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:25 PM


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    Blytank / 99P / 
    Executive Off


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. The lack of incentive to fight in clan modes. (CW-map is one big NAP and "all clans" have SH defence at unplayable times)

As there is now, it is no reason for clans to fight on CW-map, and most clans have nothing to win in putting SH defence to normal hours.

All clans should have to put SH defence at normal hours. (eg. 1800-2400), and something should be done to CW map to motivate clans to fight.

2. The arty whine/ and the arty in general. too much RNG, and quite useless in many random battles.

Ofc I dont like being oneshotted neither by good or bad players, but i dont mind it, its part of the game. What I do mind is what the RNG does with it. it often feels like a bad player snapshotting hits just asmuch as a good player aiming and calculating where to aim.......

At the moment I think its a class that gives good players close to zero pleasure playing in randoms. It is completely impossible to consistenly contribute and do good. Either the RNG makes u miss too much, or the game is won/lost too quickly at a too fast pase.

3. Reporting system (players/stats/clans/vehicles/etc are autoreported) alot of players are receiving undeserved penalties. And I doubt the ones that really deserve the bans get them. (have a feeling that there are way more of the "he is a unicum cheater, lets report him" than "he is acting bad" types of reports

4. corridor maps

  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. The NAP-hell on global map. It is just BOORING.

Please implement some incentives that will make fighting the smart thing to do.

2. The waiting time for battles (15 minutes is way too long)

3. Campaigns: too long, and seriously, plz dont let what you have done in SH for the past months decide how you do in the campaign.


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Clan Wars and other team play

2. the dudes in the game

3. it is quite enjoyable, it is good that you can choose to play just 15 minutes when you need a break from the real world

Skorpy #784 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:42 PM


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  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:
  • Artillery
  • MM with same  3 maps in row + light tanks +2/+3 mm on corridor/city maps
  •  And again artillery


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:
  • long tournaments


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:
  • actually i dont play it for some weeks already, because got bored, need some rest from random retardation and RNG
  • destroying enemy tanks hahaha
  • people going full retard






eXaRe #785 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:44 PM


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eXaRe/CMBLE/Personnel Officer

1. The current artillery and HE-mechanic in general. Things like super high alpha, maps with no cover/bad cover at essential, game-winning spots, module dmg, RNG, no possibility to be warned or to counter arty effectively.
2. Mods, especially illegal mods which can be used on EU without any problems, or other mods which grant you unfair information (like e.g. reload timer; it's an important skill to have to be sure when your enemy is reloaded); and ofc XVM in-battle stats which enables XVM focus.
3. Maps: Badly designed maps (maps that encourage camping, maps without possibilities to flank effectively, maps with no artillery cover or bad/badly placed artillery cover. In general I think there should be put much more effort into map redesigns and new maps.
4. Imbalanced Gold Ammo (HEAT ammo with 330+: maximum acceptable pen for HEAT is 320 and for APCR 315 in my opinion)

1. Battle times: There should be a timezone for (late) afternoon or early evening battles
2. Some maps which are only playable in CW but not in SH mode, which means you cannot train on them.

1. Loads of Fun; I consider myself good at the game and therefore I love to wreck enemies and win the game, in Randoms and Teamplay.
2. The moment when you realise you just won against/wrecked a (very) good enemy.
3. Some social skills concerning clan activities, training English (a bit) and even new friends :)

Red_Scorpion_505 #786 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:47 PM


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Killer_SRB /Red_S/ Private


1. XVM, please, make it so we can choose whether we want our stats and clan shown, because there is a lot of xvm focusing right now, wot is the only game i can think of that punishes you for being good (having good stats) , so good players are in a disadvantage even before battle starts. Its also bad for noobs because there are lots of insults just because of their stats.

Solution: On xvm site, there are lots of options for xvm(flag, clan tag, do you want wn8,eff... itc. So, just make an option that says: Show your stats (on/of),   Show your clan (on/of)

So people can choose, because being accused of the most mind-boggling thing even before battle starts just cos of some stupid stats isn't fun at all.

2. Gold rounds, i know they are an important part of wot economy,  but just by pressing "2" on your keyboard negotiates all the armor(angling too) in game, aiming for wakspots itc, basically it negotiates skill.

3. Arty,i know its necessary for the game balance, there is just too much RNG involved, and oneshots shouldnt happen. Other vise its fine, just those oneshots and too much rng


Ulfhedinn_ #787 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:49 PM

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View PostNunexTK, on 17 February 2016 - 10:17 PM, said:

  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1.Pure satisfaction of blowing UP other tanks


Fixed it for you, it needed fixing, at least I hope it did, I think.

Vasilek #788 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:53 PM


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  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. RNG

2 .Arty

3. Gold shells for cash


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. Don't belong to  a clans anymore 

 2. this  Question is bias  

3. Clans too much time wasted waiting for game 


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Don't play much now

2. The old tanks , trouble too many copies 



So where are the questions for those that play randoms only  ?

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tankwilly #789 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:55 PM


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  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:
  •  XVM - MOD illegal
  •  MM unbalanced
  •  Gold ammo


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:
  • Only for top clans
  • Only in the evenings
  • Use only gold ammo


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:
  • I love the history and technology of the tanks
  • The variety of tanks - immersive sound 9.14 - free to play - multiplatform
  • Often the initial excitement gives way to frustation, especially playing at a high tier.Top players and noob in MM unbalanced make me feel useless.This condition keeps me from playing continuously.

Bernbob #790 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:57 PM


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  • Bernhard_The_Bobtard/RDDT/Private


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. XVM/Reload timer mods

2. The RNG machine that is arty with the player having little influence if they do nothing or one shot a tank

3. The time it takes to re balance tanks tanks that are clearly op ie e5/is3/oI and other tanks that are clearly under powered remaining unchanged for a long time.


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. Spawn camping being a legit tactic on a large amount of maps easily solved by having clan wars game in encounter mode

2. The length of time needed to complete tournaments the wait time between the games

3. The map itself seems very static making it very difficult to push well established clans off provinces 


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Nice variety in tank classed and the tanks themselves

2. Great social aspect in terms of being in an active clan/stronks

3. Always nice to outplay some peps

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Zagrim #791 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:58 PM


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  • Soetrae/Nadiv/Private


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. Arty, i don't like the mechanic at all, it just feels like i punish people who are creating the skillfull gameplay. I do believe the game would be much more enjoyfull with no arty at all. However i do understand this change would be extremely hard to inplement. But would love to see arty rebalanced, sadly i don't have any idea of how they could be in the game where they wouldn't be anoying. 

2. Blowups, being blown up in the first hit you take in a game just feels dump. I don't think blow ups adds anything to the gamplay, except rng which there is plenty of in dmg/penetration.

3. The matchmaking system i belive could be improved to always try to make +1-1 instead of +2-2.

4. Premium ammunition, I think there could be added different kinds of ammo to the game, they could also be expensive, but just to make the ammo load out more of a choice in each tank.


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. Arty, doesn't add skillfull gameplay to Clanwars, since it feels so rng based.

Overall we are still learning high tier clan wars, so i am just enjoing and learning.


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. The slow pased strategy based FPS gameplay, i haven't played any other of the game type which i enjoys like WOT.

2. The spotting system(view range, cammo) and also render range. Feel likes it add a way to skillfully out play the enemy team. If the render distance is increased it would only add more people camping far back. So please don't do that.

3. My friends and my clan community.

Ririply #792 Posted 17 February 2016 - 11:59 PM


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Ririply / I-OU / Private


Top-3 things you don't like in WoT


  • Artillery, not OP whatsoever, just frustrating and not fun to play with or again. Depends too much on RNG : accuracy, damage, module and crew damage, splash damage ...
  • XVM
  • Premium ammo


Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay


  • CW time is too late, also too much time between battles
  • Tanks getting powercreeped, ie there's a must-have tank for each class because it's just the best
  • ---------------------


Why do you play WoT ? What things you like most ? What do you receive from WoT :


  • Team gameplay, play with friends in platoon/strongholds/CW, strategy
  • pretty high skillcap despite RNG being really present (strategic choices, reading the map correctly)
  • short battle, play whenever I want

CaptainxXx1997 #793 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:00 AM


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  • CaptainxXx1997/RMBLE/Private


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1.scouts who camp and dont scout

2. arty oneshoots at myselfe

3. ultra high alpha dmg guns / ultra high dpm tanks


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. 10 lights in T8

2. just a little map pool as landing zone 



  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. i love tanks, the game machanic, this game is not to fast like "Call of Duty"

2. the game was excellent! the the td lose camoflage, scouts cant spot or just a 1 up to 2 maps, arty becomes to rng like and skill is sometimes useless/not helpfull (arty) atm. it`s something between "i have no other games which are so big" and its sometimes really good

3. i really like it to oneshoot enemys, or if i can spot/flank/ hold position vs a bigger number of enemys

Unreal89 #794 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:00 AM


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Nickname/Clan/Clan Position 


Unreal89 / --- / (ex. Field Commander and clan commander)


Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:


1. XVM mod (statistics visible in battle and "win chance" predicted by XVM mod)

2. One-sided battles (too many of them; not enjoyable no matter if I win or I lose)

3. Map variety - too many "corridors" / "tunnel maps" / city maps, not enough open maps (map changes in 2014-2015, need more open maps)


Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:


1. Premium ammo spam (It breaks overall balance - some tanks benefit more than others - just like in Random Battles)

2. Too much waiting between the battles in CW (15 minutes waiting or more is just too much)

3. Tier 6 / Tier 8 tank limit -> 7 vs 7 and 10 vs 10 (why not standard 15 vs 15? why limit the max player amount at all? Its not a Wargaming League mode anyway)


Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:


1. Close battles (score-wise) and teamplay - they bring me the most enjoyment from playing WoT - doesn't matter if I win or lose. Recently there is too many one-sided battles, so I lost much enjoyment and mostly play short sessions in WoT

2. Playstyle diversity (in general -> different maps + variety of tanks = infinite WoT replayability)

3. Different than generic and simple super-fast CoD / CS shooters (WoT is little slower, but not too slow, and that's perfect)

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darkhalopark #795 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:10 AM


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  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. I get arty. But it need rebalance, greatly. Arty shouldn't be able to pen there HE. It would reduce it's one shot ability

2. Mission base on RNG/ that are one in a thousand..

3. High alpha TD


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. Air strikes..

2. Penalty. Need to be reworked. When it's attack i get it but when you are defending and abandoning a territory and also getting penalty is not cool.



  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Mission and tank reward. Not T22..

2.  Clan wars campaign reward. Need moar !! 

3. The game in general.

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kikox #796 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:13 AM

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Kikox7Gold Noobs United/Private

Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. Artillery

2. Premium ammo

3. Bad map design


Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. Premium ammo

2. Power creeped tanks

3. Not much else


Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Entertainment. Can be fun at times.

2. I like to improve my own skills and be a better player

3. It's fun to play with friends.

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Erapin #797 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:16 AM


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  • Erapin/SRSLY/Recruit


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. Landslide matches - Either by disparity in tank layout, player skill or other factors. Landslide matches are frustrating whichever side you happen to be on.

2. Map pool - The current maps are very much a celebration of the corridor. It is bad, mmmmkay?

3. Artillery - I struggle to find any reason for its existence. Never, ever, have I thought "oh, if we only had more arty on our team" at the start of a match.


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. N/A

2. N/A

3. N/A


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Exhileration of a closely fought match

2. Satisfaction of outplaying an opponent

3. A sense of growth of skill

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Troll4Hire #798 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:18 AM


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Troll4Hire / -BEER / Soldier or something


Top 3 things I don't like:
#1: The +2 matchmaking.
I enjoy the "relaxed" playstyle given by superslow tanks, including Black PRince, TOG 2, Japanese Heavies, etc.
The thing is about leveling tanks which are relying on armor is that if Into a +2 game, i am probably the most useless thing ever, since for example the O-ni or O-ho has relatively bad DPM. and acceptable gun handling stats for"in yo face" brawling, but poor stats for long range sniping. In a medium at least you can spot, do hit-n-run tactics, go for immobilizing hits and flanking shots, but if your tank is the slowest thing on the map, the things mentioned above aren't really optional. The tier 8 grind in my opinion is one of the worst points of any given techtree, due to the absolutely huge gap between the tier 10 and tier 8 machines. Plus since there is nothing to grind after tier10, there are statistically a lot of tier 10 tanks in the queue in general who are only palying their tanks to "kick some [edited]as guaranteed top tier player" (which makes sense) or to grind the crew of the tank for clanwars fights or anything - that makes it a real pain to get any of the tier 8 tanks up and running without spending free experience or using already researched modules from other tanks of the same nation.


#2: The lack of significance of armor and the superheavies in general.
Due to numerous changes made to the game in the past years and the increasing average peentration values the significance of tanks such as the Maus faded into oblivion. At this moment there's little to no need for such machines on a clan level play.


#3: The huge impact of a top tier triple man platoon on a random game.
Call me antisocial, but a team of well coordinated (and at least somewhat skilled) 3-man platoon in a random game can dominate the battle with ease. As someone who likes to play alone in my own pace, I find it annoying that to be able to stand up to them, I am forced team up as well, because no matter how well I do individually, I cannot play rambo alone versus a bunch of semi-professionals cooperate like clockwork. I have nothing against competitive play, or skilled players, I just find it unfair and utterly annoying that I often have to take on a SWAT team alone, cuz on my team everyone is minding his or her own business, and keep dying one by one. I think fighting randoms in a platoon should be a separate or semi-serparate game mode, in a similar way like Rampage treats platoons. The game should keep clean, platoonless separate matches in most cases for players rolling alone, and dumping the platoons into games where 85-90%+ of the players are there to fight as a part of a platoon, and ONLY THEN filling up the remaining 1 or 2 slots with platoonless players


I gave up playing clanwars a long time ago, due to my lack of ability to show up in the evenings on a regular basis. My clan only plays Strongholds. I more or less only participate in the Skirmish sessions, which can happen any time of a day.


Why do I play Wot?

I have a few reasons, but the most significant ones are the following:
- I am an old Mechwarrior player, and I do like the "pimp my tank" aspect of the game, where the player has to customize the vehicle to his own needs. Sadly this option is currently in need of a rework, due to the lack of viable options, but I respect this aspect of the game very much, and I am looking forward to the future patch which will bring us the new crew skill system.

- As someone who doesn't have the income to visit England every second weekend just to practice English, being a part of a UK-based gaming community is probably the most cost-effective way to learn proper English. I've learned a lot about the language while playing this game, and for that, I am thankful to my clan and other fellow players.

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Alabamatick #799 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:20 AM

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  • Alabamatick


  • Top-4 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. Corridor / city maps


3.op/unbalanced tanks/powercreep

                    4.no solo only random mode

  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1.not in a clan

2.don't play clanwars

3.couldn't care less about clans


  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1.not played since august 10th last year for reasons stated above, however i liked playing wwii tanks especially against wwii tanks (loved historicals)

2.spotting/camo/sniping/sneaking/flanking mechanic (although it's virtually disappeared)

3.i like there's no skill matching (learn to play or get rekt, it's your own fault if you don't learn)


note: i think the mm is mostly fine and i have no problem with premium ammo / rng /stock-unmatched equipment tanks against fully upgraded etc


FireWhip #800 Posted 18 February 2016 - 12:23 AM


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Here are a few questions I'd like you to answer, I'll collect the feedback and forward it:


  • FireWhip/-/-


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT:

1. Focus fire due to XVM or player's name. A player should be able to select whether he wants to display this information during a game in the garage.

2. Retarded Match making. 15 unicums vs 15 tomatoes ??? This is total non-sense.

3. Personal missions - they destroy the team play. Many people left WoT for AW due to the missions. For example, guys playing only mediums and occasionaly a heavy never had a chance to get any of these tanks and mission such as capping with heavy tanks??? PLEASE ... change these braindead advisors of yours who claim that it was such a great content ...


  • Top-3 things you don’t like in WoT Clanwars gameplay:

1. I do not have a need to measure the size and circumference of my manhood with other clans.




  • Why do you play WoT? What things you like most? What do you receive from WoT:

1. Strongly addicted to it but getting saturated with the game play. But I think it is better than taking drugs, right??  :-)




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