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"Omg noob team"

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Vonryan #41 Posted 06 September 2011 - 01:03 PM


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I won't say "noob team" but I will sometimes ask why someone did what they did, if it really didn't make sense.

A recent battle in El Halluf is a perfect example.  

I'm there in a PZIV matched making drops me in with t7's and t8  "Ok" I think, I know how to play this map and where the regular pushes always are.  My team spawns south west in spawn 1.
Game starts and we have a scout zip across and then goes straight to the north west. The place where the spawn II heavies will pretty much always advance across as it gives them the most cover. I watch the mini map to see what our heavies will do.... What do they do?

Take up sniper positions to shoot people across the valley. People they can't see as no scouts or other tanks have vision there....

As expected the spawn II team push across unopposed with a Lowe leading the charge. When they rolled up the hill no matter how much map pinging and requests from help from a Wolverine and I, everyone was still sat where they were and got shot in the sides/rears. I think they only lost 2 tanks in their team whereas we were annihilated.

I couldn't understand that one as by tier 5 I'd have thought most players know that map and know how it pans out/where it's decided.

Guillotine #42 Posted 06 September 2011 - 01:34 PM


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Its still wierd that ppl after going trough T8+ cant understand basic tactics or bother with learning weakspots, bit frustrating to see ppl auto-aiming or just firing becouse it makes a noise and achieved 0 dmg with 7 rounds with big gun. I know its game but arent games ment to teach you and get dificulty getting higher and higher more you play ?

Frustrating ppl are Lemmings trains, they dont come back after flank with 1 tank is blown up and enemy is in base after 1 min and ppl dont get that if you go with big mass you dont have firing line with most of your tanks and when they all go to narrow alley first ones cant get away. Then the basic ppl who say " i cover arty " and they sit in bush behind arty when they are supose to be good distance away and spot and slow down enemy.
Also ppl who park they massive tanks " with no camo skill / net " just behind TD so when he gets spotted and fired at the TD front of him explodes to pieces and you cant get away due guy behind you is blocking your only safe way to drive.

Best way to make ppl learn is to make learning curve higher so they have to learn something before getting to next " level " so they are not completely useless. Losing good match with equal teams aint big deal, Losing 15>0 becouse ppl have no slightest clue about game is annoying and usually ends up flame war for a good reason ( L2P )

Semaca #43 Posted 06 September 2011 - 01:48 PM

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whining is feedback. if my team mates are wrong, sometimes i let them know my opinion about it. for example, our team splits up, one flank reaches the enemy base (about 3 tanks), the other flank keeps "sniping" from across the map. without support, the capping tanks are slowly decimated and the percent goes from 50% to zero (all cappers are dead). we eventually win, but we could have won minutes sooner if we'd have played like a team and not like lonely wannabe snipers.

bugar #44 Posted 06 September 2011 - 01:49 PM


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yesterday i was last tank alive (all other lemmings went other side), killed 7 tanks, damage many, defend base.... than proced to capture enemy base....
but arty captured our base and we lost.....

spectators(dead lemmings) screamed : ....NOOB..... pussy JT.... girl noob.....


prkyyynko #45 Posted 06 September 2011 - 02:54 PM


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View PostTemplarr, on 06 September 2011 - 11:59 AM, said:

Saying ''noob team'' won't improve the situation, rather give them advice, even if it seems so obvious to you (an experienced player)...

i find it a hard idea to denegrate those who are new, or hard learners... yes, they are new, and maybe not that skilled as you or others, but rather help them improve then sit down and start (oooh yes I am going to say it) whining ;)

I am glad with every all the constructive criticism I get, as long as it explains to me what I should have done, its alright, you may even call me noob at that time.

but someone going on and on about noob this noob that, without anything proper argumenting, they are completely useless and are pretty much wasting just as much time as the acual noobs! ;)

let me describe some random experience:

lets assume i drive a tiger, panther2 or a T32 and regardless of my position in the teams tier list i usually end up defending the weaker flanks.. or many times the wide open undefended flanks.. and many times i end up alone or (if i am lucky) with one smaller tier ally like Pz4 or a Stug.. maybe i am wrong but i simply see the need to go there and at least ry to hold the flank until the rest of my team rushes the other side and tries to win in 3 minutes..

this happens on many maps - malinovka, arctic region, pokhorovka but especially on maps like ensk, abbey, mountain pass and stepes.. so lets assume i end up defending the open flank on the ensk map against enemy top tier meds or the lower road flank in stepes or abbey.. or even the upper mountain road in the mountain pass.. all this while our top tiers and the majority of team rush anywhere else but to the most critical flank.. i end up defending the road in my IS-3 or a Panther2 which are totally wasting their potential casue they are offensive kinds of tanks.. okay, it seems stupid, but i cannot leave the flank open.. then suddenly the enemy top tiers come, if i am lucky i kill or damage a few of them but there is too many of them.. yeah, and i forgot about the enemy arty having me on a silver plate.. and then i die..

i do not really care about my "survived battles" ration cause i like to play offensive which is often risky, but it simply makes me angry when i die in vain..

and usually the chat conversation goes like this:

me: "idiots" (when i am angry, i tend to say it out loud - probably some hot blood in veins  :Smile-izmena:  )
some smart-ass: "stop whining"
me: "thank you for no help, idiots.. you left the flank open.."
some smart-ass: "stfu, dead man"

and many many weeks ago i would continue telling them what they did wrong and that i died cause they screwed up and played retarded..

yet it does not matter what i say and how many of their mistakes i point out, i am the dead crybaby whining and they are the experts who do not have to give a damn thing..

so i stopped giving a shit about their "whine" answers and lost the will to say what they did wrong.. yet i still call them idiots or retards when there is a reason for it.. i do not care about their ignore lists as i have my own one full of retards with lack of self-reflection and i do not care if they think i am just a loud whining noob as my statistics are speaking for themselves..  B)  (yeah, i am a bit arrogant too)

but no matter how much we talk about it and no matter how many retarded players you shoot down, there are always too many of them.. but dont blame the players, blame the game and its system..

personally i see random battles as something i do not really enjoy but as something i need to pass through to get the tanks i want and to be able to play with my friends in companies and CW  :Smile_honoring:

good hunting to you all  :Smile_great:

ProHigh #46 Posted 06 September 2011 - 03:01 PM


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But it can be quite irritating, when you play around your 20th battle without victory because others dont care about the team. If you say "I dont care about they who say noob to me, I'll rush" you are ruin this game and the community. This game is TEAM based. And surely I get angry when a teammate block my way back and push me out to cross fire. Everybody sould say noob to that person. You think you are cool cuz you dont care about what the others say, you just wanna play, but better theese people play some other games which have single player mode.

Poison_Arrow_ #47 Posted 06 September 2011 - 03:03 PM


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I hate that kind of people -.-" they die and whole world is guilty, but they aren`t!

CZ1Thor #48 Posted 06 September 2011 - 03:48 PM

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(sorry my bad english..i never learn proper, just from games, tv shows etc...)

"omg noob team" its a old story,
you can see all things above all day long on battlefield (specially morning and during the day,evening and night battles are much better)

But i do not understand a few things:

1.Why (almost) always top tier tank think "im a master commander, follow my orders and me of course, others => noobs"?
  (Maus without support (he didnt even try to ask for help or supp) blame others after self rush near enemy base...)

2.Why people judge arty by kills?...its better get a confederate and win, than top gun (wittman?) and lose? (oh yeah i see that game)

3.Why almost half of all arty players focusing on killing almost dead (meds with 8%) or helpless (enemy arty in care of medium tank) targets?
  (guy with hummel try to kill enemy hummel, when our t43 drive around him..of course he kill t43)

4.Why scouts (almost) always run immediately after game start, die fast and then blame arty?..
  ...yeah they are doing nothing because they are MOVING in position/cover...

5.Why people are so hungry for kills?..better do the tank from 100% to 5% than kill him on 5% but "of course, you have the kill you are better than me"...

...these are the parts, what i hate at most battles...

...its all about damage and team play..but unfortunately most people dont see it  :mellow:

Warmagi #49 Posted 06 September 2011 - 04:42 PM


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Those kind of people usually make me laugh as they most of the time not contributed to the team and already dead. Maybe I'm a bad person  :Smile-playing:  but I like to tease those people so they get even more angry. I'm sorry if anyone will be offended by this but they usually really lack intelligence and by using it you can really make them mad. Few situations below for interested:

On Komarin (worst map ever) a guy in heavy tank with lower tier then mine and my buddy in platoon starts flaming about the need to rush, points on map on various tanks and nags them to rush while sitting in the bushes himself. I was not far from him with my platoon team mate. Finally one of ours rushes in and dies almost instantly without revealing anyone. I couldn't keep myself and commented "great idea about rushing", he started flaming at me about being a noob and that's the way to play this map. I started asking questions about tactics and other stuff which required intelligent response which only made him more mad. Finally when he couldn't answer yet another question he said I must be very young in not so polite way. I'm 29 by the way. We then noticed that his name includes 1998, so I asked him about it and how it's making me kid to him. He went ul ul ul ultra rage. Started shooting at me and my platoon mate :)

Another map... abbey I think. I was in my KV (I'm new to Russian tree) My whole team, including Mr. Perfect went through the hills road leaving the abbey and right canyon road completely undefended, so I stayed in base with my KV, strongest tank. From the beginning I was called a camping noob in a heavy, I didn't care. Killed one or two tanks going through abbey, killed one going through the middle. My almost whole team, don't know how, got wiped out by the enemy, although they went in strength. we had 1 arty, one td and me left. Mr. Perfect kept insulting my lack of skill. I positioned myself carefully to be able to defend canyon road (enemy had 6 tanks at that time) and Mr Perfect started his list of insults about camping with a heavy. To make a long story short, arty killed one and died, TD killed one and died, I killed KV and PzIV coming from canyon road, killed Hetzer on our flag zone and went for the guy that was stuck on the canyon road. We suddenly won the game because my idiocy, noobity and lack of skill... no questions.

EDIT: I recall another championship, arty player was so busy flaming our team that he forgot he should support our tanks on Campinoovka. I went hill with some others. We were outnumbered and enemy had arty support there, we managed to kill a lot of them, me myself 3, but finally died under fire from two remaining tanks. I asked him how his flaming is helping us, it would be much more helpful if he would have been supporting us with fire. He told me to shut up, and that I don't have the right to speak cause I'm dead and I should quit already and let the people with skill play the game, I just told him that I'm still here cause I want to see his skill, he rage quit... I don't even... he was in GW Panther I think.

Bodasz #50 Posted 06 September 2011 - 04:58 PM


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I will give You other look for the "omg noob team" sentence with one of my fights:
I was one of the better (but not best) tanks in the team. I was playing my KV or KV-3 (don't remember exactly) on Ensk. Most of my team drove the country and rails way. I, with only 2 others tank entered the city where we were overwhelmed by the enemies. As we were fighting rest of our team were massacred so fast that I missed that moment. We hold in the city really long, I felt like I really done a good job before dying. Still the battle was lost and at the end someone wrote - "omg noob team". That made me quite angry - "ffs, I played really well. Guys that was with me in the city too. Why he calls also us noobs?" I thought. (yeah, I know that he was propably frustrated etc. ;] )

hundElungE #51 Posted 06 September 2011 - 05:32 PM


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" I can do nothing against 29 enemies ... " :Smile-hiding:

Mikroszkop #52 Posted 06 September 2011 - 06:18 PM


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I never ever cal anyone a NOOB :) I'm using different expression, and it feels good after using it, it just relax me ( STUPID CAMPER SHEEP FU... 'LOWE'R). Because most of players witch drive me crazy are LOWE and KV5 users (if you or your Mama will buy for you a tier 8 tank it dose not mean you are GOD'S in game)

AdmiralHipst3r #53 Posted 06 September 2011 - 06:20 PM

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For those who asked - Ignore List - While in game, press Ctrl and use your cursor to right click on the name of any player who's seriously pissing you off.  Select "Add to Ignore List" from the options.  All it does is prevent you from hearing them on voice chat or reading their messages in team chat.  It does, however, also put a big red cross next to their names, so you at least have future warning that a retard's about when you see your team lists in random battles.

Grippin #54 Posted 06 September 2011 - 06:34 PM

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View PostShootingstarr, on 06 September 2011 - 01:03 PM, said:

hegemon, with all due respect... you cannot complain about noobs in a match with PNZ2 and the likes...
seriously, 98% of them ARE noobs, the other 2% don't want to spend their free xp on low tier tanks

however, I had some bad matches with my t29 lately
upside was: I was top dog :P
downside was:
the whole goddamn team goes down suicide alley, and I end up defending hill by my own
I bravely held the line against a noob IS, 2 pnz3/4, 1 or 2 pnz4 and some other rubbish lighttanks annoying the living hell out of me with their HE rounds
anyway my team failed to push through suicide alley and we lost, because the last enemy on my side got a lucky shot and killed me. after that they capped the base

then the very next match on mountain pass
upside: again, I was under the top 3 of my team, so no hard competition
downside: I was left alone at glacier with a kv-3 and a hummel...
so I held the line against 3 IS an SU-152 and whatnot
in the end we won, but not thanks to the cowardice of my team...

I just wanted to cry :(

however the bouncy turret of t29 saved my team in both matches for at least 7 minutes each


P0NY #55 Posted 06 September 2011 - 06:46 PM


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I just tell them to "qq more", and repeat it every time they try to follow up on it. Usually seems to piss them off more which is funny.

Imo, if you dont want to play with "noobs"  then go join a tank company... Sure sometimes there are some really bad players or tactics, but calling people noobs just makes yourself look really stupid.

DorifutoHanta #56 Posted 06 September 2011 - 07:30 PM


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Yesterday one BT-2 driver when the game started rushed in malinkova to the upper right corner of the map and camped the whole map there even if our base capture time has begun. When everybody got killed he started to say to us "Noob team"; "Noobs" and other.

DaveJaVu #57 Posted 06 September 2011 - 07:59 PM


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I class a "noob" team as a game where 95% of the team rush one side and leave one man to cover and entire side by himself.
Or a team where they all hide and cower behind a corner to kill one enemy tank, perfect logic to me is the vast numbers of people rushing round a corner all at once as the enemy can only target one person at a time, but apparently this is too dangerous for them. I've seen an IS7 use a Wespe for cover, up until then, I've never seen such selfishness.

Mindexe #58 Posted 06 September 2011 - 08:10 PM


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I ain't usually one to trow out "Noob" word around, but sometimes you just snap. Take this for example. Himmelsdorf, enemy got 3 T8 meds and our side only one T8, being in IS-4 (know not the fastest heavy, but fast enough to get in time for help) ask if meds will need help on the hill, got replay "Yup, could use some". Informed the team that I'm going to hill and it should be enough. Half way thought noticed KV-3 and T-28 stating to climb the hill, ok those 2 being pretty much the slowest moving tanks in that mach told them to turn right and help defend left flak. Got to response, ok maybe they didn't saw it, second...no reaction...lets try 3rd time...nope, still ignored. Sure enough left side fell and enemy rushed in, killing T-28 still halfway climbing the hill and KV-3 got to us when we finished last tank (IS-3) and were turning around. 30 seconds later enemy capture the base. At that time I couldn't control myself and just said "Noobs".

   I Agree most of the time those "Noob team" rage are because people think they are "elite" and everyone on their team should be pro players, but sometimes people just went out little build up rage after getting wiped in first minutes of the battle for the last 5 battles.

RongoMatane #59 Posted 06 September 2011 - 10:42 PM

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Sometimes i get a bit angry about the players that totally ignore the chat and the map and aren't adapting to the situation. Often enough, it's predictable 2 minutes ahead where a weakspot that will make us loose will occur - but only very few, if any, are interested in reacting to that. But usually i don't start flaming because i remember, that my father also plays some online games (not bad at all) and that reminds me of the person behind the tank. I wouldn't want to flame my father and maybe make him sad or spoil his fun, so i don't write this stuff in the chat.

Oh, and i suspect that much of that lemming behaviour comes from the advice you can find anywhere and that, in principle, is correct: Stay together ;)

View Postdeathlove, on 06 September 2011 - 03:48 PM, said:

2.Why people judge arty by kills?...its better get a confederate and win, than top gun (wittman?) and lose? (oh yeah i see that game)
Sadly, in most cases it's the only way to get some information about how your arty played. I'd prefer "damage dealt" or even "exp earned" over kills.

View Postdeathlove, on 06 September 2011 - 03:48 PM, said:

3.Why almost half of all arty players focusing on killing almost dead (meds with 8%) or helpless (enemy arty in care of medium tank) targets?
  (guy with hummel try to kill enemy hummel, when our t43 drive around him..of course he kill t43)

I guess there can be a big discussion about it, but in principle i think it's the best you can do to kill the almost dead ones. If there are two equal tanks, one on 1% the other at 100%, you'll benefit greatly from killing the 1% guy, because he can deal no more damage - even if this means less exp for you. Personally, i alter my play style when i am heavily damage. Just today i had a match where i did most of my "work" when i got below 20%.
You can easily find an example that shows, that focused damage is superior to spread damage (ever played a mmorpg? ;)).

Tongeh #60 Posted 07 September 2011 - 12:17 AM


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sooner they disable chat for dead folks the better.. most other online games silence the dead so they can only talk to other dead.. it has been mentioned before. AND stop the stupid dead peeps spamming map alerts out of spite/boredom.

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