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Monkeymaddness #1 Posted 20 February 2016 - 09:37 PM

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Tally ho fellow tankers :)


at christmas I did some research on the information about the TOG tank designs that I came across in the past, and remembered that Jingles refereed to the OI line as a "nation of TOGs". with my head full of optimism, wondering what could possibly go wrong, I decided to make a branch and see how it looked



for a couple of days I managed to create a full branch up to tier 8, but then a Finnish guy called Legasini showed me some more modern versions of the TOG for tiers 9-10

we were all over the moon about this and Lord_Chipmonk put a video on youtube about this. meanwhile i went TOG-mad and tried to look at other super-heavy nations like france and russia, as you can see at the top of the quote pasted.   





meanwhile, Listy said that there's a bit of incorrect information, according to his TOG expert friend who apparently has been chasing the TOG for 8 years. But he also said that it can reach tier 10 too. 

I can't wait until; this guy publishes a book though! :) tog3s, action 10 and super TOGs :) maybe also the TOG4 if it's not fake (legasiini just showed me a proposal for a bigger bader version of TOG 3 with BL72 gun main turret and 17pdr in boob-turret!) :child:

But that has yet to be seen






That was what happened back then. Now however, I realized there's this thing on the forums that allows you to call vote. It's called a "POLL". 








Anyway, here's a copy/past of the forum I made as christmas, so that you guys can all get voting and have your say about this idea



And here's the original T.O.G line forum which is no longer news




Personally, I do believe that it should happen. I mean what better way to show Churchill's idea of a tank-nation than a TOG branch!? This my friends is the true meaning of British steel!

It has become an icon for the British WoT community. And they are after all based on the very beginning of the tank, the greatest vehicles ever to be invented by this quirky little island.   






View PostMonkeymaddness, on 21 December 2015 - 06:00 PM, said:

see also my complete swiss tree http://forum.worldof...wiss-tech-tree/

also see my french super-heavy branch http://forum.worldof...per-heavy-line/

and also my Canadian tech tree http://forum.worldof...w-far-do-we-go/

more trees, branches and heavy mayhem coming soon :justwait:

just done a Soviet duel-super heavy line http://forum.worldof...heavy-branches/





Tally ho chaps! 


I have been wanting to do this for a long time :) today I will show you guys my proposal for a TOG line

my first inspiration for this was when the japanese heavies came out at summer and jingles refereed to them as "a line of togs". Me being a stubborn tank enthusiast, I couldn't resist! especially after seeing all the different mid-tier variants


before I start I just want to clear up a few things about the armour

on FTR the "Buff My Tank" page says


прежде чем начать я просто хочу прояснить несколько вещей о брони
на FTR страница "Буфф мой танк" говорит


"In the 1920’s and 30’s Vickers developed a face hardened armour plate (about 20mm thick) of a face hardness of 600 BHN and rear hardness of 400 BHN (German homogeneous armour plate was about 400 BHN) but the Vickers plate is so hard it could not be cut or welded and had to be bolted on. By the 1970’s Hadfield ‘Duplex’ armour was being used (which had been developed prior to WW2). This had an effective armour strength being increased due to the softer rear layer absorbing the energy of the impacting shell with a much lower tendency to spall that the very high hardness armour. In absorbing this energy it reduces the propensity of armour fracture due to impact which improves the armour of the outer layer. In other words a hard outer layer backed with a softer layer is actually both stronger and lighter (by up to 38 per cent over Rolled Homogeneous Armour) that RHA.

Or applied to the TOG, even if the 76mm thick armour remains it should have the strength of a greater thickness. Rather than remodel the game mechanics (I know there is a secret armour factor at play as well) it would be simpler to improve the frontal armour to 110mm instead." 








So we have 38% more effective armor. what about those flimsy side doors? Well - 





"Finally on armour as the entrance hatches on the left and right of the hull were there originally because of the sponsons planned it is perfectly reasonable to assume that they would have been better shaped, smaller and better armoured on any production TOG. I suggest small, circular hatches like on the later Churchills and the A33 Excelsior."



I personally think however that if the sponsons could simply be mounted on the sides with those doors shut they can act like spaced armor ;) they also have some nice angles too if you see the image just below 

Aside from the armor there's also the rate of fire which can easily be buffed thanks to the massive space int he turret and the two loaders. 







Now down to business! I have found 5 tog variants capable of filling their own slots in game. the TOG1, the TOG2 ®, the TOG2 and two variants called the TOG3. the first tog3 was simply a tog2 with more armor. the other was a 219 ton beast! 







TIER 2 - Well hmm I cant choose between the british "vickers 6 ton" and the matilda-1. Or the A-7 medium or A-14 medium or a variety of others. pop suggestions for this underneath please so we can hear your ideas :) The "vickers 6 ton" you already know as the chinese version and the T-26. the matilda-1 is famous for being terrible. A bunch of them were sent to the battle of france and all were knocked out or captured, but so were many other things back then. it had a choice of two guns (a "Vickers 303" heavy machine gun or a "vickers 50.cal" machine gun) and had armor up to 60mm thick. That sound alright, but I'm not sure how it would look on armor inspector however.



Here's a Matilda-1 tank. 






Here's the A-7 medium tank. it's a cheap "vickers" tank, just like the next one. you can guess the stats of this tank. 3pounder gun, no armour, alright speed of 40 kilomiters per hour. Too over powered to be a tier lower than the independent tank?



well I'm looking for 2pounder proposals or developments for designs like the A7 and other tanks like it, so be patiant a7e2_1.jpg






tier 3 - This slot can easily be filled in with the "Vickers heavy tank". otherwise known as the "Vickers A1E1 Independent tank" it would be like having a longer type-91. it has a 47mm long barreled gun and up to 20mm armour and had top speed of 32 kilometers per hour. longer than the type-91 and less maneuverable, but faster and better turret shape.  Oh yeah, and it also has a lower profile, but less gun depression i reckon too



As you can see that dome shaped turret can bounce a few low tier shots



tier 4 - here the fun begins! the tog1 had a matilda turret and the hull armour isn't as thick as the matilda, but it's a lot larger and could defiantly be implemented with like tier 6 HP or something like that





T.O.G 1



tier 5 - This slot can be filled in with either the T.O.G-2 or the T.O.G-2 ( R). According to F.T.R the t.o.g-2 was also mounted with the 77mm gun, but I'm not sure if it was ever proposed for the T.O.G-2-( R). The T.O.G-2-( r) is a "reduced" (or shorter) version of the T.O.G-2


Here's the T.O.G-2 with the 77mm gun mounted. And yes that's a different turret. I guess maybe the top turret would also be available for the sake of grinding. 



Here's Volketten's animation of the T.O.G- 2-(R )



and here's the tier 6 t.o.g-2 we all know. 

wotanks (835×417)


tier 6 - OK, now we can start using the sponsons possibly, if not at tier 7 instead. at tier 6 we can start using the 17pdr gun in which ever tank doesn't fill in tier 5

tier 7-The T.O.G-3 first version was a T.O.G-2 with more armor. here we can also buff the rate of fire. in game it could perhaps be called the "T.O.G-3 experimental". think premium t.o.g-2 but with more rate of fire, more armour and sponsons




tier 8 - Finally we reach the 219 ton moster. it had minimum armor of thickness 140mm, maximum of 290mm and all round thickness of 240mm. it was also longer and wider than the t.o.g-2. it was just a freaking mammoth. it was still armed with the 17pounder however. its four v-12 engines didn't cope very well however and it was scrapped. The top speed was 22 km/h.


Here's an image and a link to the american forum where Volketten's little friends (like "TheNoob1234") made images of it along with some details



The T.O.G-3 219 ton is in the middle

Posted Image


what do you think lads?







OK new update. Legasiini is the one to thank!

View Postleggasiini, on 23 December 2015 - 12:54 PM, said:


Lost link where i found this, though :(

Basically, tier IX and X candidates for TOG branch. 





"In late 1950s, British Army tied to modernize heavily outdated TOG II*. Armor was greatly exchanged: frontal sloping was significantly improved, and thickness was improved at whopping 150mm, making armor very powerful. Long hull of TOG II* was lengthened even further to fit 4X Roll-Royce Meteor engines from Centurion tank, gving TOG whopping 2400 hp. Due to improved armor, 4 engines, and longer hull, TOG II* became as heavy as 130 tons. Despite weight, the mobility of TOG II* improved dramatically from original TOG II*: power to weight ratio was whopping 18,46, and top speed was increased to impressive 52 kilomiters per hour! A new turret: Action X, was added on TOG II*. Action X turret was also tested on Centurion tank just about same time when british tried to modernize TOG II*. Since TOG II* was in desperate need of better turret and armament, Action X turret was tested on this improved TOG II*. Thus, Action X TOG II* was born. Armament was first supposed to be 20pdr. Later on, L7A1 was considered.


In mid 60s, another variant of "modern T.O.G-II" was suggested, named "Super TOG II*" that shared same hull as Action X TOG II*. Super TOG II* was supposed to mount new turret and main armament (L11A5) that also were supposed to be added on new FV4201 Chieftain main battle tank. However, despite how powerful Super TOG II* seemed on paper, Chieftain was considered superior because it was more practical, and thus not just Super TOG II*, but all "modern TOG II" projects were cancelled on late 60s."




Action X turret. Was supposed to be mount on Centurion tank, and on modernized TOG II*.


Blueprint of the Super TOG II*. Notice longer hull and greater sloping compared to TOG II*..




So, Action X TOG II* and Super TOG II* would be perfect candidates at tier 9 and 10, respectively. Might need some balancing, though, but who knows. And Super TOG II* is simply glorious, isnt it? ;)



OK so we have tiers 9 and 10. but they have the same hulls. and I see no mountings for sponsons in that drawing. hopefully something can be done to make these tanks take up two tech tree slots, like the additional spaced armour legasiini was telling me about to me mounted all over the tank. I'm sure WG can come up with an excuse.


but actually legasini just now told me that the tier 10 tog had spaced armor panels proposed to me mounted all over the tank so this can put the same hull in 2 slots theoretically. 

well what ever happens, at least its better than different perceptions of what the same tank looked like as they did with the Japanese heavy line :P hell yeah! Jingles will be proud of us. oh master jungles your devious fans have made you an Christmas supersize muehueheee 




that was then. 

as you can see, I have dont it illogically. I have put the supertog development, which isn't based on the TOG3, after the tog3. this apparently makes no sence, and i'm rather sure that the tree isn't being implemented yet because i'm the one who did it :(








my friend Legasiini however has helped me out even more with the tree



this was the result :) painted by  him




oh and i think i should point out:

View PostListy, on 29 December 2015 - 06:23 AM, said:


Yes, there's enough TOG stuff to get to tier 10 I'm informed.




Tier 2


as you can see, we have chosen the tier 2. the a7 is only logical after all

maybe the very historical matilda1 could be added for xmas gift from WG



Tier 3


same as earlier 





Tier 4 




same as earlier. but here is a scale view of it with the tog2












Tier 5 



same as earlier. but call it either the tog2 exp or the tog2 proto






Tier 6



we decided that the TOG2 (R ) could be better used at tier 7

the tog2 for tier 6 in the tech tree is the most logical solution there is. it led to the development of the rest of the tree in both directions (mobile TOGs in one direction, and extra-superheavy mobile bunkers that are impervious to any german weapons in the other direction)


of course this would nee to offer something different to what the gold tog2 offers - the sponsens mounted over the side doors to act like spaced armour (hence the name, TOG2 (S) and improved gun characteristics. also maybe take into account how effective the armour was and not just how thick it is. 

on the down-side it would have the insane amoount of hitpoints nerfed to tier 7 probably and it would get tier 8 matchmaking. hmm.. because of buffed MM i think at least tier 7.5 health...



and yeah, I know that's the wrong anamation. it's the closest to the complete tank with sponsens mounted i could find though. 




The end of the beginning


so as I explained above, the obsolete tog went in two new directions. 

this point in history "The end of the beginning" marked when the allies finally decided that the world would never go back to trench warfare like in WW1. therefor, trench warfare tanks like the tog2 no longer had any practical so. the trench warfare is why the sponsens weren't mounted. 


We are unsure about the "TOGzilla" mini-branch, of things like the TOG3 due to lack of info. Listy's TOG expert knows a lot more than any of us do, but he hasn't published yet. he did assure me however that there are a bunch more extra-superheavy versions of the tog2 


this is the message from him that listy sent me after he saw my TOG forum

Block Quote

 'supertog' isn't tog 3. tog 3 is a rationalised tog2. The superheavy togs are all paper drawings for really really heavy frontal armour to be immune to pretty much anything the Germans had.

There's a slew of very heavy frontal armoured variants too and some much heavier fronted versions





I will tell you about the TOGzillas at the end. for now. lets stick with the mobile tog line. this we believe would be added before the other mini-branch at the end of extra-superheavy togzillas because we have enough info on the faster ones 






super-TOG branch



Tier 7


the TOG2 (r ) is a worthy candidate to begin the mobile TOG mini-branch

it is basicly a shorter version of the already over-powered TOG2. therefor it would have better power/weight ratio, acceleration, speed and maneuverability. 

We aren't sure if it has kept the silly sponson doors on the sides however. They could have been replaced with small, round escape-hatches with thick armour like on the Churchill infantry tanks. we could buff the rate of fire too and give it a well balanced amount of hitpoints as it is still a large super-heavy tank despite the reduced length. 






so the tog2r wound look something like this, 







and possibly have hatches on the sides instead of sponsen mounts like this 

Posted Image

by the way, this tank is an imaginary version of tog 3 done on the american forum, in case you were wondering






Tier 8


We bickered about this for days. as the TOG3 isn't an logical solution, we found it difficult to agree on the best candidate. 


Legasiini and I had two different ideas - i wanted to use the most basic stock model of the tog2 Action X and nerf the crap out of it. After that we add two over-powered models of the super-TOG. Legasiini on the other hand wanted to guess what stages of development between the tog2 and the tog2 AX happened sooner and which ones happened later. he wanted the TOG2 AX model at the stage before the armour was upgraded. We however do not know when the armour was upgraded, so this may be historical, but might also be un-historical 



after a while however, I realized that what ever order the stages of development happened in, it would have reached tier 8 standards at some point. We obviously need to do a bit more research on this before deciding what exactly to do, but we have used all the information that we think is available on the internet at the moment. 





Tiers 9 and 10



well either the same as last time or slightly different. 


now we may have lost the source of info of these tanks, but if they were fakes I think TOG-man would have mentioned it by now :D

if legasiini's idea of tier 8 works then tier 9 and tier 10 stay exactly the same ad earlier.


if however tier8 needs to be filled with a nerfed/stock action X tog2 then we would need two super-togs to fill in the last two slots, as buffing and up-gunning a vehicle in WoT doesn't make it a new tank.

sometimes however, replacing the turret does. hence, why the superTOG2 is in tiers 9 and 10 in this scenario - one normal super-tog with cheiftian turret and l7a1 gun, and in tier 10 the same thing with space armour mounted all round the tank. in garage you cant upgrade your tank hull with armour. you have to buy a bigger tank for that. and that is how my tier 9-10 proposal would work, although this is all very over-powered.  then again, so is the IS7 ;)



It is unlikely that we would have to resort to my proposal for the last leg. I'd rather research the hell out of the action X tog2 and see if legasiinies Iidea is aplicable here :) 





Extra-heavy TOG 3 mini-branch





After the development of the TOG2 and when it was clear that there would be no more trech warfare, the british were also considering brutally heavy tanks with real thick armour that could shrug off even the german 88mm anti-aircraft/anti-tank guns. 




Tier 7-8


As I mentioned on the quoted forum from Christmas, 2015, there were two variants of the tog 3. there was the up-armoured TOG 2 version (could be used for tier 7), and then there's the 219 ton monster at tier 8. it has a new turret mounting only a 17pdr gun, but the armour stats on this thing are just amazing! 140-150 mm minimum armour, up to 290mm maximum armour and all-round armour value of 240mm thick. oh, and an improved hull shape too. this would be like a tier 8 matilda, apart from the surprising penetration from the longer 2pdr matilda gun obviously. so think of it at the AT-2 and matilda's love-child on steroids. . 


I can't wait to see how it would perform with rolled-homogeneous armour :D






tier 9




We don't know just yet. we are awaiting the release of information form TOG-man :P 


if the TOG 4 is real then we could probably use that. maybe jsut for one slot or maybe even two. 

if the tog2 engine conpartment with almost twice the width isn't big enough to contain an engine big enough to get the  tog4 up to top speed of 20km/h, we can alwayes use one with larger engine compartment for tier 10 (preferably around or under the rear turret ring, and not elevated to block that rear 17prd gun). and i'm not sure if they were still using sponsons and sponson doors. this is another thing that might also be able to give us two tog4 variants in tiers 9 and 10, along with nerfed rate of fire and gun performance. 


so tier 9 might be the tier 10, but with 9km/h top speed, minimal gun characteristics for the main gun and also POSSIBLY side doors posing as weak spots. i wouldn't suggest the last bit as a good idea however



Tier 10



well we have found a supposed proposal for a TOG 4, but I showed it to a historian who I have been talking to for over a year now, and he said this


Listy himself however did say he heard lots of rumours about this thing being real



Karika, on 24 February 2016 - 10:52 AM, said:

Please tell me that you are not serious. That proposal is clearly made with a computer, in MS Paint maybe... That's not handwriting.



BUT, for all we know this could be either real or based on something real, so here is is 




"Super heavy tank, fourth TOG variant. 49 feet (~15 metres) long and heavy as 296 tons. Armament: BL 7.2 inch howitzer mk. 6. Secondary armament: 2x 17 Pounder on smaller turrets located on front of main turret and behind the main turret. Armor up to 300mm at turret front. Top speed, 9 - 20kph, depending on how powerful engine we would have mounted on it. Never built."




so it's got even better armour than the tog3, and it's a lot bigger with two tog2 turrets (hopefully with way more armour on them) and a big turret containing a BL72 howitzer! 

come to think of it, this must be fake. it totally kills the character of british heavy armour, with that big howitzer in the main turret rather than a medium tank gun. 


i'm actually starting to believe that all 3 turrrets were from tog3. i need a side view of that though if i'm to add it on the pics



but like i said, we are unqualified to call it fake just yet, so legasiini and I both worked on a scale image


first of all, legasiini did the scale of it with a tog 2 underneath 








and of course, I had nothing better to do, so i tried improving it. it's a working progress however. we need a direct side-view of the main gun and design the turret around it based on other TOG turrets. 









The first paint job, legasiini did in 3 minutes. I simply pasted TOG2 parts over it :D

As the main gun turret is not the tower of Pizza mounting a rail-gun however, the main turret would be shorter in hight which would mean the TOG2 turrets would get away if the hull section with the main turret mounted wasn't elevated. I think up to the height of where the tog 2 turret's roofs are. That seems like a perfectly reasonable idea. 

Also it doesn't say how wide the tank is, but we guess the width of tog3 


Also Tigger3 tells me about the Churchill having the BL72 gun proposed. if I find an image then maybe i could get turret inspiration from there(obviously with much more armour all round), unless its a tog3 turret modified for the bl72 gun that could be used. if the avre can mount that bl65 gun though there's no doubt in my mind that tog3 turrets can mount the bl-72




<br/><a data-cke-saved-href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/1e86mx.jpg" href="http://oi66.tinypic.com/1e86mx.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>


ok and here it is with elevated hull section. now all we need is the gun and turret. i cant find an exact side view of the main gun anywhere so i would have to work on my 3D drawing skills.

you know what, we should get experts onto this. i hope WG would use their brains if they implement this tank this time, and not go WTF-E100 style on it. base the main turret on 3 things - the gun and other TOG turrets and turret armour which it likely to be at least 240mm all round as this is an evolution heavier than tog3.


maybe we shall get back to this when we see what TOG-man publishes in case there are any for mounting howitzers. 






note how i also made engine conpartment the correct size on latest drawing. 















Soo we already know that the TOG is (very) likely capable of producing a whole branch up to tier 10 and beyond

Possibly also capable of creating multiple branches.


For now we shall see what how many of the high tier togs we have here are real and which are fakes.  we can read about all the real ones when togman publishes



I will bug List to ask TOG-man a thing or two more, but we have to be patient if we want to ever build a completed TOG  line. these historians don't let go of much info until it's published. you know that. 


as we try to get to the bottom of all this I reckon the supertogs would likely be fakes though.  



I however will not lose faith. I truly believe that our little island could challange even the biggest of german and russian anti-tank guns and derp guns. and faith in how batshit crazy our Churchill really was ;) after all, it's not called "Great Britain" for nothing! :D 

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Krasnoarmeyets #2 Posted 20 February 2016 - 11:56 PM


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+1 UP

If it means anything:(

MR_FIAT #3 Posted 21 February 2016 - 01:57 PM


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Yes! 9001 times yes!!!!!

Make it happen! I would love to have all the TOGs pls wg make it happen!

mynameispuffs #4 Posted 21 February 2016 - 02:20 PM

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My opinion still hasn't changed. 


I have so much approval it hurts ^^

HitasTitas #5 Posted 02 March 2016 - 08:00 PM


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anodjl #6 Posted 06 March 2016 - 11:07 PM


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this is very promising

glados122 #7 Posted 09 March 2016 - 05:47 PM


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the amount of collective hitpoints a three man tier 10 tog platoon....


i approve!

Monkeymaddness #8 Posted 11 March 2016 - 02:52 AM

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View Postanodjl, on 06 March 2016 - 10:07 PM, said:

this is very promising


thanks :) i sure hope it would be implimented even if it can only reach tier 8 - im not saying it will only reach tier 8. I'm just saying there's a small chance 



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lemthepimpmeard #9 Posted 12 March 2016 - 01:47 PM


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I would always vote for moar TOG

RitaGamer #10 Posted 16 March 2016 - 10:43 PM


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GrumblingGrenade #11 Posted 16 March 2016 - 11:04 PM


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A superb collection of vehicles that could be very amusing and welcomed additions to the game - this OP made me chuckle, and therefore gets my +1! 


Funnily enough, I think that this could actually work, if WG were to do another special event, (like Tank Racing or Tank Football), where a whole branch of TOGs are implemented in an event where you could compete in some random and cleverly-designed game-mode, (that I'm too unimaginative to think up right now), aptly named TOG Trouble. The event could even reward players with the TOG I, (with the 77mm, obviously), as a Tier 5 Premium tank! Seriously, I think that this could work! TOG Trouble needs to happen, as a special event or something, because the OP's tree is fantastic, and it'd be such a shame to dismiss such a glorious idea!


Oh, and if this is happening, could this please be the Tier 11 TOG? 

WARNING! This is quite a substantially large image. Open and be blown away by this mammoth TOG-sized depiction of WoT's first Tier 11 vehicle...





Monkeymaddness #12 Posted 17 March 2016 - 09:45 PM

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View PostRitaGamer, on 16 March 2016 - 09:43 PM, said:


oh good youre here! :D think you can get WG to have a look? me and chipmonk do youtube vid about tog line in april. 

oh yeah and SHOW THIS TO JINGLES! bet he would love this

IAmDracoTheDragon #13 Posted 18 March 2016 - 01:56 PM

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Monkeymaddness #14 Posted 29 May 2016 - 06:32 PM

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look what legasiini found!!!


leggasiini, on 29 May 2016 - 10:27 AM, said:



I have one Finnish friend, who is also huge fan of TOGs. He was surfing on internet about a week ago, and discovered site www.manyfacesofthetog.uk. The site had huge amount of general info about TOGs. However, the site was taken down very quickly for unknown reasons. He told me about this recently and i couldnt find it. According to my friend, fortunately there wasnt really anything that we didnt know about TOGs...Expect. About TOG IV. 


He would have saved screenshots from all stuff but there was so much of it, basically all info we knew, so he only saved the TOG IV stuff.


I got also told that the project was cancelled in 1944, in favor of Tortoise, which was much easier and cheaper to product, and had same role. It never left out of blueprint stage, just like TOG III.


So basically, good news. Branch of TOG III -> TOG IV V1 - > TOG IV V2 should be possible now. Tier 9 variant would have smaller armament but it would be slightly faster. Tier 10 would carry massive 7.2 inch howitzer (with, as it is same as FV3805's gun, huge 1750 alpha damage), and it would have definely more health. 


And then, bad news: The stuff above confirms TOG AX and Super TOG as fakes. There were already rumors that they were actually fake, and as TOG IV was last TOG project, they are confirmed as fake. So sorry, no modern TOGs. Then again i never fully trusted them because how impractical the whole idea was :P 



i never trusted supertogs anyway. he says the source looked reliable. also this goes well with what tog man and listy mentioned. things are adding up here i think. still staying skeptical though 









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Seem to be nice,+1!:justwait:

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First I demand the FCM F1 and Char 2C to be implemented! :izmena:

the latter was even in service!


Block Quote

 In 1926, the later Champagne was modified into the Char 2C bis, an experimental type with a 155 mm howitzer in a cast steel turret.



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Monkeymaddness #17 Posted 30 July 2016 - 09:41 PM

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As you may remember, I gathered a hint of info from Listy and TOGman. I also ca,e across some OP tog sketches with not many convincing sources to see if they stacked up with what Listy and TOGman said...




So anyway,  i met togman and he has reassured me that togline can reach tier 10, but not in the way you think - despite most of the high tiers above being fakes. he will double-check his sources which can take a few months hopefully but i cant comment on the publish date.. could take years. or just one. we dont know. but don't worry, there are dozens of togs out there ;)


Even though I have met TOGman I still don't have permission to tell you who he is.. but SS sucks at keeping secrets though:P


Here's what I now know about the TOGs that I posted on the TOG branch forum



super-TOG + TOG/AX - FAKE 

TOG3 - somewhat real





TOG3 is also SOMEWHAT fake. It doesn't look like this for a start - 

Posted Image





This piece here is fake too - 


Even though tog4 isn't real there's going to be similar things out there - either heavy fronted TOGs with large howitzers and/or probably 20-32pdr?? They were most likely designed to break through the Seigfried Line (as that false documented tog4 stated) and probably scrapped fro the simpler/cheaper Tortoise




TOGman reassured me that these quotes are both correct

Block Quote

The superheavy togs are all paper drawings for really really heavy frontal armour to be immune to pretty much anything the Germans had.

There's a slew of very heavy frontal armoured variants too and some much heavier fronted versions


View PostListy, on 29 December 2015 - 06:23 AM, said:


Yes, there's enough TOG stuff to get to tier 10 I'm informed.



This is what he said to me 

Block Qoute, on Jun 06 2016 - 17:09, said:

ThatBritishMonkey, on May 30 2016 - 11:41, said:

i just want to know if superTOG, action X tog or TOG4 are real

heres the POLL forum i made for the TOG line



i just want to know if superTOG, action X tog or TOG4 are real

- no version is ever called 'superTOG'

-no version ever mounted the action X turret

-TOG4 is more complex as a name becasue there are way more than 4 versions but the name isnt used - as drawn is completely ficticious though



Block Qoute, on Jul 03 2016 - 23:50, said:

ThatBritishMonkey, on Jul 03 2016 - 18:03, said:

holycrap! and thats what you paid for the missing 1% somewhere in archives? how many tanks was that?


1% of tog family doesnt sound like a whole tank to me, but what do i know




99% of the TOGs were not researched. To find them cost me several thousand $


holycrap! and thats what you paid for the missing 1% somewhere in archives? how many tanks was that?

------------ no, i mean 99% is from primary material from archives,


1% of tog family doesnt sound like a whole tank to me, but what do i know

------- there dozens of togs, dont worry





probably the most obvious FAKE TOGs are the SuperTOG and Action-X TOG. they neither have any real sources nor do they fit within any logical boundaries


Well at least that false sketch page of TOG4 design had the good sense to agree with me on the SuperTOG


Qoute of SuperTOG + AX-TOG




False TOG4 design



Also the tog1 didn't evolve from vickers heavy at all - it evolved from the mk8 international world war 1 tank. there was a longer version designed as an APC but never built.

Image result for mk.8 tank


I think that fits the character of tog line better. The mk8 international "LIBERTY" may also be needed by america.

Forgetting the MK1-4 Somme tank would just feel so wrong. 



This is of course something for when WarGaming introduce multi-turret/gun activation. But there is no hurry yet since TOGman hasn't published yet and won't for a few years I think. ;)






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 So tier 7-10 will be tog 3's with mause armor or are there still any tog 2 proposals to be discovered.

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The more free damage/kills the merrier, right?

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