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Penalty system improvement

penalty global map improvement battles influence

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Griva #1 Posted 28 February 2016 - 05:37 PM

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Wargaming introduced some time ago punishment for clans who dont appear on the battles. This is in my opinion stupid system but i understand why it was created.

WG on the old map started fighting with "empty battles" ( maybe their server had enough of this xD ) . At the beginning they added limit to battles "Minimum 12 players or battle is lost".

Of course they tell us about changes rules of the game (sarcasm)  :sceptic:

Now new map has the same principle plus penalty system, everything to avoid technical victory/defeat - they want to "set battle" = "played battle".

System give you one yellow card and 3 red with penalties type: "You lose X% influence, you can set only 2 battles, You lose X% victory points"


If you get a penalty it disappears after one week so you can:

Get penalty 10.02.16 and play a whole week and after this you can gain new penalty 17.02.16 just an hour before the expiry.


Now idea

Every clan have penalty points and begin with 0.

If your clan has not appeared you gain points accoring to this table:


VI 2
X 4


And penalties to this table:


8 Penalty I
10 Penalty II
12 Penalty III


One most important thing, your clan everyday lose 1 point.

Optionaly VI and VIII tier may give the same amout of points.

Additional option, maybe for every 4 played battles, your clan lose 1 penalty point ?

Or for every 2 battles of the province and 4 landing battles ?


What do you say, change penalties "You lose 10%" to "You gain 10% less" as long as you have more than X points or fighting with 14 vehicles.


Anyway WG should back encounter battles - this solves many problems.


And alliance system - you can create NAP with someone for example 10 days, and you cannot atack each other. It may be option of 24 hours termination.

Or creating alliance and you can move "cover" division for your ally, but "cover division" dont fight with owner - battle simply doesn't take a place.


What do you think about it ?


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