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Better training battles

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bogdanWTF #1 Posted 18 March 2016 - 11:27 PM


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I'm playing WoWS for a while now, and I noticed how training battles are designed, and I find them much better than in WoT.


In Warships, ammo resupply is free, you can enter training alone (imagine that you just want to test a new map,or physics and you can't find a proper team, and your friends are offline), you can choose bots to play against you (WoT has bots too, they just need to implement them to team training).


Why doesn't WG have done this by now? Why don't the two games have similar training battles? I know WoWS and WoT have different devs team, but can't they learn from each other?


This is just my opinion, and I wanted to see what do you guys think about this. Thanks for reading ;)

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