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Ban for nothing

ban friendly fire

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darkshine76 #1 Posted 28 March 2016 - 09:24 AM

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Hello all!


I got 1 hour ban for team damage. Reading this you say: it is ok, what is wrong....


I was following an enemy tank in sniper mode, and at the moment of firing, 1 ally appeared in my sight. It was too late to realise, i hit him in his back. Of course i set him on fire and he died. (no fire ex ofc)


The fact is that i hit him by ACCIDENT. They system ban me automatically. 


Lets see why: only 1 hit on ally tank. (death because of fire) I HAD NO previous team damage, i was not blue, i was NOT hitting any of my allies in last weeks, days. I hit someone with ONE SHOT and i get a ban???? I lose my time of playing, my chance to finish my battle, my premium time and my personal reservs - because of a system working (Sh.t) bad. 


It is absolutely unfair. The system should check the previous dmg or the circumstances of the damage done. Automated system working WRONG and they state that they wont do anything even if you dont deserve the penalty.... 

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typhaon #2 Posted 28 March 2016 - 09:52 AM

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Thats one of the few flaws of the system.

You can accidentally oneshot teammates without a ban, but apparently fire is counted as multiple hit and gets you banned rather quickly.

But it's only one hour and will most likely never happen again.

I have installed a mod, that prevents shooting when you have an ally in your sights as it sometimes happens, that an ally pushes right in front of you at the moment you pull the trigger.

My friendly fire has been literally zero after that... of course it can still happen that a teammate (most likely a light tank) runs straight into you your flying shell.

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