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IRANSHIP #1 Posted 30 March 2016 - 12:32 AM


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Hello again , please rework the game , you know your selves that almost all of players are unhappy and dissatisfied with the terrible matchmaking system , for example me who when start a battle with a tier 6 tank i find my self among tier 8 ones most of times , frankly speaking , what can i do to those tiers? Should i give them kisses on the [edited]? No tell me honestly its true i can do  nothing and this has got no advantages expect anger and dissatisfiaction with game finaly , at least  its better thst you could aligen tier 6 with tier 7 tanks than tier 8 ones  to be a fair match and stop it with defeats vs tier 8 tanks all the time . Thank you for hearing me. GUYS VOTE THANKS .!

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NKH_Destroyer #2 Posted 30 March 2016 - 08:58 AM


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that's true,really this must be fix :/
IDK why,but WG staff are busy Always :D
they can just create fiction tanks then sell them to us for some little f**ing golds :D

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Salentine #3 Posted 30 March 2016 - 09:40 AM


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there's nothing wrong with MM, if you only faced the same tier tanks you would have to wait ages to get in a game, of course you can do damage to higher tier vehicles, shoot the sides and rears, jou can have some of your best games when bottom tier, because you get a lot more experience when shooting higher tier targets.

then what about those times when you are top tier and have the lower tier tanks to shoot, do you complain about that being too easy? no...

FreddBoy #4 Posted 01 April 2016 - 01:55 AM

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MM is random. Sometimes its a harsh mistress, sometimes it gifts you a win from nothing.

Embrace it, as over thinking it can give you many headaches... or another way of thinking about it, is that the MM is working:



MR_FIAT #5 Posted 01 April 2016 - 11:58 AM


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My only issue with being bottom tier is more often then not i am the only bottom tier in the game, which is especialy annoying when i am more frequently bottom tier them mid or top. 

SirRobz #6 Posted 02 April 2016 - 09:53 AM


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I have heard all the positives and negatives about MM system. But in sum it is a good system for WG and a bad one for players.

Well not all players. Those players that are mostly playing tier 8-10 benefit from it. Cause they often get to be top tier as 8 (statistically) and when 9 or 10 it doesnt matter. This is why so many veteran players dont want to hear a bad Word about Matchmaking system. 


The argument that it is to reduce wait time is pure bollocks. Yes of course it makes wait time very little. But honetly, would you mind waiting 30 sec - 1 min, if you then can have a fair and fun fight for Next 10-15 minutes?  Of course you would not. I Would gladly wait 5 minutes if it made matches fair. The gametime i have wasted on unfair matches must be months in total now.


This could be solved very easy by making all matches +1 tier max. That would take away most problems we have With tanks that simply cant compete vs +2 tier tanks.  But that will never happen, cause WG WANT you to spend gold rounds. Its the simple truth. Cause fact is if you are going to have an overall chance of penning a +2 tier tank you very often must spend gold rounds - or just die.   


Those that argument that it even out cause you sometimes get a hard match and sometimes get an easy win, they forgett or ignore why most ppl play. We play for "fun" and/or to improve as a player. In both those cases is an unfair match just Waste of time. I think matches where my team just steamroll the other team are boring. I like Challenges, I like long standoffs where the winner is the team who play smarter. And it is only then you actually improve as a player.  


In any case the Matchmaking system should be reworked both to have tanks on each side balanced (like avoid 4 top tiers 1 side and 1 the other side...) and max +1 tier.  It would improve the game so incredibly much. But seeing how WG engineer the game to max prem rounds sales and other micromanagements, it will not change. But for the sake of the players it should.  

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