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[LOOT] Recruiting for upcoming season

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Psychomantis198 #1 Posted 10 April 2016 - 10:39 AM


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Legion of Our Trust!

[LOOT]is currently rebuilding lineup for upcoming season we are going to play every day at 21:00 (gmt+1).



[LOOT] is a new international clan from [NPC] community that has been created to participate on the global map and fight side bye side with [NPC]

 Ideal player profile:

  •  Active team player
  • Eng speaker
  • Quick battle reader
  • First line heroes, basecamper killers.
  • Reward tank collectionist


Recruitment conditions:
          1) ENG is a must
          2) 1300+ WN8 (1600 Recent)
          3) For rerolls: we have to talk about it
          4) Believe in our project
          5) Don't blame rng and MM
          6) Teamspeak3
          7) Good level of teamplay

          8) Map knowledge

          9) Have a brain and fingers




Any player willing to apply must have some of  following tanks in his garage the tier VI and tier VIII are a must since we need to use them in the upcoming season

Our aim is to do well in competitive play and we ar looking forward to make the clan as efficient as possible

2xTier 6: Cromwell, T-150, T37, FV304 & O-I,

2xTier 8 T32, Amx 50 100, Amx 13 90, IS3, T54LWT, Amx CDC

2xTier 10Obj 140/907/62A, BCHAT, Leo 1, 50B, E5, 215b, WTE100, O268, 261 & CCGC

If you want be a LOOTER, please apply or contact Me directly via forum or if i'm not available feel free to bother  any of the following members of our staff.

you can also reach us on our ts3 server for any question, info or just for a chat

[TS address:]

. We are waiting for you, comrade :)

Wish you guys the best.

so i'll se you around

Jingle Shells




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Psychomantis198 #2 Posted 11 April 2016 - 08:48 AM


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bumpy bump

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