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Heart-Breaking trolling from WG's side.

guest273 Premium Time Gold Website error

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guest273 #1 Posted 19 April 2016 - 10:08 PM


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So, since I was forced to miss the 1st day of the new CW event due to an amazing theater show that I had scheduled 2 months ago, I came back home quite exhausted, and here in Latvia we have 3 free months in the summer - yes 3, wow that's so cool, awesome, but, but, but - that means April is like HELL in school (+ It's my last year), so just came online to check how my clan is doing in the CW...


I go online in the website, 1st thing I notice is - Premium time??? Did they give me 1 free day for something? Then what see is:



46 days premium????? OMG I had 10k gold on my account!!! Aaaaa!!!!


So 1st idea - OMG OMG My account is hacked!!! My life is over!!! :(:(:( Q_Q :facepalm: :ohmy: T_T :amazed: :angry: :arta:


So I went online in game and I see that I still have my 10k gold in the bank and 0 days premium time.


1st cauculation idea in my head was - wait, so 8600 gold = 46 days premium (bought in a time when I have the 1-2 next weeks - school slavery end of April event, basically 11,5 days unusable.)


Waw, WG you almost made me rekt my room ... how could you WG? How could you troll me so hard? My heart almost broke.




I hope this was at least enjoying to read. I almost got a heart attack, it's so sad that WG is owned by a billionaire and their web page is still able to give people cancer and heart failures...



SuedKAT #2 Posted 20 April 2016 - 01:01 AM

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It's a forum bug, I made a similar thread about it a while back:



Even the forum itself is trolling these days :(

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