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"Returnee" looking for a clan - tactic, fun and success!

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JaKu #1 Posted 25 April 2016 - 10:54 AM


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Hello :-)


just a short explanation of the title:

I started playing WOT with the BETA in 2011, after this I played three years, most of the time in one clan (which was re-named and divided itself at some point) with good scottish mates.

After the members of the clan left the game one after another, I, too, took a little break... until now. ;-)

I returned because I somehow missed it - now I am looking for a new clan and new mates. And, since there is a lot of new stuff for me, someone to give me a little help once in a while.


Some short facts about me:
I am 25 years old and from germany, but fluent in english and able to understand quite a lot of accents, since I am playing more games with people from abroad than I do with german people.

My stats may look odd or even bad, but I think that with my experience in clan wars (or teamplay in general) and a bit of help / advice, I can be a reinforcement for your clan.


I would love to join a clan where not only success is the main thing, but also "friendship" and a little fun between the lines. 
Since I do not have a Tier X tank right now, I would love to join CWs in Tier VI or Tier VIII, aiming to have success and willing to do what it takes to achieve it:
Listening to orders, play with a specific tactic and listenting to advice from fellow brothers in arms ;-) Of course I also have teamspeak.


If now anybody is interested to have me in their rows, then I would be glad if you would contact me - here or ingame. 
Same goes for questions: if you have them, let me know. 

Thank you & roll on!

Ghost__001 #2 Posted 25 April 2016 - 03:56 PM


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PM sent

Our recruitment page: http://forum.worldof...-is-recruiting/



Ghost B2C recruitment officer

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lotusblossom #3 Posted 25 April 2016 - 05:02 PM


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Hi Jaku

 brt_6 is recruiting. We are an active English speaking clan which takes part in skirmish and clan wars most days. We share our teamspeak channel with our sister clans meaning lots of opportunity to play platoon games or just chat. We have a couple of Germans already in our clan, also we have some scots and seeing you have had some experience of them maybe you could join us and help us English understand what it is they are talking about :P


Check out our website



or recruitment page


for details  

JDF_EU #4 Posted 25 April 2016 - 08:21 PM


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Hey JaKu,


Welcome back to the game. There are 6 clans in the Havoc-community, so I'm pretty sure you will fit in one of those very well. You can check our enjin website (click: Havoc Community) to get an impression or, even better, hop on to our TS (address to have a chat with one of the officers to find out which clan would be the best fit for you.




jricketts1 #5 Posted 26 April 2016 - 09:10 AM

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top_rat #6 Posted 26 April 2016 - 11:28 AM


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try bulls mate, uk based with euro player too.

Come on to Teamspeak for a chat our address is password is bull. Just wait in the guest room until someone spots you 


Alternatively contact our current recruiters _GRUNT_ ,tcfreer ,and top_rat  fubar850jd



Four and a half years and still going stronk!

nutters123 #7 Posted 26 April 2016 - 12:44 PM

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Desert Rats 

The Desert Rats are one of WOT longest running clans. 

Our primary focus is having fun and working as a team.

we have a active and good mix with our players base.

we CW most nights.

we use team speak when on tanks.

JaKu #8 Posted 26 April 2016 - 12:57 PM


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Thanks for all interest in me, I feel really honoured.

I found a bunch where I seem to fit in. So I am not longer looking for a clan.

Thanks & see you on the battlefield!

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