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T30 Game's Rant

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Jason_W #1 Posted 28 April 2016 - 07:07 PM


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is it me or is it that every dumba$$ wants to ruin my games with the T30  i have try all thing's to do and not do try stay hulldown, try stay arty safe but no matter what i try the T30 just get's retard's for team's that dying so quickly from enemy tanks, friendly players on the same team/side, stop in open spaces to get tracked and nuked and just left to face whatever just kill them off enther be it meds, heavys, TD's for me to fight with my slow reload which i have no problems with except for mediums.....



so the point of this rant is should i bother continue with the t30 and just unlock the E4 or sell it and pay a medium?


because thats the only thing at tier X game's

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