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kalapihv is looking for clan for funzies and stuff

kalapihv tomatos fun stuff more fun stuff

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kalapihv #1 Posted 01 May 2016 - 03:29 PM


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Hello follow tankers :)


I am looking for clan which dont need serious players, dont do CW-s or SH-s. Mainly need someone to platoon and do missions together. If you have older people (30+), it is bonus for me.

What i can promise for you:

1) Killstealing

2)Pushing teammates off from cliffs and other high places

3)Dirty jokes

4)Swearing...lots of swearing

5)Random online times

6)Using you for my personal gain and fun making

What i cant promise:

1)Being nice

2)Not being tomato

3)Not doing teamdamage

4)Accepting you clan invite

5)Playing tanks over tier 8


I think that covered most important stuff, now you can send me these invites. P.S. english is not my native language, sorry.

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ScoBilly #2 Posted 01 May 2016 - 03:40 PM


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People to play with on here, good fun..

We have a clan called TRU - Tanks R Us


I thnk it talks for it's self! :)

Joggaman #3 Posted 01 May 2016 - 05:49 PM

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Hello, tanker!

You should definitely check us out. See link in my signature. 

Have fun!

Taffman50 #4 Posted 01 May 2016 - 05:52 PM

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BRIT6 are an active clan looking to replace inactive players


We are UK based but have many Irish, EU and Scandinavian players, with both male and female members


  • What we Require:

Active, mature minded, players who can speak and understand English.

Played 1000+ games

Have a tier VI tanks (and working on more)

MUST be over 18years old

MUST register and use the clan forum to maintain membership, also notify officers via forum of any planned inactivity.

MUST regularly use Team Speak to maintain membership

We need members to Train with, Participate in Platooning and Company Battles/Strongholds.


Real life ALWAYS comes first in this clan, so let us know of any inactivity/time away and we will keep your place open.

Solo players are NOT welcome, we are a TEAM.

  • What we provide:-

Training and development leading to significant improvement in stats, and playability

Our players to platoon with members of all clans

Dedicated, Paid for TS3 server, Clan Website, Facebook page, Steam page and Clan Forum  

Individual and team-play coaching.

Special fun games (explained later, so others don’t steal our ideas 


we also have regular platooning in world of warships, Armoured warfare, Ark, DayZ, Elite and other games. 

Brit6 forum:


World of tanks pages:



Application page:



We also have live streams via twitch from our clan members, as well as YouTube videos, so keep a look out.


A recent write up about our clan from WG is shown Here: 



I think you’ll find it difficult to find a better/friendlier clan than Brit6, Brt_6, Br1t6 or Hobarts Funnies about (Each clan has their own entry requirements, but we're one big family) 

New members are on a trial period to make sure they fit within the clan, and easy going matches with officers are included to assess them.

If you think this is the clan you’re looking for, contact any clan officer. Or myself Taffman50 Recruiting Officer. 


T S address  

You are most welcome to join us on T S ( address :-  The pass word is brit6.Please type the address in as cut and past does not work it misses out one of the last four ones. A good way to get a feel for the Clan and your fit within it.


kalapihv #5 Posted 04 May 2016 - 09:49 AM


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we can close this now, i did find new clan, thank you all who did write and send invites, also id like thank someone for sending me picture of goat  :D...to be continued...:D

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