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[1389] Looking for new tankers!

clan 1389 recruitment

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111BeoWolf111 #1 Posted 03 May 2016 - 03:18 PM


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We, here from 1389, are seeking for new and experienced players that are interested in a good time, fun, and all-in-all a relaxed play with other clan members, be it in platoons, strongholds, team battles or whatnot. We want to bring fun back into the world of tanks community, and we would also like to recruit players new to the game, to let them - if nothing else - experience what it's like to be apart of clan battles and mingling with folks inside of one. We have three guidelines, and those are 'socializing, tolerance and fun'. We have a few rules however:

~Teamspeak 3 is not strictly mandatory, we don't want to for example force a player to be on the TS3 server all the time he's in game, due to obvious reasons like ping problems, but when we are playing stronghold or clan war battles, we would like for each participating player to be on teamspeak for ease of communication. 

~16+ years of age. This is something optimal, and far from strict. We seek maturity, as well as fun. We've seen thirty year olds behaving less mature than twelve year olds, and vice-versa, twelve year olds being more mature than thirty year olds. So the age restriction is completely debatable, since all we seek is maturity and tolerance. If you have that, we don't mind your age, whatever it may be.

~A tier VI or VII vehicle in the garage. Even though we love for our clan members to have one, two, or a dozen tier X machines, we find that the tier 6 and 7 are the optimal tiers for starting players, as well as experienced. And on top of that, tier VI is desirable so you can start playing stronghold battles with us as soon as you enter!

One last note, the clan is mainly populated with people from the Balkan region of Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia), and even though we fully demand atleast basic knowledge of English to join our clan, there still might be some Serbian in the chat. Hopefully if you plan on applying for joining - you won't mind that (..to much). 

To apply either go onto this website - http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500044906/; or message one of the recruiting officers like Shark120 or me - Beo. 
Best of luck on the battlefield!


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