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Problems with Object 140

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cRuZ0r #1 Posted 26 May 2016 - 10:26 PM


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Hello fellow tankers! :)


Im looking for some help from players with minimum 3000 average dpg in the Object 104.

Im really struggeling with this tank. When i got this tank, i expected to do quite well in it due to my performance with the T-54 even though

im completely aware that there are som very significant differences between these two tanks.

After my 299 games in the T-54, i managed to get 3 marks of excellences, 2376 average damage, a WR of 59.7ish playing only solo and a WN8 of 3155. However in my Object 140 im now, after 79 battles at a WR of 51.9, 2443 dpg and a wn8 of just 2140. 

I therefore request advice from some object 140 playing mastermind with at least 3000 average dpg. 

But lol if you have 3 marks but lower than 3k avg please enlighten me.



Gvozdika #2 Posted 27 May 2016 - 04:32 PM

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I've only just got the Obj and not gone in it that much - but I do have a good track record in the T-62A (3482 WN8 over 176 battles) which is very similar to the 140 aside from a few features. The 140 is faster in terms of speed but less agile in terms of terrain resistance. The turret is weaker on the 140 and has cupolas which are easier to hit. The 140 and 62 have virtually similar guns with a few minor differences to soft stats such as dispersion on the move, etc. The 140 doesn't seem to catch fire as easily as the 62 - but both can suffer ammo rack damage from shots to the front hull.


Just be aware that the T-54 - pound for pound - is one of the best tanks relative to it's tier in terms of speed, armour, firepower, etc. You also get the chance to utterly terrorise T7s and will not be meeting T10s every battle. The Obj 140/T-62A is pretty much always against strong opposition in the form of T10 mediums, heavies and TDs. Your mobility and fire-power (relative to tier) is broadly average and nothing special when stacked up against auto-loaders for example. Even some T8s will give you a hard time if you give them a chance.


Key to getting good results in any T10 medium is to be dishing out damage - from the sounds of it you do better in it than most players or you wouldn't be getting 2K + WN8 and dmg. With the T-62A I try to get damage in early in the game - either by intercepting enemy scouts or just trying to get a few early shots into the enemy team before they get into their camping positions. This disrupts the enemy team before they get settled into their chosen hiding/camping spots (let's face it - most heavy drivers seem to go for the same place each and every time they get the same map). Try to get to positions where you can fire from cover or concealment - where you can use your ROF to consistently hit the enemy sides or flanks with limited chance of them hurting you in return. 


Be opportunistic - pick on targets which are isolated or otherwise engaged. Go for the softer targets first, light tanks, the lower tiers, the mediums, etc. - picking on the soft targets helps you and your team by chipping away at the number of guns the enemy team has overall. Sounds cowardly - but that is what wins games. Firing a couple of long-range shots at an E-100 and bouncing most of them is less efficient than duffing up a Rhm Borsig and taking him clean out of the game for example.


If you fight enemy T10 mediums - fight them on your terms. The Obj 140 has a good turret (not as good as the T-62 - but good nonetheless) and decent gun depression. Fight from hull-down or pop up from behind terrain elevations to inflict damage and limit any incoming fire's effect on you. This varies depending on the opposition. Don't try to get into a straight open shoot-out with a Bat Chat or TVP - fight hull-down and at a distance until they expend their shots and then hit them in return. Don't get into a position where you allow Action X or M48 drivers to pop up at you from hull-down cover - force them to show their hulls and get some shots in. Get in close and personal with Leopards and AMX 30s - don't try to out-snipe them in a long-range contest. It's all about fighting to the strengths of your tank and exploiting the weaknesses of your opponent's.


If against T10 heavies - don't trade HP unless you have to. If they shoot and bounce or miss - punish their mistakes by putting in 2-3 shots into them. Suffice to say, avoid the areas or corridors where the heavies tend to go - try to get them from behind or on their flanks. 


If you are out-gunned, out-numbered or are just plainly not going to win a particular fight - relocate! Use your speed (Obj 140 is just as quick as T-54 - faster than T-62 anyway) to escape fights you can't win. Relocate to better cover, better terrain, to the cover of friendlies or just get to a part of the battle where you can win. Too many medium drivers seem to fall into the trap of getting into a toe-to-toe shoot-out with TDs or Heavies - don't get into a head-to-head fight if you can help it (unless they are obviously weaker or lower-tier). 


Don't forget that all Russian mediums can scout to a certain degree - you have good camouflage and decent view range - so can spot targets that you would otherwise not be able to hurt. If against T10 TDs - obviously try to flank if possible - but if that isn't an option - you can spot them for arty or other TDs to hit them.


Finally, just practice. Get to learn what maps have the choicest spots for early damage, for spotting and for generally making yourself a pain to the enemy team. There are a couple of threads on this forum and the Wotlabs forum if you want some ideas regarding positioning. That works for any T10 medium by the way - not just the Obj 140.


Probably stating things you already know here - but hope this helps. 




cRuZ0r #3 Posted 01 June 2016 - 02:18 PM


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Thanks man! Im sure it will help :) I decided to keep my reasonably beastly crew in my T-54 (no explanation needed) and probably get the T-54 first prototype to train a new crew to the object 140. I think the T-54 first prototype will be worth the money simply because im eventually going to get all the soviet tier Ten meds

Tejju #4 Posted 08 June 2016 - 11:14 PM


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PN me ingame if you want :)


My signature should prove that i can play russian meds at least a bit :hiding::P

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