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Looking For Bob-Clan! :3

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Lucifer_DaBEAST #1 Posted 11 June 2016 - 10:27 PM


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I iz Bob! :3 ESL Bob and semi-competitive person! I iz looking for a great,mature and active clan that does SH regulary and soemtimes CW (depends ,if i got tournament sornot on my attendance).


Wat else can i say? I got a very,very stronk russian sense of humour, love meds/lights... andddd iz 21 y.o baboon! :D


For more info just write to me!


T10 Tanks - B.C25t, 50B, IS-7,Obj.140, T-62A , AMX 30 B

T8 Tanks - IS-3, T-32, T-54ltw, Ru-251,  AMX 13 90 

T6 - T-37


PS:  Also Green coloured and bellow clans and recruiters,please refrain from commenting :3


Almost forgot here iz a link to my STAT-SU! FOR US PADDERS! (might be a lil shitty last days since been playing stock KV-4) https://wot-life.com...er/UNDER_OATHS/

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