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[RDDT7] Looking for new members

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Vestux_NL #1 Posted 28 June 2016 - 12:04 PM


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RDDT7 has been undeleted, and is looking for new members! #MakeRDDT7GreatAgain

What can you expect from us as a clan?

  • Active and experienced players
  • A community too dank for this world
  • Lots of opportunities for strongholds and platoons
  • Integration with the other RDDT clans, we share the same slack and same teamspeak server
  • A laid back environment
  • Extended Clan Wars are not on our schedule, but we do assist allies

In order to become part of the most awesome RDDT clan of them all, you must fulfill several requirements.

  • Have the responsibilities and the age of at least an 18 year old
  • Have a recent WN8 of minimal 1700 at wotlabs.
  • Have experience in strongholds and clan wars
  • Be dank
  • Have interest in meeting new members and joining the community
  • Able to babble at least a few words in English
  • Have teamspeak 3 installed and be online if you are playing World of Tanks. (rddt-eu.com:11417)

Next to World of Tanks, RDDT7 and the rest of the RDDT community also plays other games together. This is not including the regular old ladies chit chats when not playing anything. If you are interested please visit our RDDT7 recruitment subreddit, or simply join our TS3 server so we can have a chat. Also if you miss one of these requirements we can make exceptions.

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