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Which Tier 8 Tank is very fun and totally worth having in your Garage?!

Worth it Tier8 Tier9 Medium Heavy Tankdestroyer Garage fun

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View PostTerblanche77, on 13 July 2016 - 12:03 PM, said:


So the basic summary of my questions: 

-Heavy Tanks- with IS6 in garage, anything else at T8 worth it?    The IS-3 is good if you can play with bad gun depression. The AMX 50 100 is the best "heavy" on tier, but it takes a lot of skill to play and is not a "real" heavy in play style.
-Mediums-T-54 mod1 is worth getting? (or what other T8 mediums?)  The STA-1, STA-2 and Pershing are the best mediums on tier 8. None of them are especially easy to play though.
-TD- Ferdinand or ISU-152, are any of them worth getting? Honestly you don't want to spend time on turretless TDs. The flexibility is just not there. Get a Rhm.Borsig or a Charioteer instead.



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