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NA reroll looking for a clan

Tier 6 CW Tier 6 SH/TB Grinding XP Credit Grinding Reroll with 2900WN8 2 Tier 6s

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_Vornado_ #1 Posted 14 July 2016 - 10:56 PM


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Hello EU players!

     My name is _Vornado_ and my IGN on the NA server is _BothanSpy_. I'm now currently playing mostly on the EU server now because NA got boring real fast since this past year. I'm a great player with a lot of experience and availability. I'm currently on EST US which is 4 hours behind GMT (England). Right now I have 2 tier 6's (Type 64) and (going to buy it Skoda T40) both 1 crew skills and equipment. I'm close to the M4A3E2 and soon its upgrades. I'm also looking into CW/SH clan that's in Tier 6 because so far this is my highest tier. Soon like maybe 1-1/2 months i should have a tier 8 and about 3 months or less a tier 10. If your clan's requirements are expecting higher tier tanks I wont be able to play but if people get me into SH games like tier 6 i should be able to play and get higher tiers from there on. 


My NA account: http://wotlabs.net/n...yer/_BothanSpy_


My EU account: http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/_Vornado_

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jricketts1 #2 Posted 14 July 2016 - 11:59 PM

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