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Swedish tanks!


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Gustav83 #1 Posted 15 July 2016 - 02:40 PM


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14/12 2016

[UPDATE 11]:


It's been almost an entire month since I wrote the last update, but I am still writing this a lot earlier than I think I would be. As you can read down below, I was rather pessimistic about the release date based on the previous experiences with release dates regarding the Swedish tech tree (and other things as well, but I digress), but it seems WG has surprised us with an early Christmas gift. Because today patch 9.17 was released. And I am incredibly happy to be writing this, and to finally be able to close this thread knowing that the Swedish tech tree is actually out right now as I speak. So with that, there isn't really much more I'd like to say except that I sincerely hope WG will find a way to implement the new Overmatch mechanics into the game, since that feature has been put on hold. Due to a translation error at the WG EU office, it was rumoured that the new mechanics would be completely cancelled, but this is not true - it has been postponed and will probably be implemented in some way in the future. Source on this is the same link as the link in the last sentence, but here it is again.


With that, I wish you all a merry Christmas, and that those of you who decide to try out the Swedish tanks enjoy them on the battlefield :)

That's all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!



You can still comment on this thread if you want, but I am not planning on posting any more updates as it looks right now.


18/11 2016

[UPDATE 10]:


Alright guys, I can't believe I'm writing this but the Swedish tech tree is actually out on the 9.17 test server right now. That was all, you won't be seeing from me in some time now, you can have a guess as to where I will be spending the rest of my spare time ;)


9/11 2016



So, WG just released news that the Swedish tech tree will be coming in patch 9.17. We still don't have a set date for this patch release, although they say on their website that supertests happen "typically a month and a half before final release", meaning that once the 9.17 supertest is out, it should be a 1,5 month wait until it hits the live server. As of now, WG are preparing the patch for supertesters, and therefore we cannot start counting down the 1,5 months yet.

If you still want to know a date; and you probably do (atleast personally I always want a date with these sort of things), I will for this one have a go myself. Seeing as I cannot find any trustworthy and reliable guess, I would personally say that it will be coming somewhere December-February. If I had to be even more precise than that, I would say mid-January to early February. But - this is only my own guess and I would be very happy to be proven wrong (atleast in regards to it being released earlier than I predict).


Source: Official WG EU page, and also the US website.


On a positive sidenote, according to this post on Rita Status Report, the Strv 103-0 (note, this is not the S-Tank - also known as the Strv 103B - this is the Strv 103-0, the tier 9 Swedish TD) is getting some buffs.

Apparently the

>Gun Traverse was increased by 2 degrees,

>The Gun Elevation and Depression respectivly was increased by 1 degree,

>The Accuracy was reduced (made worse) to 0.4,

>And finally there were some unspecified gun handling buffs.


On another also very positive sidenote (atleast if you like the Swedish TD's), WG are implementing a new overmatch mechanic in 9.17 which will benefit tanks with highly sloped armour - for example the Swedish TD's.

If you want to read more about it I suggest reading through the official WOT page I linked earlier, where they describe the new overmatch mechanics.


If you are interested in these types of things, or just want to learn more; there is a post on RSR explaining where and where not to shoot the Strv 103B (S-tank), because even if it might look like it has no armour

(supertest stats say 40/30/30 mm) the angling makes those few millimeters really effective, which was important for the Swedish military as they didn't have great amounts of resources to spend on making armour thick - rather they'd make it useful.


6/10 2016




Finally, after all this waiting, the tank is here. The Stridsvagn m/42-57 Alt A.2 is now for sale.

If you want to buy only the tank and nothing else, click this link.

Otherwise, here's the Ultimate package including 3 750 gold, 30 Personal Reserves for 100% more Crew Experience, and 15 special missions.

And finally, here's the Supreme package including 11 500 gold, a 100% trained crew with the Brothers in Arms perk on all crew members, Swedish Militia and Swedish army emblems, 30 special missions, 1 Coated Optics, 1 Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, 1 Improved Ventilation Class 2, and finally 25 of each: Large Repair Kits, First Aid Kits and Automatic Fire Extinguishers.


As a funny thing to add at the end, Wargaming NA is actually selling the Strv m/42 with a Gun rammer, even though it cannot mount one since it is an autoloader... Fail :P

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/nCkgm



5/10 2016


New date, as usual. New date is tomorrow, 6th of October, time of day unknown.


The first Swedish tank the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 IS NOT available today, October 5th, as promised by WG here, here, here, and here for example. I've tried my best but everyone has limits, and this has crossed mine.

I mean how hard can it be to just release the tank on the date you yourself promised, since you obviously have had it fully ready for days if not weeks?

To me, there is only 2 ways of releasing things like this to a game. You either

A) Set a date, write which features will come that date, and when the date comes, you simply deliver what you promised. Or if you have troubles keeping within the deadline, then please for gods sake just

B) Be honest and tell us that "We apologize, but the tank isn't ready for release. We will be back as soon as we have a new release date".

Cause what is the point of literally putting "NEW SWEDISH TANK ADDED" on every single news update the latest period, when clearly, not a single one of them has been correct?


The core problem isn't that this has taken an unrealistically long time going from announcement to release date, and not even that you are missing deadline after deadline and completely removed our promised test server with the tank in it. It isn't even the fact that the statistics have been configured in a terrible way. We can wait. But if we have to wait, it is your job to tell the community that.

Don't pretend like it's not delayed. Don't go around saying it's coming here and there and that there will be a test server and all that other nonsense. Just act in a logical and mature way, and tell us that you cannot deliver what you promised. Otherwise things will just end up like this, with people getting more and more sceptical about if we are even going to get any tanks at all, or a 3 page thread with complaints and upset customers.


That was all I had to write for this time, and I do apologize if I upset anyone, but since WG has upset so many of us I think we have a legitimate reason to be irritated.

I just think that this entire release has been handled badly, pretty much from start to finish (speaking of which, we haven't even reached the finish line yet...) and the fact that I have now written 6 updates, just regarding the release date of a single tank, with new information coming out everytime is pretty sad. I do not wish to have to come back here so many times in a row and feel that I personally have let down everyone that has read my post when what I promised doesn't come true.

So please, please, please Wargaming, make sure you actually add the tank tomorrow so I can come back here one last time and write the words I have been longing for for 6 updates now, and please,

after you've seen how this has worked out, do not repeat your mistake the next time. Just give us deadlines you know you can manage, and information that is clear, unambiguous and true.


Ps. I'll just leave this here: http://imgur.com/a/Qc4gz


4/10 2016


FINALLY! The release date of patch 9.16, and therefore the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2, is tomorrow, October 5th! The downtimes are as follows:


EU: Approximately 03:00 to 08:00 CEST, 5/10 2016. Here's a page with the set time in CEST.

NA: Approximately 08:00 to 13:00 UTC, 5/10 2016.

SEA: Unknown.


There isn't really more than this that I want to say, so good luck and have fun on the battlefield - starting tomorrow ;)




World of Tanks official news page

World of Tanks official Youtube video


1/10 2016


Just a heads up on the stats of the UDES 03 which was released for Supertest today. You can see them all here. But I just wanted to tell you that (atleast for now) it has a power to weight ratio of 35,5 HP/ton, and a top speed of, and hold your hats now ladies and gents, 75 km/h. Oh, and did I mention that it goes at 75 km/h BACKWARDS as well? One of the crewmen is actually a reverse driver, something that we will pretty much 100% see with the Strv 103b as well since it shares that aspect with the UDES 03, if WG do not for some reason decide to implement it in a historically disgusting way.

Just to top things off, it has a 2507,7 DPM gun with 390 alpha damage and 288mm, yes I mean 288mm, penetration. Atleast the aim time of 3 seconds is bad, but as it is now, this will definately be my favourite tank destroyer in the game by far, since I really like mobility and not just sitting in a bush camping.


That will round up this update, just wanted to share this with you since it was something I found extremely unusual, as I am not aware of any tank that can go even close to that speed backwards and has the power to weight ratio of my ELC roughly. Finally I just want to point out that these are not the first stats of Swedish tanks going into Supertest that has been released, so if you are interested I highly recommend going to ritastatusreport and checking out the others.




28/9 2016


Release date of patch 9.16 has been released. October 4th, according to Rita. But, in the patch notes of the 9.16 update, the Strv m/42-57 isn't present. So, we have no real news on when the Swedish tanks are coming. However, the WoT official

website still says that the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 has been added in the 9.16 Test server, even though we can clearly read further down the page in the patch notes that it hasn't even been added.

This will round up this update, and now - like every update before - we continue the waiting game.


22/9 2016


Seems like we once again have some false information. The second iteration of the 9.16 test server just got released today, and so I was looking forward to finally playing the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2, but no.

Once again, the tank is not there. To be fair, MrConway did actually say "in a later iteration" and not "in the second iteration" in this thread, but still. I would have hoped that they had finally gotten the tank into the game

as it is still present in the 9.16 test server patch notes. And there it actually says "Main Features of the current Common Test of Version 9.16". Personally I think we have now gone through 2 versions of the "current"

version and therefore we kinda deserve to get it. But anyway, according to RitaGamer, the tank will not be coming in this patch, source. In that same post she also says that a changelog "will be". So I guess all we have to do - and I'm getting quite tired of saying this - is just continute to wait again for yet another patch and perhaps the next one will have the tank we've been looking forward to?



9.16 Test Server Iteration 2 released. Did not contain Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. It will come in a later iteration.


20/9 2016


So I thought I would try to gather some release dates for you guys in the same place as the other info on the Swedish tanks.

Note that these are based on the rumours I've heard and they are not to be taken for granted.


1. The Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 (First Swedish tank that will be introduced to the game, a tier 6 premium medium tank) will be coming in 9.16, but you will be able to test it out

in the 9.16 Test Server, in a later iteration. As of now (20th September) the current test server is iteration 1, which does not have the Swedish tank available (see more detailed info in the previous update below).

The 9.16 iteration 2 test server should be coming shortly, and the live server patch 9.16 should follow the test server roughly a month or so after the final 9.16 test server iteration.


2. The Swedish tech tree is rumoured to be coming toward the end of the year, some say November, some say Christmas. But until the Strv m/42-57 enters the game we cannot be too sure which is the correct

prediction. Since once the Strv m/42-57 is out, they will give us some time to train up a crew, but then they'll have to release the full tree. Personally I trust sp15 the most, which is probably the key person when it comes to the development of the Swedish tech tree (so if you are interested I would suggest searching for his work on the web), who

says "end of 2016 most likely", source. That way you won't be too upset if WG are a bit slow with the release :)




So the 9.16 test server is here, and the promised Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 isn't actually on the test server.

On the World of Tanks news website it says clearly under "Main Features of the current Test of Version 9.16" that the "First Swedish tank [has been] introduced to the game".

This is not the case, however. On the first iteration of the 9.16 test server, the tank is not there.


Azkolek, WG Staff, wrote in this thread that they have closed the thread since the first Swedish tank wasn't in the current iteration and that they will reopen it once the appropriate iteration is out. Thanks to noblechassadr who posted the heads up about that in this thread.

(Note: I do not myself speak French although I can understand a few words here and there, so for this I trust noblechassadr's translation).


So I guess all we have to do now is just wait until a later iteration if you, like me, are really hyped to try out the first tank from the Swedish tech tree :)


15/7 2016


Hey everyone,


So when I went on the test server and wanted to find the BC AP I clicked the button to sort tanks after nation. And there I could see the Swedish flag among the usual ones. So does this mean that a Swedish tech tree is on its way? I don't know, and that is why I'm posting this.


I'd like you guys to contribute with what you know, or share your thoughts about things regarding a Swedish tech tree.


Source: These are pictures taken by me straight from the test server: http://imgur.com/gallery/Oo83r


Useful other links (not made by me):


Tier 6 Premium medium tank:



(Potential) Tech tree walkthrough by sp15:



Facts and pictures of Swedish tanks by sp15:



Original post by sp15 about a Swedish tech tree:



L-60, a Swedish tank now on supertest:





Links provided by contributors:


Q&A by sp15 about the Swedish tech tree:

[Link provided by reptile90]: https://ritastatusre...h-qa-with-sp15/

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Thank you very much, I added the link :)

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