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how to get better rating?

win lose rating

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ThornFTW #1 Posted 21 July 2016 - 12:26 PM


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Hello tankers.
Im farily new player(2 months playing) but i have quite alot of battles done, mostly terrible ones.
Started playing this game because friend put me up to it, and ofc now he doesent play anymore lol, but i like the game so i decided to stuck around.

Community is  mostly friendly oriented and i was suprised how many people actually help and are polite compared to other games(forums) i have been playing.


When i started playing this i was bad as every1 else new in this game, OMG things and stunts i pulled off i rushed, didnt position well,  was shooting at everything on enemy tank, not aiming where  was needed, u know, noob stuff.... But after some time, well u learn some things,and apparently thats not enough...

My highest tank is t8 tiger 2 and i have been playing mostly german tanks, and i have every line of them raised to t6-8.

I have no clan, i rarley platoon,cuz i dont know so many people.

I drifted away from my main problem, so here it goes...

How do i get better when palying in random games i try everything to do ,,by the book,, if im heavy i try to tank the damage make chance for my meds or TDs behind to do the damage, if im a med i run around support whatever u need to support, or i glue myself to heavys and  try to deal as much damage as i can when i get the chance.

TDs arty and scouts i did only for quests( needed  more damage on arty so i got GW, low tier tanks have little to no hp, so i m raising a scout to get spotting damage for quests, same with TDs and their damage quests etc etc..)
Was i foolish to think  that after lets say t5 people would start playing , or atleast try to play properly,i mean i get to t10 matches with my tiger and even there i see tons of very, veeery bad players...

I dont mind losing, get outplayed, or anything like that, thats part of the game, its ok, but when u have a team where 4-5 people dies in the first minute with 0 damage, u really dont get any chance to do anything , u get zerged, nuked, and u die. and u lose credits, ALOT of them, so they are not only losing their tanks,and make repair bills, they lose your money, your silver, conusmables etc etc...


People call  me tomato, noob stuff like that, because i have bad stats, but thing is i lose games because people like that see the ,,scoreboard,, and decide to either jerk around, or like ive seen a few arty does, go out and suicide,so they get into another game.... how to get better stats with people like that?.Have 5 heavy camping in back of the base behind a bush(like nobody sees them lol )  TDs that wont reposition   to help out nomather what.Suicide scouts and fast meds(i get it scouting is importatn) but not at first 30 seconds before people get to their desired position,and can support you(AMX and cromwells,yeah, you)

And last but not least, people going on one side, entire team, and fails to push against 4-5  enemy tanks and then starts calling  other players names.

Its not always ,,my(green),, team to have players like that, red teams have those players too, from time to time,,,,

So guys, any advice how to  get better, beside standing behind lines,taking/doing 0 damage till the endgame?


Sorry for bad english,long post.


Ulicum #2 Posted 21 July 2016 - 12:39 PM


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You would deserve longer answer, but two things that hit my eyes:

Survival ratio of 17.45% is extremely low. Also 63.56 games per day is  extremely high. This makes me think you might be playing way too much on sort of autopilot and maybe not stopping to think how you and others are playing.


And I say this as someone who did pretty much same when I started playing. I did just play and play alot thinking "playing does make you better". And I have to admit I was wrong.


In World of Tanks you learn much more by NOT playing, but instead for example reading about basic things about the game, for example how spotting mechanism works, basics about different weak spots and penetration system. After you know the basics, and only after that, one should move to watching some youtube/twitch where someone explains how he plays and why he makes different choices whole playing, because with knowing how things work, you do not just have to mimic better players, but you start to learn reasoning behind it and you can use that knowledge and skills creatively in different situations.



EggyTheGumGumChewer #3 Posted 21 July 2016 - 09:20 PM

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True, you don't always get better by playing more. Recently I've barely played enough to get into the weekly ratings (about 1 battle per day), yet I could be concidered a pretty good player.

It's important to always anylyze what you did in the battle. When did you do a bad trade, what could you have done to avoid getting rushed for another minute, did anyone else use another position that was more effective than yours? Keep in mind that you are not playing against a computer. They are people, which means that you can know almost exactly what they are going to do. This takes a while to learn tho.

Ranger772 #4 Posted 22 July 2016 - 08:10 AM

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Your average damage per battle is 303. Your survival rate is 17%. Both are very low. You are playing too aggressively and dying too early. With only 4000 battles, you are playing above your skill level if you are playing above Tier VI (or even above Tier V). I note you have aced some of your tanks but I can't say if that is skill or luck. The other consideration you must take into account when you move up the tiers too quickly is that your crew skills are poor compared to the other players at the higher tiers. They can see further, hide better, and shoot faster than you because you haven't patiently developed your crew's skills. I have 17,000 matches on the EU server and 15,000 on the NA server. My highest tier tank on EU is a Tier VIII M41-90, which houses my VK 28.01 crew, which has nearly 3 skills. That tells you how long I think you should spend at lower tiers learning to play. Getting a monster (higher tier) tank does not make you better or improve your XP and credit income. Good play does that.


Ulicum offers great advice. Here's some more: (1) Watch the replay of your match. See what you did wrong. (2) When your tank is killed, stick around and follow the play of a good player. (Right clicking cycles you through your teammates or you can press tab and pull up the list and click on the player you will follow. Decide before the match begins who you will follow around. (3) Watch replays that are posted on line. Don't watch the replay of a player who happened to have a good game, watch the replays of green and blue players.


I agree that the quality of play is low. I began playing on the EU server in 2012 and 2013. Then went back to the USA and played on the NA server. The quality of play on EU was better in 2012 and 2013. Now I am surprised at how many players treat this as a single player shooter game, rather than a tactical team game. Not knowing the names, ages, or maturity of the players, I cannot say why this is so. All I can say is that when I returned to the EU server in 2016, the quality of play had declined significantly.


That said, winning the match is desirable but playing well is more desirable. Try to counter your teammates errors. Keep in mind that teams are random, so for every match in which you have idiot-noob-whatevers on your team, you will have a match in which they are on the opposing team. You need to learn to take advantage of their errors.

ThornFTW #5 Posted 22 July 2016 - 10:04 AM


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Hello,  thanks for replies and advices, i know i kinda rushed to higher tiers, but i just cant do//spot damage needed for quests(missions).On lower tier entire enemy team does not have  4000hp needed for scout mission.

Took tiger2 instead of panther 2 for same reason-didnt have any heavyfor missions(didnt even like them after playing DW2)....

Things i need to do are final scout and final TD mission.then i get my female crew of 5. most of them are completed with honors(all of td and mediums are honored, i even soloed platoon quests) .

Yeah i know  not much is needed for to complete them  on stug misions, but still....


Also im planing to stick with the tanks i like, stug, vk,30.01m,luchs panther,,,, maybe even try other nations. I seen higher tier games with my tiger, and honsetly,  most of the games are  top tiers stay behind and camp while lower(me,since im 8) go in front and spot/feed enemy team, also ammo and repairs are expensive, and ive spended alot of credits buying tanks i needed for missions, so yeah.....


Atm i have time to play. alot of spare time, thats why im useing most of it...  i know i have high death ratio  and low damage( it was even worse when i started i got better, trust me)

Playing on lower tiers brings that YOLO effect especialy if anybody has a OP/premium, well thats just an uphill battle then but its ok, atleast guy driveing that thing has a laugh...

Thing is im trying to say, low tier games1-4 are just funneling  1 spot by both teams, and winner is decided by RNG  and who had more TDs  and larger clip(lower cd) on his flak/autoloader...

Those games tend to end in 2-3 minutes, cant really learn from them,imo those are just for LOLs.

,,Real,, games starts after  heavys are introduced to the game,those are games u can actually learn from, positioning, weak spots,since well, no more light tanks that gets penetrated  even if u thorw a fistfull of peas at them.

Now u actually need to hit the weakspots, and angle your tank not to get hit tier 4-5 is real tutorial to this game.

 Again im  pass the main reason of this post, so here are some pictuers from past few days, ones i remembered to take.

Here u will see my problem, and thing that is kinda ,,killing,, the will to play the game...


entire team just goes one side, and we lose, terribly



I know kills arent that important on scoreboar, but damage done kinda is,,, so  my ,,average,,, day in wot





I try to ignore it, its just a game, i know, but it just gets tiring to have 80% of your games start by either people ramming, then retaliate by shooting at eachother,

or loseing 2-3 tanks in first mminute of the match...

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K_A #6 Posted 22 July 2016 - 10:53 AM


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Start a couple lines from different nations and get them to tier 5-6. Also, if (when) you die, it might be useful to see what your team looks like, and if you have a player on your team that has like 2-3 kills switch your viewing perspective to him to see what he's doing and how he is playing the tank he is playing. 


Secondly, the battles last a full 15 minutes. When you play always think about surviving. If you notice you have no friendlies around you turn around, go somewhere else. Even in a slow tank you do have the time (well maybe not in a TOG, but that's a completely different story :P). If you know there's an enemy around the corner who has a bigger gun than you, don't go around the corner to shoot at him, he will shoot you back and you will lose more HP than he does. 


Thirdly, learn the tank you're playing. The stats in the in-game garage are all nice and pretty, and you should always know for example how much penetration and damage your gun does, but they don't paint the whole picture. Go to a website called tanks.gg and look up your favourite, most played tanks. Especially for heavies look at their armour profiles, the site gives you a fully rotatable 3D model with which you can see how much penetration is needed to pen you. That way you can maybe learn to hide certain parts of your tank behind buildings or rocks. 


After that it's just learning the tanks as you meet them. Eventually, if you have the mindset and patience, you will pretty much be able to learn all the tanks in the game, how fast they are, roughly what kinds of guns they carry, how long the reload and what their armour is like. I say roughly, I have no idea about the ACTUAL armour thicknesses down to the millimeter, but I do know roughly where I need to shoot at any given tank if I want the highest chance of penetrating.This is the part that takes some people 6,000 games and some people 15,000 games and some people never learn and still play like complete idiots after 35,000 battles played. 


But all in all I think you've already taken the biggest step in becoming better which is coming to the forums and admitting you have stuff to learn, kudos for that!:great:

b0d #7 Posted 25 July 2016 - 03:43 PM


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Have you got save replay option ticked?

Best way to learn if you have half a brain is watch your own replay.  Very easy to see what you could have done differently to improve your result for next time at a pace that is comfortable to you.  Watching others videos may be a bit too advanced and contain information overload.  Plenty of tips to pick up on though.


Find the class and the tank you are most comfortable with and get yourself some nice wins with those to increase your confidence.


Its great that you've come here to ask questions - you have already distinguished yourself from 70% of the player base, give yourself credit where its due.


For me, best way to win is to enhance your team and act like emergency services where needed.


I see too many pub players instantly go to one or the other flank instead of

1) watching waiting to see what team does and deplyoing accordingly

2) deploying initially to the middle (on certain maps only) to allow easy relocation to whichever flank needs you most, or staying put in the middle.  Old school gamers know the middle is where the map is controlled (map dependant).

lungustefan #8 Posted 25 July 2016 - 03:50 PM

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Stay alive for as long as possible

Try to deal as much damage as possible.

Try to win the game ,whatever it takes.


Use your teammates as meatshields when they don't have the brains to cooperate with you.

Spot for competent teammates only.


Learn all the weakspots in the game.Really,all of them.

Shoot better.

Play with 50+ fps for better aiming.

Tonyb1968 #9 Posted 25 July 2016 - 04:49 PM

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OP, you are a tomato but you cannot get any worse than being red ;) so that means anything you can learn means you can improve on, so from tomato you become an orange then a banana then a lettuce and onwards to a blueberry and then something purple :p


What you need to do is as said above by a few people, put your replays on and watch them back to see where you have gone wrong, learn how to give your crew skills (use wot wiki to help you with crew skills and equipment), don't forget to sell off any old bits in your store that you don't need any more (you can make quite a bit of cash out of that) and find a sweet spot where you can actually play without getting murdered by other players all the time (definately not T8, try T4 or 5).


Pick a tank that is noob friendly (KV-1 or the likes, the soviet heavy line has some nice tanks in there with big boom boom guns for brawling), find out what your tank is most suited for, note if you are top tier you will have to pull your weight!! And most of all don't rush the game and swap between tanks.


I would also look at some of the you tuber's on here, you have the likes of Aging Jedi, Pointy Haired Jedi, Circonflexes, The Mighty Jingles, QuickyBaby, Anfield, Sir Foch and one to really look at is Sir Havoc who has plenty of vids on how to play and an academy for new players.


Premium tanks...


Good for credit making and training crews

Bad for new players as they are usually not as good as most of their equivelent tiered counterparts (with the odd exception).


Choosing the right tank for YOU!


Where do you feel most comfortable in world of tanks? Is it heavy tanks, TD's, mediums, lights or artillery?

Not everyone is comfortable with every type of tank, I don't exactly like playing arty or lights, im ok with mediums but its still not by best area, not bad with heavies but prefer TD's.


Use of armour and learning spotting mechanics.


Vitally important that you understand both, even if you cannot make it work that well, if you have an understanding then its a start. (Sir Havoc and a few others have vids on these).


Premium ammo.


The way I see it is that new players really abuse this, normally not the good players but the poor players who think its a win/win, and its not, if you spam this all the time then it costs you lots of real life money keeping up with adding silver and gold to your account, you dont need to, take a few and use sparingly on tanks that require premium ammo to penetrate them (there are a few) or just avoid them altogether and let things that can easily pen them kill them (and hopefully you can get some lucky side/rear shots in).


Read the forums as everybody has an opinion ;)

ThornFTW #10 Posted 26 July 2016 - 11:48 AM


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Thanks for all the replies and  advices. Well i never thought survival was so important even if u win the game.I usually either sacraficed myself going  alone or with 1-2 tanks on the flank end up dead, just so the team could (hard) push the other side.

Also reading about upcoming patch  i had presumed the missions as they are now, will be removed, so it will not be possible to get reward tanks,-more importantly the female crew.Thats why i rushed and sometimes did foolish things and also played tanks i dont really like-missions.

Have completed final light tank mission (even  got mastery on ELC that game) i think my survival rate will get a boost, since i died alot  cuz of aggressive scouting i did due to mission requirements.

I enjoy playing mediums, VK lines M and P.Rest i play just to complete  dailies, since most of the missions are done(final TD still left)



bitter_fremlin #11 Posted 27 July 2016 - 03:47 PM


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View PostThornFTW, on 26 July 2016 - 11:48 AM, said:

Thanks for all the replies and  advices. Well i never thought survival was so important even if u win the game.


Survival itself isn't important -- there's no point surviving by staying so far back that you can't shoot the enemy until it's too late to make a difference.


Low survival rates aren't themselves a problem, it's when they are coupled with low damage output that flags are raised. The best players maximise their "active involvement", dealing as much damage as they can for as long as possible, and that's what we should try and emulate.

_Crusad3r_ #12 Posted 27 July 2016 - 04:13 PM


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Only real advise for playing WoT is awareness. Keep that minimap open at all times and keep looking at it. Watch other/better players streams/yt videos etc to find out where its good to go on maps etc. With regards to your survival rate which is very low kinda tells me that you just rush straight away. It's not a bad thing but it is something you should improve. Early on in games try to wait a bit on the flank you are on and see what your team spots etc and try a see when and if it is safe to push a flank. My survival rate is pretty shite as well but thats because my first 8k games were on a craptop with  a trackpad and horrible internet which meant I had constant crashes, slow load in speed etc....but I am trying to fix those now that I have a much better PC and better internet :D

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