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offline too much server lagg

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Harry_Baird #1 Posted 03 August 2016 - 12:01 AM


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right it would be nice of world of tanks made a single player version of the game for people who either get bad internet or get no internet at all it could have a whole new launcher or be included in the same launcher. the reason i am posting this is because of where i live i have some very bad server issues and i am sure there are more people like myself out there that have the same problem so i am proposing that wot developers add a single player version of world of tanks with new maps or old and current maps re-worked for single player. and how single player would work is there would be an campaign which you have to work through with 100 levels or so where you either lead a squad of AI tanks depending on what type of tank you are in so say you are in a heavy tanks you could have 2 heavies or mediums in your squad and maybe we could even pick or if you go a light tank you should have to scout for maybe 5 SPGs and the point of the whole single player version would either be to earn ex and credits but 50% of what you could make on online world of tanks or you could receive one of the old clan war tanks or even just a tier 3 premium tank but you can only chose at the start of the 100 mission campaign.

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