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◀ [MIDAS] ▶ P R Ξ P A R Ξ F O R T H Ξ G O L D Ξ N Ξ R A ◀ [2350/2700] ▶


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_SgtBomber_ #1 Posted 04 August 2016 - 04:49 PM

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"Get ready for the golden era"


First, lets check clan requirements in colors and numbers:

WN8 = +2350 / +2700 Recents

Battles = +8000


.:: What we expect from a member ::.
▶ Be nothing else than a pure SH addict
▶ Get 4-7 times online / week
▶ When online you play with us + logged in @ our TS

▶ Your personality, communication and gaming skills 

will be evaluated by recruitment crew

.:: What you can get under the glorious tag of MIDAS ::.


▶ 3 x Credit boost and urgent order per day
▶ You can participate to clan weekly competitions for money prizes (from 20 euros to 100 euros!!)

+ the other weekly competition that prize can be everything from prem days, gold or prem tank.

(To take part in €uro competitions you need paypal and send your e-mail address to our competition holder)

Defend the honor of your clan in every occasion. Salute your brothers and punish our enemies..

-== [MIDAS] ==-


Who am I? And why I want to start a clan?


I have driven a long journey from national clans to international clans. Passed some new clans, old clans and builded up couple (ORLY, UN-T, PTS vol99, 5UPER the original 1 and FORD) plus I have seen the ups and downs of the top clans and the clans that really try to achieve the top5 ranks. It's fun to be a regular member in clans that win most of the skirmishes, but in the end it's very boring.. I like challenges, I don't enjoy 100% WR's in elite clubs filled with primadonnas and egoistic people. But, most of the people are awesome when you get to know them better.. it's just a great act on some guys around forums and randoms.


Why commander again Bombi?? After all, I am a chief of staff in my real life job for over 80 people and that's what I do best in WOT scene aswell. But, alone I am nothing, I need to have great deputies, FC's and members to help me out with this 1.


What strives me to continue to play this game? is doing that with bunch of friends that first of all, like to play together.. second, are willing to give their best for the team and third, are nice guys that I like to hang out with and spend my time with in TS and so on.


MIDAS will be built with patience and time. Not many people can even get in, we are looking quality over quantity. I have filled clans from zero to 100 in 20 days but those times are long gone.. 


What are our goals? The goals of the clan will be announced in this thread.. We shall see if we can accomplish them. Atm, the table is clean. I will completely build the clan with the members. I won't be a dictator calling the shots 100% ofc I have the final veto to some things.. you understand what I mean. If you don't, well do I even need to say? 


Are you ready for the new era? PM me in game!!


PS. Cpt_Barbarossa_ PM me ingame, I owe you 30 000 gold since I promised you that if I leave my ex-clan I will send you 30k gold. I am a man of my word so PM me and claim your gold my old friend. :)


_SgtBomber_ #2 Posted 04 August 2016 - 04:54 PM

    Second Lieutenant

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1st task of the clan: Find a TS or buy 1. 


If you got 1, PM me if you are interested in co-operation!


2nd task: find 3 FC's that can be called "good" when it comes tleading 7/10/15 people in SH skirmishes


So, if you are interested. PM me ingame and we discuss about further details.

AdriTheToxiK #3 Posted 05 August 2016 - 05:13 PM

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GL mate

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