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[Pak-H] Pak Hunter Pay Gold to every Member of Clan, Wanna Join

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BAIG #1 Posted 07 August 2016 - 02:25 PM


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[Pak-H] Pak Hunter Clan is an Pakistani clan focused on team activities and social platooning

We are looking for players to join our regular team events such as skirmishes, team battles, platoons and Clan Wars. All English Speakers are welcome.

Our requirements:

Min 18 years of age
Desire to play as part of a group
5k+ games played with a winrate of >49% (or >51% recent)
Aspired minimum ratings: PR – 4000, WN8 – 1000 (1300 recent)
2 or more of the following tanks at T8: IS-3, IS-6, IS-3/A, T32, T54 Lwt, AMX 13 90, RU251 (+ Skilled crew)
1 or more of the following tanks at T6: Cromwell/B, Skoda T-25, Type 64, T37 (+ Skilled crew)
Active participation in clan events
Ability to communicate in English
Mandatory registration and usage of clan forum and Teamspeak


Decision on invite will be based on the overall picture and the potential for team event participation not on individual numbers

We offer:

T6 and T8 Skirmish Nights (Currently Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Team Battles

Regular Gold on Strongholds
Established community with active Teamspeak server
Platoons with other capable and battle tested members
Regular stronghold reserve bonuses and missions for all players


Option 1: Message BAIG, LordofTheTigers or Any recruitment Officer in-game for more information.

Option 2: Join our forum at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WOT.PAK/

Option 3: Join our Team Speak server & Wait for Admin,


Or Send Whatsapp @ (+966507570366) after sending Joining Request.

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