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Looking for a clan to play for campaign 1900WN8 11k battles IS3/T54ltwt

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Rekerino #1 Posted 22 August 2016 - 03:31 AM


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Ok so i'm looking for a clan that is going to participate in the upcoming campaign. I am currently in a clan but because i found out about the campaign pretty late they have set up the team and i m not guaranteed a spot every day . 
I'm looking for a clan for which i can play every day so i get the reward tank .. and if we get along together i might as well stay in the clan. I have 11k battles, 1900 wn8, and i consider myself to be a strong player. I also have a second account with 3k battles and 3800wn8
As for the tanks that i have for the campaign i have only is3 with 6 crew skills  and t54ltwt with 4 crew skills  these 2 being the ones that almost every clan requires. PM or reply here if you think you have a spot for me.

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mike920 #2 Posted 22 August 2016 - 08:50 AM


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Well, if you want an established clan with a history of successful campaigns then you should look at I__G the international section of the garde community.

If you are looking for a clan wars tank, this is probably the place for you to be, and if you decide to stay on for longer you can excpect regular gold payouts that depend on your overall activity within the clan. For a majority of this CW season we held 2-4 tier X provinces, however with the upcoming campaign the focus has switched to training for tier 8 and attaining some CW camo for this season...

Come speak to one of the recruiters on Garde.teamspeak.de


QSF :trollface:

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