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I had a cigar

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Pandabird #1 Posted 23 August 2016 - 11:44 AM


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A Cohiba Siglo I



Jesus christ, i've been smoking for over a decade, chain smoking for years.

Been thinkin about ways and things to do when sitting outside for an hour without devouring half a pack at once.

A work buddy jokingly mentioned a surplus stock of these things going dirt cheap.

Yeah it was a few coins thrown at the cashier, looking back at me with a confused look.


So with this tiny questionable object in my pocket, i wentured from my workplace to the nearest café, asked for a cutter. They didn't have one, offered a pair of scissors.

I said fine, it was fine. Cut the end off, was a rather rough cut.

So i sat down at the terrace, big mug of coffee in my hand, that brown thing in the other.

Secure an ashtray.

Notice couple of non smokers next table.

Yoink! Nya ha ha.

Here we go. I flame the thingy up for quite a while, puffing as i go. MAN it feels harsh.

I cough like a total noob and take smaller puffs but the feeling remains.

I realize not to inhale the smoke but rather just taste it

A few puffs later, still harsh, but an odd sensation starts to fill my mind. 

The smoke dances around my tongue in a strange kind of way.

I have a short break, take a few sips of coffee, then try another puff.

Yeah, i can truly feel it. The smoke dances around in a graceful fashion, as if telling me the pace. I follow.

A few moments later i start feeling this mellow sensation, having a few sips and a few puffs.

This is actualy quite alright.


Before i know it, 20 minutes have passed, taste slightly changes into a creamy peppery overtone, perfect with my black coffee. Just about halfway through now.

I'm actually quite at peace at this moment, i wasn't like "oh wtf the clock!!!" I was like "hmm, nice, half an hour left". Taste keeps mellowing, i think about things. For once no begger disturbs me, i just sit, relax, and have a good smoke.

Then i feel a slight burny taste, realize this was it.

Time to catch the train, forget about this moment, return to daily duties.


I refuse, and type a wall of text.





Enjoy the little moments in life folks.



And please don't start smoking, you'll regret it.

Kevbar #2 Posted 23 August 2016 - 01:03 PM

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