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Arab / Egyptian Tree

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WilhelmMolotov #1 Posted 24 August 2016 - 07:35 PM


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Note: Posting on EU for a friend.


So, this is a what-if of an Arab tree in World of Tanks. I've also drawn up a less impressive Egyptian tree. I don't expect either of these trees to be implemented, but i'd just like to take a look at what the could look like. Keep in mind that i'm more of a historian than a WoT player, too. Oh, and don't rage at me about stats - I'm using history, with some advice on gameplay mechanics.


Anyway, the full Arab tree includes a few low tier lights, two medium trees up to tier X, a very interesting SPG line with two tier Xs.


Have a look:


Six nations used, mainly Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. However, I also included Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, and Afghanistan.


Let's go briefly through the tanks.


Tier I, and the only reason I included Afghanistan, is the Disston Tractor Tank. 37mm gun, based on a Caterpillar tractor chassis. Made in the US in the early 1930s as a joint business venture by Caterpillar Company, Disston Steels, and Otto Kafka Limited. Five were sold to Afghanistan in the mid-1930s. Never used in combat. See my article - http://www.tanks-enc...n-tractor-tank/


Tier II, unfortunately somewhat of a repeat of vehicles already in the game. Renault R35, as used by Syria and Lebanon isn't a total rehash - they were known to be fitted with a 2 pounder gun in the 1950s - https://milinme.word...past-equipment/

The Light Mk. VI C was a gift tank a while ago, but Egypt used some Light Mk. VI [edited]in 1948. One is currently at Yad La Shiryon Museum in Israel. https://upload.wikim...IB-latrun-2.jpg


Tier III is where we get the first new vehicle - an M 13/40. Italian made, but Egypt used some in the 1948 war. Some had 2 pounders, though, so it would be a bit different to one in an Italian tree. http://ftr.wot-news....ba-israel-1948/

The other tier III is a similar story. Egypt used some M22 Locusts in 1948 - http://www.network54...ocust from 1948


Tier IV is also a rehashed Matilda, as used by Egypt in 1948. http://ftr.wot-news....ba-israel-1948/

Other tier IV is a simple Panzer IV F2 probably bought from France or Czechoslovaka in the early 50s. Also sold to the PLO in 1977 - http://i.imgur.com/WPPUZfe.png


I'll move onto the SPG line after the mediums.


Tier V is the M4A4 Sherman. Basically every Arab nation used some version of the Sherman, it's wholly unimportant which model is used here, as long as it's not a tier VI candidate. Egypt used M4A4s for the FL-10 turret upgrade.

Other tier V is the Panzer IV J. (Syrian upgrade with a DShK) Seen around 1956. http://i199.photobuc...Kpfw4H-1956.jpg



Tier VI is the Sherman FL-10. This is an M4A4 Sherman given the FL-10 turret. Done by Egypt. One now stands in Yad La Shiryon - https://upload.wikim...13-latrun-2.jpg

Other tier VI is the T-34/85. Basically a reskin or rehash of the standard T-34/85. I guess you could switch up a few stats here and there to make it a little different. Most Arab nations worth their salt used these. Syria fitted theirs with DShKs - http://www.armorama....d=215457&page=1


Tier VII was a tough one. Egypt had Centurion Mk 1s. Not too OP at tier VII with the 20 pounder. - http://www.com-centr...=asc&highlight=

The other tier VII is the only vehicle from Libya, a Comet. http://www.ebay.es/i...QAAOSwZVlXi~U-. Basically a rehash, indeed.


Tier VIII - Tariq. Jordanian modification of a Centurion (which was already given the 105mm gun) to fit an engine from an M60A1 and a few other bits and pieces. A bit op at tier VIII? Maybe reduce aim time, load time, etc? http://tanknutdave.c...ian-tariq-tank/

Other tier VIII is the M47 Patton. Jordan used some in the Six Day War of 1967. Not a tank currently in the game, surprisingly. Maybe a bit boring?


Tier IX is Egypt's T-55E. There are, apparently, a few versions of this. The T-55E Mk II has a M68 105mm gun. http://www.panzernet...hp?topic=4274.0 Uncertain of the accuracy of this, but something to look into.

The other tier IX is Iraq's T-55QM. Basically a T-55 with a 105mm L7 or M68. http://forum.shrapne...hp/t-37338.htmlhttps://forums.bistu...-thread/page-21


Tier X is the Prototype Ramses II. Indeed, a little out of the era of the game, but not all that sophisticated. Even the standard production vehicle was a bit... Underwhelming. http://www.tanks-enc...t/Ramses-II.php

Other tier X is the T-55 Enigma. Basically an upgrade of applique armour and spaced armour to the T-55, Type 59, and even Type 69 (all very similar, anyway). Some suggest that this tank has composite armour, but this does not seem to be the case. If you still don't like it, how about the Iraqi T-55QM2? Same as the QM, but with a 125mm L52 Smoothbore gun.


Now the SPGs:


At tier IV is the 10.5cm Lorraine / Sdkfz 135. This was a monument in Iraq near a munitions factory in Basra. http://www.tanks-enc...SdKfz-135-1.php Maybe it's a tier too high? Just change the damage or something?


Tier V is the Hummel. Syria operated at least one Hummel. http://i.imgur.com/34tBf3K.jpg Sorry, just a rehash of the German version.


Tier VI is the T-34/100 and T-34/122 of Egypt. A T-34 turret was extended to take the 100mm [edited]-3 and the 122mm D-30. This would make a really cool and interesting chassis. Fairly (but not incredibly) mobile, nice fast firing gun, high shell velocity, but a low arc. http://www.primeport...t-34_122_egypt/


Notice the different barrels.


Tier VII is the T-34/122 Syrian Edition! This one is a reversed hull, removed turret, and a 122mm D-30 gun added on. Quite well-known. https://upload.wikim...ey-haosef-4.jpg


Tier VIII is the mysterious T-55/122 conversion from Lebanon. Basically the same as the T-34/122 of Syria, except the howitzer is mounted in the centre of the hull. What fun "shotgunning" might be in a hull that might bounce light tank shots! Mobile, too. http://4put.ru/pictu...471/1448602.jpg Egypt also made a version of this with a superstructure - http://img-fotki.yan...0d7c_beab985f_L Take your pick!


Tier IX is one of my favourite tanks. An Iraqi or MEK conversion from, I believe the late Iran-Iraq War. Now lies in a tank graveyard in Diyala, Iraq. Basically a T-55 with a modified 130mm Type 59-1 field gun in a crude super structure. See my article - http://www.tanks-enc...raq/T-55-130SPG


Tier X is real fun. The first idea I had was the GCT 155. France sold 85 to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War. By the 2003 invasion, they were out of use, probably due to a lack of spare parts. Soldiers found them in graveyards. http://i.imgur.com/PqemHa4.jpg

If you want something a bit more exciting, how about an M1978 Koksan? A few were sold to Iran during the Iran-Iraq War, and then captured by Iraq. One was found by the US army after the 2003 invasion, see this article - http://www.tanks-enc...oksan-M1978.php


The premiums mostly speak for themselves.

The LVT-5 40mm Bofors was an Egyptian vehicle - http://i.imgur.com/1JqZ2kt.jpg

Sherman M36B2 is what it sounds like. Sherman hull, M36B2 turret - found in Iraq. http://www.usmilitar...attach_id=58034

PTS-M 100mm [edited]-3 would be a big SPG, but neverthless, certainly an interesting Egyptian mod. http://i.imgur.com/FRKp2xI.jpg Very thin armour, though.

BTR-50 Cascavel is an Iraqi vehicle. Just a BTR-50 with an EE-9 Cascavel turret. http://i14.photobuck...edIraqitank.jpg

Maybe it'd work?


Of course, to stop rehashes, you could simplify the tree to remove some of the superfluous tanks:

Not much need to keep the T-34/85, either, really. Just a route to the SPG line, which is really the gem of this tree.


Also, if you don't like the idea of using multiple nations, maybe an Egyptian tree? Not the best tree, i'll admit, but it kind of works:



I know I moved the Light and M22 down a tier, but it's the only way it could work. However, basically 6 rehashes of tanks, and if you don't like the Ramses II Prototype, then there's not really a replacement.


Like I say, not a suggestion, just my thoughts on a what-if.

Sebastianul #2 Posted 24 August 2016 - 07:36 PM


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Good luck guys

Nishi_Kinuyo #3 Posted 24 August 2016 - 09:20 PM


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Looking at that tree I am reminded of something...

WilhelmMolotov #4 Posted 24 August 2016 - 09:42 PM


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View PostOnisuzume, on 24 August 2016 - 08:20 PM, said:

Looking at that tree I am reminded of something...


Lol, that's good banter.

uti8 #5 Posted 24 August 2016 - 09:54 PM


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Chinese tree was already problematic because of all the clones and even though the polish are the largest community they do not get a tree because of so many trees. Sorry, I see little chance this could come even within 2017.

MR_FIAT #6 Posted 25 August 2016 - 11:29 AM


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tough luck this will NEVER happen. 

StuffKnight #7 Posted 25 August 2016 - 11:38 AM

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Can't see this becoming a reality. A new tree made almost entirely of clones all the way through doesn't carry much worth from a gameplay perspective. At least the Chinese tree had some domestic developments.


(And the Centurion Mk. I at Tier VII? You high?)

Pansenmann #8 Posted 25 August 2016 - 05:17 PM

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not going to happen.


heck, even for the  polish and italian tree it is somewhat difficult to find suitable vehicles.

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