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Clan Recruitment Bulldogs

Clan Recruitment Bulldogs

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A_GIO_Rob #1 Posted 10 September 2016 - 11:34 AM


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After a late summer clean out Bulldogs are looking to recruit a number of ACTIVE players.


 We are a primarily UK focused English speaking clan although we do have a mix of other nationalities with us. We have current and ex-servicemen in the clan, so you will appreciate the humour is loud, raw and constant so if you are under 18, or a delicate soul, this clan is NOT for you!

The humour is very definitely adult, we are not racist, sexist or ageist or any other ist. Apart from a few members who are always (p)ist

We are a social clan and really don't put too much importance on stats as such, the game is primarily about having fun by way of competition. However as a rule of thumb we are looking for players with the following as a min


Battles  >10K
Win Rate >49%
Hit Rate 60%+
WN8 >900

2 competitive Tier 10
2 competitive Tier 8
2 competitive Tier 6


We use TS3 for coms and currently have another UK based clan joining our TS server with their own dedicated rooms along with communal rooms for social activities.

We are considering adding a third clan with a view to having more inter clan training sessions, competitions or battles just for the hits and giggles (and little gold as prizes).
If you are a clan with around 20 to 50 members and would like more social interaction in the game then get in contact ASAP as this slot will not be around much longer.

*please note that we are not looking for a merger, It's your clan, it's your rules and it's your own personal space BUT you will be expected to socialize.

Clan Activity 
Bulldogs are most active as a clan daily between 17:00 to 00:00 and you will get the most out of joining us if you play between these hours.
At weekends you will find clan members playing at all times of the day.
Bulldogs have 2 simple rules
If you are in game you are required to be on teamspeak, period!
If you are in game on our mandatory nights then you are required to partake in whatever clan activities we are running be that clan wars, strongholds or team battles/training.

Come on to Teamspeak for a chat our address is password is bull.
Just wait in the lobby until someone spots you.

Ex Bulls are always welcome back. As long as you ain't on Rob's 5hit list lol

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