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t-44-100 Commander and Radioman

T-44-100 crew skills soviet premium

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Gavrilo #1 Posted 26 September 2016 - 02:53 PM


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T-44-100 does not have the same crew configuration as other russian top tier medium tanks, meaning that some skills that work on 140, 62a, 430 simply wont be active while the crew is in  T-44. If you look at the other premium tanks, they have exactly the same crew layout as the top tier tanks of their branch. Examples are p88-e50m, mutz-leopard. is6-is4 and so on. In this crew layout loader has all the additional duties and commander is just commander and not a radioman, which makes T-44-100 quite a weird tank as a crew trainer. 

tnk_x5000 #2 Posted 26 September 2016 - 05:38 PM

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Better this way. the tank can train all 4 important crew roles, allowing you to generate good crews and easily recover base crew skills after re-training. Use the tank to give the crew XP, don't mind the inactive skills/perks. You can also generate a 4th crew member specifically for the T-44-100, or a new crew for a different medium. It is not the tank, it is the standard tanks with few crew men and the way you have trained the crews.


Also, crewmen numbers are determined by the tank itself, not the tier 10 tanks. Type 64 has a radioman, while no tier 6+ Chinese tank has a radioman, the IS-6 is missing a loader compared to the IS-7, KV-5 has a radioman and an extra loader compared to the IS-7, the IS-3A is probably the worst school tank, because it only has 3 crewmen, M56 Scorpion seems to be lacking an extra loader, which is needed for most of the American TDs. There may be more examples.

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