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Customizing sounds

Sounds customization voice packs

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king1lionel23 #1 Posted 05 October 2016 - 10:48 PM


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So, I've been thinking, 

(that's usually a bad thing) how can I make my WoT experience a bit funnier, so I got some sick audios of Halo, Macho man, Quake, Simpsons etc. and I'd like to put them as sounds in WoT, for an example, I'd like to put some kind of short audio when I kill somebody instead of the voice of the crew, "Killimanjaro" or "Killtacular" or something like that, also, when I die something from the Simpsons, When the 2 minute and 1 minute bell rings something other than a damn horn too, I do like taking the game seriously but when I go overboard it get's dull and repetitive so I wanna change it up, it's cool to have the Soviet anthem playing in the background of my KV-2 but I'd like to keep it on some kind of humor, are there any mods that can let me insert .mp3 files instead of some voices or can I do it on my own by replacing the audios, I'd really like to fiddle around with it because it would make it a hell of a lot more enjoyable, plus, I can pass that on to my buddies and have audios of inside jokes and some kind of voice messages we recorded convert into .mp3 files and put them as notifications, I just wanna know if it's possible or not :D

Here's a random picture,

Cheers from Croatia

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