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cros battle chat

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__Abrax__ #1 Posted 09 October 2016 - 06:23 PM


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The removal of the cros chat is a very bad thing because of several reasons in my opinion:

1. you took something essential from the game away. It whas one of the biggest fun factors.
2. By removing the chat because of "violators'' you let them win even more. Why let the violators win?
3. The only thing you accomplished by removing the chat is a more offensive and frustrated vibe in the team chat. More noob team, bot team complaing, more team damaging etc etc....and that all because we want to call the ones that shot us assholes or give them a [edited]you?
4. We live in 2016. everybody who cant handle trashtalk should not play video games. its just sad.
5. Ive played over 25.000 games...and maybe in 50 of those games the enemy position was revealed by a friendly in cross chat. So dont come up with those lowsy excuses.
6. You guys ar  russians, The USA would remove it to. Dont be like the USA haha:)
Please wargaming...bring it back! I cant enjoy my gameplay as much as I did in the good old days.

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