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For the love of god don't be like this guy

God Jeebus Dead brain cells

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killer999death #1 Posted 15 October 2016 - 02:34 PM

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So I had an unpleasant battle where I couldn't perform well due to my tank being slow, an ally blocking my way and the enemy taking up superior positions quickly. Anyway one of my dear team mates has a little...umm...shall we say crapto the brain moment? Here is what happened~


^ That is the in battle gallery. E100 blocking the street which I couldn't push nor get through by the sides but I used it as cover since the enemy outnumbered us heavily. He started calling me passive mo*********r. I kept telling him the e100 was there and I couldn't do a thing about it. Still he refused and went on to believe whatever he did believe in.



It didn't stop there and he had to PM me after battle with the conversation going like this:



>I took out a calculator and summed up all of my tier 10 battles and it came up to 800 battles while he had more than 11000 battles in tier 10 tanks, 6.8k battles only in t62 and 140 russian mediums. (I just don't see the point in playing t10 tanks. Nothing to proceed from top tier and it's costly to play them)

>His wn8 is 2073 while mine is 1903

>He has 300 more average damage per battle than me and I have 1300

>He craptalked my leo1 stats and I only played 19 battles in it when it was first released (seriously don't like that tank)




I admit I let him destroy a whole bunch of my brain cells before the conversation halted and all I want to say is don't be an [edited]like this guy and try to understand in battle what happened before you say something....stupid.

Now back to tanking lads!

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