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having toubles getting enough credits

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Utilityblock #1 Posted 27 October 2016 - 01:29 PM


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I have been playing now for a while have over 2500 games. But ive run into a problem, i dont have enough credits!! So far ive played without buying anything form wg, but i definitly want to buy a prim tank or something, the only problem is my parents are to happy that i want to "waste" money on a game and that i need to save up for better crap, but this is what ive been saving up for! if anyone know of of some free wg codes for a day prim time or so PLEASE let me know , all my clan mates and friends are getting bigger and better and im stuck here with a tiger 1 and not enough credits to buy the tiger 2 wich cost 2,450,000. ive only got around 500,000. I dont know what to do any more!!


K_A #2 Posted 27 October 2016 - 02:31 PM


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Welcome to the World of Tanks economy. Here are the basics:


WG is a company, and their goal is to be profitable. If everything in the game was easily unlockable for free-to-play players that wouldn't be very profitable, and this is how the game economy compensates for it. Basucally, the higher you go in tiers, the more difficult it becomes to keep making a profit in credits. Without premium account you will find that while tier 7 can still make credits with decent games, bad games can actually cost credits. Tier 8 becomes even worse, and tiers 9 and 10 you need to be a very, very good player to actually make any profit. 


Now, you have two options to negate this. You can pay for a premium account to make extra credits with all tanks and buy premium tanks that have extra credit making capabilities to enable you to play more high tier tanks. That is what a lot of players do and that is how WG pays their bills, so to say. But you can still get the credits for everything without paying a single euro, you simply have to keep some tier 5-6 tanks you like and play them a lot to make credits. This takes more time, but it's free. 


This economy model also makes sure that almost no one can just play tier 10 all the time and nothing else. There is a very small percentage of players who can actually make credits consistently by playing nothing but tier 10 tanks. So the majority of players need to also play lower tiers even with premium accounts, which makes the mid tiers more populated, and so newer players or those who grind new lines and are still in the lower tiers have a lot of players playing the same tiers with them. If everyone could just make profit in tier 10 no one would play anything lower tier, and lower tier games would take very long to get to and would have very mismatched teams.


tl;dr you either need to pay some money for benefits, or grind credits using tier 5-6 tanks. DON'T SELL ALL YOUR OTHER TANKS TO BUY YOUR FIRST TIER 8!!!!! DO NOT DO THAT!!!!

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basin79 #3 Posted 27 October 2016 - 03:56 PM


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Also OP check your depot for modules that you no longer need. You'll have alsorts in there. Tracks, radios, engines, etc etc.

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